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Hi Dib! How/when did you find out you were Irken? Does anyone else know? How has it changed your day-to-day life? :)

I’LL TELL YOU LATER, ZIM! (More like never..)

Anyway, it’s only changed my life a bit. I keep feeling like I’m being watched; although, I feel like that most of the time anyway.

And the story of how/when I found out… I think I need a little while before I tell that…

//His classmates don’t notice WHATSOEVER. XD Also, Zim won’t be held at bay for long.

*confetti* *fireworks*

LOOK AT WHAT @skelingtonhands DID!!!

This art piece blew my friends and I’s minds. I mean, just look. LOOK. AUGH.

She did such an AMAZING job!!! Look at the sass! Look at it!

Look at this handsome, fabulous boy. I can’t take it. I just can’t.

I cannot thank skelingtonhands enough for this piece. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Another amazing highlight of my trip. Probably one of the top.

TFW when you leave a fandom for a while and then one day you decide to come back JUST TO LOOK FOR A SECOND and then all of a sudden it feels like you’ve abandoned your children and you’re sucked back in, almost more so than last time. 

Anyways here are my super gay confused alien babies. 

I love Irken Dib btw. I saw this design for him a little while back and I love him.

“Sneks and Bickles”
Someone somewhere in the metalocalypse tag cursed me with the beautiful image of Pickles in a halter top and so I drew an snb reunion Pickles in a lovely halter crop top for science.

Have a haunting new years

Watercolor 2Dents and Mudzy. Took me two days and I’m still not entirely happy with it but its all done for now yey! I will admit it turned out better than I thought it would…

Prang watercolors, Prang and Prismacolor colored pencils, Fiber Castel inking pens, generic white gel pen, and some crummy acrylic paint on Strathmore cold press watercolor paper.

((((someone asked me a little while ago what materials I use for my paintings/ drawings so thats why the list is super exact. I might make a process post later if I ever work up the energy to open Photoshop…)))


Hey guys and welcome to this.
OK so I’m moved and settled at my new place! I could still use some extra cash as I had to get rid of all my furniture and half my belongings in order to move here and now that I’m here I could use stuff like clothes and kitchen utensils and dressers and tables and such! If you could help me out that would be awesome! I can open it up to a lot more than 4 slots now so no worries on that!
I am willing to do most anything including gore, body horror, some NSFW, any fandom, any ships (no incest or pedophilia please) and any characters original or otherwise, even portraits of you!
Feel free to DM me or email me at (I respond faster to e-mails). And please signal boost this updated version of you can! Thank you!

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While what you say is true and I agree with the statement being transmisogynistic and I wouldn’t personally choose to say it/ encourage others to say it, I can see where saying something like this about an assumed trans/misogynistic boy to his assumed trans/misogynistic friends would be embarrassing to him. Boys/men like that laugh at that sort of thing and would take such a statement as an insult to them and their masculinity.
Though its not okay, and this post in general can be taken as mean/ insulting to trans people, can see where op is coming from. It just probably wasn’t a good idea to put it up on tumblr.