Got a lot of new Ninja turtle shit recently, because I’m AWESOME. Both hats were gifts. The bomber hat is a late Christmas gift from my friend Johnny. The Cap was an awesome surprise, but I’ll perhaps get into that another time. Spoilers! :3 The shirt and track jacket I bought for myself. The old school 80s Lunch tray my uncle gave me. Pure awesome.

Day 4 complete

Day 4 of my liquid fast complete. Well, it’s been complete for a few hours now. I was catching up on some shows. xD I swear the clutter and chaos that is my mind is getting clearer and more organised. Fuck yeah. Down 5 pounds since I started this fast. It’s actually helping motivate me to get my shit together. On that note, I’m going to watch some blues clues and nap before work. I’m helping my parents out and working their deli all week. 6 straight days of “Thank you. have a nice day.” From 6am to 7pm..Wehoo…. do not want.

It’s dark in the  bat cave.