Decided to doodle my 3 fan baby girls, skelly looks weird but it’s a warm up. Would love to draw a pic of all the boys..but I have 7 , so I would much rather do it on sai lol lord knows I would get so frustrated trying to do all of them in pen
So the introduction to new people

Emily Ann lightyear- daughter of buzz lightyear and Jessie ( yes I know they are toys, but in my star command crossover ,woody and the gang ain’t lol ) with her little brother tucker

Vera Rubin Darkmatter - daughter of Mira nova and warp darkmatter , has 2 brothers, Colten and Ian

Belladonna Valentine skellington (skelly)- daughter of jack skellington and Sally, has 4
brothers Vincent, Edgar, icabod, and casper

Roommates | Jack Barakat

A/N: Because I have been having mad fucking feels about this literal 26 year old man child. God. He’s so goddamn attractive… Also sorry if this is bad in advance. Just got back into writing because I’m fucking finally done with finals! Yeeeeeees! Anyways hope you like it! 

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Clap your clackers (teeth) together to let the skelington Reaper know that your skelington is ready to be reaped. Gurgle your gums afterwards to remind him to give you a new skelington

Oh! Thank you :)

The Signs as Disney Protagonists

Aries: Mulan (Headstrong and courageous)

Taurus: Sally Skelington (Very reliable, caring and persistent)

Gemini: Rapunzel (Creative, good with words, freedom loving)

Cancer: Aurora (Kind, hopeless romantic, drifting thought patterns)

Leo: Tiana (Entrepreneurial and ambitious)

Virgo: Snow White (Very much in touch with nature and the earth)

Libra: Pocahontas (Settles conflict with justice and love rather than more conflict.)

Scorpio: Elsa (Very self-reflective, self-sufficient and needs to control their abilities)

Sagittarius: Arial (Yearning to explore and experience new things)

Capricorn: Belle from Beauty and The Beast (Loves to find comfort in books and can find beauty in everything.)

Aquarius: Merida (Fights for change and free will)

Pisces: Alice (Head in the clouds, very imaginative and challenges normal thinking patterns)

Questions! With answers.
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A) age: 21
B) biggest fear: drowning
C) current time: 8:20pm
D) last drink I had: water
E) every day starts with: the struggle to get out of bed
F) favourite song at the minute: Megalovania
G) gayest/acest moment I’ve ever had: every moment is an ace moment
H) hometown: a little city in Indiana
I) in love with: my friends (platonically)
J) jealous of: people with more money than they can spend
K) killed someone: nope
L) last time I cried: today, probably
M) middle name: isn’t important
N) number of siblings: none
O) one wish: happiness for my friends
P) person you last called\texted\messaged: @pirateninja1854
Q) question you are always asked: are you German!?
R) reason to smile: my friends
S) song last sung: The Plagues from the Prince of Egypt
T) time you woke up: 6am
U) worst habit: anything caused by my anxiety
V) x-ray you’ve had: chest and teeth
W) favourite food: birthday cake
X) zodiac sign: Aquarius

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