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Manly Monday

Winter Sports Are In Full Spring As Sexy Sliders Slide In Königssee.

Woof, Baby!

Feel Good

The Dawn Room- Get and Receive kind words.

The Thoughts Room- Watch your thoughts dissolve into space.

The Quite Place- Escape the world for a bit.

It Will Be Okay- Get some words of reassurance.

Soundrown- Extremely relaxing white noise.

Virtual Shower- Take a Virtual Shower and Relax.

Calm down- Nice music and background to clam you down.

Weather- Control the weather from sunny with birds to a thunderstorm.

Snowy Mood- Listen to the soft crunching of snow.

Self Harm alternatives- Don’t hurt yourself, baby, try these.

Feel happy- 10 thins to do when you feel crappy.

Stressed?- 99 coping methods for stress.

Take a break- Do nothing for two minutes and listen to waves.

Having a Bad day?- Things to keep in mind when you are.

Angry?- then look at these cute animals.

Need a hug?- Just click on it, guys.

Make every thing Okay- Press a button and make it all okay.

Was Someone Mean?- “talk” to them and get it out.

Important Mental Health posts- Take a look at these, it’ll help.

Encouraging posts- These are what you need.

Hotlines- Listed in order of hotline.

Re-hydrate- Cute app that grows a plant when you drink water.

Mental Heath and coping- Huge masterpost on multiple disorders and abuse.

Cramps- Yoga for Period cramps.

Napping- When to and how long to nap.

Bad day?- List of cute things to do to f=make you feel better.

Self care- 25 self-care tips to help out.

Need a Compliment?- Get an Emergency Compliment.

Relax with Sea creatures- Have cute babies follow your mouse.

Comfort Box- Make a box for your bad days, and be prepared.

Cut this and not yourself- Click and drag across the screen.

Open a window

14,000 things to be happy about for .16 cents

Watch a randomized tree grow

Therapy Coloring printables

Sexuality Definitions

Tips to Fall Asleep Fast

How to get up in the Morning

Fake Self Confidence

My Friend Needs Help

Panic Attack- My friend is having a Panic Attack.

Self-Harm- My friend self-Harms.

Addiction- My friend is addicted to drug or another substance.

Eating Disorder- My friend has an Eating Disorder.

Suicide- My friend wants to kill them self.


Color Collective- A collection of colors and photography.

Skintone Swatches- 2 great references for skin color.

Skin detail- Adding quick detail to skin.

Blending tutorial- Article and Video.

Concept Cookie- Huge collection of Concept art and tutorials.

Hair palette- Hair colors and mixes chart.

Draw the Booty- Mini tutorial or drawing the booty.

Clouds- Realistic clouds tutorial.

Bubbles- Look at these beauties.

Grass- Video tutorial on Grass.

Portrait- How to draw a portrait in Photoshop.

Lighting- An ADVANCED video on lighting in Photoshop.

Underwater- Beginners Underwater tutorial.

Color Zones- Color Zones of the face and head.

Eyes- Really basic eye tutorial and face sections.

Heels- Basic tutorial For drawing heels (shoes).

Self-taught Artist?- Try this website for tips you may not have known.

Hands- Really useful hand sculpture, first three aren’t hands, but keep going.

Poses- List of useful human poses and such.

Sitting Poses- Poses used for drawing sitting humans.

Understanding anatomy- Chart of Human Anatomy.

Great Pintrest Boards- inspiration, Ideas, Illustration, Draw, Fanart, Concept.

Lessons- FREE, i repeat FREE, art lesson websites!

Psychology of Color- Explanation and charts of color stuff.

Mixing skin tones- Mixing of multiple of colors and ways of skin tone.

Color palettes- make sure you get your colors right.

Contour and Highlights- C and H of the human face.

How to draw: Hoods- Quick tutorial on hood proportion and placement.

How to Draw: Boobs in a shirt- Really helpful do’s and don'ts.

How to Draw: Hair- Long and short beginner hair tutorial.

How to Draw: Cartoon Faces- Basic faces and eyes, nose, and mouth.

Face Placement- Easy to read face placement chart.

How to Draw: Cartoon Hands- Quick Gif tutorial.

Hot to Draw: Cartoon Mouths- Helpful gif for mouth stuff.

Expressions- Awesome Facial Expression chart.

How to Draw: Arms- Great gendered arm reference.

Clothing- Neat do’s and don'ts for clothes.

Hair- Basic hair styles and colors.

Eye- Nice eye drawings to go off of.

More Clothes- Literally Clothes for EVERYTHING.

Kissies- Face positioning and mouths and stuffs.

Programs- A ton of FREE art programs to draw with and such.

Pixels Galore- Beginner guide at pixel art.

Tutorial Masterpost- Huge masterpost on drawing stuff and things.

Glitch Effect- This Hella cool thing oh my gosh.

Draw your Hand in 3D

Writing (*Cracks Knuckles* My Specialty)

Falling Out of Love

Character building

Make your own family history

Plot a complex novel in a day

Punctuating Dialogue(English)

Tips for writing Smut

Naming Characters

Pixar’s Tips for writing a Story

Insecure about your Writing? Read this.

Make a Likable Protagonist

Character Motivations importance

Body Language

How to Write: Flashbacks

Is your Chapter Good?

How to Write: Action Scenes

Writing Multiple Point of Views

When not to Write(Important)

Constructive Comments

Writing a Series


Subtle signs of Love

Are you ready to get Published?

Genera Characteristics

Is that Plagiarism? Better check!

Looking for that word?

Writing exercises

Illegal Information

Amazing Masterpost for writers reference

Fill your Journal up

Writer’s Block? Try this.

750 Words a Day

Fancy Last Names

Greek Mythology Database

Writing Jobs you may not have known about


Planner- Neat print-out planner.

Prioritize and Stick to it tips- studying tips and habits.

Manage Exam Anxiety

Apps to control Procrastination

Be a master Note Taker

Find the right place to Study

Study daily, don’t cram before the test!

Planning an Essay

Dealing with School related Stress

Effective Studying Techniques

Manage your Time

Reading and Researching

Google Citations

Googling Tips

When Study Breaking(Three)

How to: Pull an all-nighter

School Supplies Masterpost


Orisinal- Absolutely adorable games to relax to.


Make- Burgers, Ice Cream, Pancakes, Pizza, and Tacos.

Piano Keyboard

Adventure Time Princess Maker(Awesome)

Lots of Pokemon

Trivia Galore

Free Indie Games(that will occupy you for hours)

Make a squid(Mine is so cute)

Dress up game masterpost

Make awesome Sand art

Flow(Kinda like spore)

Fly Guy


Draw a stickman and go on an Adventure

Make some Plants

Coma(Really cute, Kinda confusing)

Alter Ego(This game is so amazing, Please play it)

Terrifying irl games

Akinator(Actual Magic)

Chain Reaction(addictive)

Silk Art

Space Invaders

Balance some stuff

Go through a maze with your mouse

Holy mother of Pacman

Surround the cat

Portal knockoff(But it’s still good)

Sticky blobs

Free Cards Against Humanity

Cookie Clicker

Free Plants Vs. Zombies

Neat Color Game

The End(Really Cool Platformer)

Machinarium(This is so amazing)

Psychological RPGs that mess with you

RPG Games with Description(all free)

One and One story

Vocabulary Game


I saw her standing there(It has Zombies, guys)


Paint a Nebula

Pointer Pointer(check it out)

Light and shadow thingy

Paint with some Fire

Infinite Line

Play with a Blob

Shakespearean insult generater(for some laughs)

Interactive Movie

Make awesome figurines and buy them

go for a walk, or run, or fly…

Get your anger out and have fun

Try and stop watching this

Music Catch 2

Choice of a Dragon

Online Lego Builder

100 Best Free PC Games

Jelly Cannon

Kaleidoscope spinny maker Thing


Hungry Blocks



Ways to tie a scarf

Visual guide to a shitton of stuff

Vintage and Indie- 1 2 3 4 5

Punk/Grunge- 1 2 3 4 5 6 7

Ten dollar Mall(where has this been all my life?)

Lily’s Boutique

Tons of Cat shirts

How to: Were X thing

Cheap and cute clothes(Sammydress)

Use the code “ThankU15” for 15% off

Flower Crowns cute and cheap clothes

Cute, Cheap, and free shipping to the U.S

Lingerie under 5 dollars!

T-shirts all under 10$

Cute ass skirts under 10$

Jewelry under 5$

Like 2$ Skeleton Tights

Skull sweatshirt for 20$

Lacey Thigh-highs for 2$

Cute Anti-Duck masks for 8$

6$ self defense Key Chain

Clothes from that TV show you liked

More Cute Ass leggings for 8$

Another Dust mask for 15$

Weird face Dust Mask(again) for 3$

Cool teeth printed Dust Masks for 5$

Red and Black under bust Corset For 18$

Just My size

Pastel Goth(Adorable asf)

How to thrift shop


Lazy Girl Workout

Yoga poses at your desk

Ultimate Booty workout

27 Squat Variations

Back on fire, back workout

Easier Push-ups for people who can do zero(like me)

2 Minute Pre-Shower Routine

Increase Flexibility

Tighten your abs

Before you go to school or work yoga

Workout Ideas Masterpost

Yoga Masterpost

DIY spa


Blueberry Yogurt Mask

Cucumber and Parsley Mask

Mango aloe toner

Apple Honey Acne Facial

Indian Cleansing Milk for Oily skin

Lavender Oatmeal Mask

Avocado Facial Mask

Peppermint Lip Scrub

Sugar Lip Scrub


Hair Color Booster

Protective Hair Mask

Hydrating Hair Mask

Avocado Hair Mask

Love Potion #9-Hair rejuvenation

Strengthening Hair Mask


Wake up Scrub

Dry Skin Creme

Almond Body Scrub

Sunburn Solution

Rose water body lotion


Overnight Foot mask

Foot Soak

Cracked heel treatment

Beach Sand Scrub


Hand Peel

Gardeners’ Hand Scrub

Lemon and sugar scrub

Lavender Hand Creme


Homemade Bath Salts

Tea Balls

Tub Tea

Bath Fizzies

Neat ass Rose Water

Sage and Fennel Bath Melt

Bubble Bath Paint(Woah)

How To: Make your Own Bath Bomb


How to: Hot Towel

Meditation- You can also go to your smarthphone’s app store and buy some guided mediation apps. Of course, you can always Google Meditation for Help.


Complete Text of Shakespeare’s plays

Read Any Book

Color based on the time

Some some books for .1 cents

Live Animal feeds!

The hobby masterpost

Watch a movie with an internet Friend

Pun Generator

How to: make a glitter jar

Masterpost of interesting Links

Masterpost of spooky stories

Look at 100,00 stars

Who do you write like?

Orca follows your mousse

Live porn search feed- seriously just click it

That spinny thing from when you were a kid

Check your Post Limit

Open Sea Cam

How to: Origami

Sleep calculator

Cute OTP things

How to: Blanket Nest

So many Documentaries

Adventure Time Masterpost

Wind currents of the earth RIGHT NOW(Really Neat)

Click to make rectangles

Listen to Wikipedia getting Edited

Acrobots(so much fun)

Cheap fidget toys- good for anxiety

Cheap ass books

Cool Fact Generater

Find Reaction Gifs(three)

One second on the Internet

Make a note that will self destruct after read

Make your Dream Home

Puppy licks you screen

NoSleep Reddit Forum

Urban Legends

Cheap posters

Dots move to your mouse

Buy your own groceries, you chair


Make your Pens as Beautiful as you are

How To: Not even give a Fuck

Funny Bloopers- 1 2 3

Crafts Gone Horribly Wrong

99 Life Hacks

How much of X food/drink would it take to end you?

How to: Pick the Perfect Video Game

How things have changed since you were Born

Have an out of Body Experience Tips

A Washcloth Getting Wrung out in Space

You can Actually Beat Snake 


Ramen Noodle Recipes:

Ramen Noodle Stir fry

Chicken Noodle Soup

Chili-Cheese Ramen

Egg drop Ramen

Spinach and Ramen

Ramen Spaghetti

Ramen Alfredo

Ramen n’ Cheese

Stuff in a mug:

Cheesy Eggs

Cheese and broccoli eggs

Mac n’ Cheese


Nutella Cake



Chocolate Chip Cookie



Corn on the Cob

Scalloped Potatoes

White Rice

Fried Rice

Baked Potato

Chicken Casserole

Garlic Chicken

Chicken Soup Casserole

Soft Chicken Tacos

Microwavable Pancakes

no-bake energy bars

vegan french toast

banana pops breakfast wrap

vegan pancakes

spinach and eggs  

baked eggs with red sauce and greens

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spice up your hot chocolate  

butterbeer recipe 100 cal snacks  

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ice cream sandwich  

magic cocoa recipe

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easy baked doughnuts  

chocolate pie  

almond joy smoothie milkshake  

raw strawberry cheesecake white chocolate mousse cupcake  

toasted coconut chocolate chip cookies

cinnamon rolls (gluten free)  

mini pumpkin cheesecakes more cupcakes  

red velvet chocolate swirled brownie bars chocolate and pomegranate cake



Face Brushes

Eye Brush cheat sheet

Brush 101

Sponges and uses for ‘em


Routine Flow Chart

Even Skin tone

Contour your Face Shape

Right Blush for your Skin tone

Applying Liquid Foundation

How to use Concealer


Tips for the Smokey Eyes

How To: Winged Eyeliner

Bridal Eye Makeup

Fall Makeup Ideas

Perfect Smokey for your Eye Shape

Mascara Hacks

How to: Mascara

Using Mascara as Eyeliner

How To: Apply False Lashes


Grooming and Shaping Tutorial

Tips and Tricks 101

Eyebrow Tutorial(more)

7 Tips


Nude Lipstick Guide

MAC Lipstick Dupes

The Red Lip Rule Book

17 Perfect Lips Tips

Perfect Pin for your Skin Tone

Perfect Orange for your Skin Tone

Ten Commandments of Lipstick

Do’s and Don’ts of Dark Lipstick

Some YouTube Tutorials:


Tanya Burr


Lauren Curtis




Michelle Phan



Your Probably Washing it Wrong?

Longer, Thicker, And Sexier Hair

The Perfect Ponytail

Lazy Girl Hairstyles

5 Updo Hairstyles

29 Inspiring Hairstyles

Perfect Messy Bun

Ways to Braid

Three Braid Updo

no heat curls

straight hair with no heat

5 hairstyles for medium hair

5 ways to wear a beanie

Crafts (May have overdone this a bit)

Homemade Crayon Lipblam

Tissue Paper Flowers

Cloud Nightlights

Calm Bottle

Jellyfish in a jar

Craft on a Low Budget

Crochet for Beginners

Knitting for Beginners

Free Knitting Patterns

10 Other Uses for Nail Polish

DIY rainbow welcome Mat


Make your own Rock Candy

Unicorn Fart Vials

Tabletop Ice Hockey

Origami Paper Nesting Cats

Pixie Dust Pendent

Sparkly ass silly putty

Birthday Candle Crown

Glow in the Dark Water Balloons

Felt wire Crown

Oceanic Crafts

Sail Ice Cubes

Pipe cleaner Princesses

Origami Blinking Eye

Diamond Pipe Cleaner Tutorial

Melted Snowman Ornament

DIY Mustaches- One and Two

DIY Desktop Sandbox

DIY Glitter Tattoos

Hairstyle Doll with growing/shortening Hair

Googly Eye Flip Flops

Lunch bag Drawings

Pom Pom Necklace

Wooden Gem Illusion

Bread Tag Monsters

Cardboard Loom(I’ve done this and can definitely say to try it)

Blessing Bag

Tin Can Lanterns

Leak-Proof Water Blob

20 Uses for Cupcake Liners

Hanging String Balls

Make Stuff Out of Cereal Boxes

Turn an Old Hardcover Book into a Notebook 


What Kind of Nerd are You?

Are you more like Sam or Dean Winchester

Adventure time Character based on Diet

What LEGO Movie Character are you?

What Makes you Hot?

Can we Guess your Favorite Color?

What Teen Titan are you?

What Big Hero 6 Character are you?

Which Invader Zim Character are you?

Which Scooby-Doo Character are you?

Which Titanic Character are you?

Which Full House Character are you?

Which Walking Dead Character are you?

Which Grey’s Anatomy Character are you?

What do People Always Underestimate About you? 

I’ll Update as often as I can with new stuff so stay tuned! 


Yes, everybody I know there are no links! Tumblr updated one day and they just disappeared! Sadly, this was a great master post but that’s the end of that!

Sliding To Sochi!

Let The Countdown Begin!

Sexy Men In Tight Uniforms!

Ride ‘Em, Cowboy!

Sex On A Stick, Baby!


Pairing: danisnotonfire x reader

Genre: Fluff, Smut

Warnings: Swearing, (hardly any)

Word Count: 3689 (you lucky buggers)

Prompt: I love your work so much! Can you do a fic about a halloween party where reader and dan get it on plzzz I don’t mind where or how but can you make it smutty??. Tysm

(N.B I wrote this whilst v. hungover I’m not really sure how well it’s written, but I hope you enjoy)

Every year, on the 31st of October, your evening ends up being the exact same. Sat at home, watching re-runs of Ghostbusters and waiting for the doorbell to ring so you can hand out sweets to overexcited little kids. Boring right? Tonight however, there was a party at Dan and Phil’s place, and you had been invited.

You had been friends with Phil for years but you had only known Dan for a few months, and you had been introduced to each other at the BBC. It was safe to say there was a connection between you. The connection being you couldn’t seem to keep your eyes off each other every time you had met since. It was like you were drawn to each other, you couldn’t explain it. You just fit together. He wasn’t shy about holding your hand or holding your waist around other people either, and you both mercilessly flirted with each other all the time, but you really wanted more than just words and hand touches.

Dan was 6'3 of beautiful dark sweeping hair and gorgeous brown eyes. And his smile turned your world upside down. Tonight was your first chance to maybe spend some time alone with him, and you wanted to look hot.

You’d decided to go with a tight fitting skeleton jumpsuit, which accentuated your curves. You weren’t the slutty cat kinda gal, and you knew Dan wasn’t into that kind of thing either. You still looked sexy, but you looked badass too. And all black is always a bonus. You were just finishing the last of your skull make up when your phone buzzed.

Phil Lester 20:03

Hey!! What time are you coming over? Asking for a friend… ;)

You smile at the screen as you tap out your reply.

Y/N Y/L/N 20:04

Hello, I’m leaving in a few minutes. I should be there in about half an hour. Which friend was asking??

Phil Lester 20:04

Do you really need to ask? :P

No, you already know the answer, and you can’t wait to see him. You can’t wait to see either of them, but Dan especially. As you fluff you hair one last time, you grab your bag and keys and head out the door. Down to the taxi waiting on your drive. Party time.


“YOU’RE HERE!” Yells an excited zombie Phil as he swings open the door to the Dan and Phil flat.

“You look amazing!!” You laugh as he reaches forward to give you a hug. He had ripped up his clothes and there was fake blood everywhere. He’d even got realistic looking slashes on his face and arms, and his eyes were a piercing white/blue against his dark fringe.

“Thanks! So do you!” He pulls away to look down at you. “Your make up looks awesome! Dan attempted to be a skeleton too but his fringe kept sticking to the face paint and curling up, you know how we feel about our hair” he laughs, tapping his head.

“What is life without the perfect fringe?” You grin. “So what has he dressed as then?” You ask as you follow him up the heavily cobwebbed stairs, trying to hide the excitement in your voice.

“He’s the vampire. The all black vampire, ignoring the red fake blood.” He turns to say to you, smiling as he puts his arm on your shoulder and takes you through to the living room.

They really had gone all out with the decorations. Pumpkins lined the windows, each with a little light inside that gave off a bright glow. They had draped cobwebs complete with little black spiders all over the ceiling and walls, with orange fairy lights and little ghost bunting hanging all around the room. The lighting was soft, the room dimly lit adding to the atmosphere and everyone was laughing and joking over the sound of Phil’s halloween playlist. You smile up at a few people, scanning for faces you recognise. They had invited a lot of people! You spot PJ in the corner, dressed as wiggles, and he gives you a salute as you wave. But you still couldn’t see your vampire.

“Drink?” Offers Phil. Gesturing to the dining table.  They had put a zombie hand in a bowl of sweets, the punch had floating eyeballs in it, and the cups were glow in the dark. Drinks and bowls of food were arranged symmetrically along the table. Dans touch no doubt.

“Rum and coke please Mr barman”, you say, flicking your hair over your shoulder.

“Coming right up.” Replies Phil. As he pours the liquid into your cup he looks up at you. “You know Dan’s going to love your outfit Y/N. He’s been asking about you all evening too.”

“Now as a best friend aren’t you meant to keep that stuff a secret?” You giggle, but your stomach flutters as you realise he’s been thinking about you probably as much as you’ve been thinking about him.

“He’s not shy about it.” He laughs. “Oh sugar. I don’t know where the straws are. The kitchen maybe…” He says as he hands you your drink but turns away towards the door. You grab his arm.

“I’ll go find them this is your party, mingle with your guests!” You order, pointing towards the groups of people on the sofas and around the coffee table.

“Mingle!” Replies Phil in a funny voice, he then smiles at you and walks towards a dead Mario and Luigi.

You hadn’t been in Dan and Phil’s flat that many times before, but you manage to find the kitchen straight away and pushed through the glass door. And that’s where you found your vampire.

He was dressed in all black, obviously, wearing a half length sleeved top and his black jeans. He had on a short black cape covered in spots of red glitter, and he had spray painted the ends of his hair grey. He hadn’t whitened his face, but instead had fake blood trailing from his mouth, a little on his bare neck and collar bones, and he had black contacts in that made his eyes glitter even more than they already do. You could even see little white fangs touching the top of his bottom lip. He looked incredible. And his eyes widened when he saw you too.

“Hi….” He said breathlessly as his eyes wandered up your body.

“Hi Dan.” You reply, closing the door behind you, setting down your drink and moving forward as you reach your arms around his middle. As you hug him you breathe him in. He always smells so good. You press yourself up against his body and your hands hold his back. He then moves his own arms, one rests on the small of your back, just above your bum, and the other wraps round your neck, holding you close to him. His lips find your hair and you feel his chest rise as he breaths.

“You look incredible” he says against your hair.

“Please, it’s all suit and make up” you giggle against his chest, knowing if you don’t accept this compliment he’ll just give you more.

“I know but, you still look incredible.” He says confidently, pulling back to look at you. “You look sexy.” He parts his lips and gazes at your mouth, the corners of his curling into a smile.

“You do too. I really like that blood”. You reply honestly. Confidence is key, you definitely had to let him know you fancied the shit out of him. His bottom lip was covered in red, and droplets at the top of his chest looked good against his black clothing. Your fingers reach up to his neck and you run your finger down his throat. He shivers at your touch, his hands still around you. The one on your lower back wanders a little further down…

“Are you trying to seduce me Miss Y/L/N?” he smiles at you, a wicked grin flashes across his face. You stomach knots with excitement a little knowing he’s enjoying a touch as simple as this. You run your fingers down his chest and turn slightly to lean back onto the kitchen counter. He moves forward against you, never breaking away from your touch. The hand that was at the top of your bum slides over your hip and brushes the top of your thigh. He was watching your face as you look into his black eyes. They really suited him. He looked dangerous. Wild.

“Is it working?” you say softly, parting your lips and grabbing hold of his top to bring his chest closer to yours. You couldn’t believe your own confidence.  

“Yes.” Dan replies, exhaling. His breath is sweet, sugary, he’d been eating cherry haribos you could tell. His lips probably tasted the same.

Dan wanted you too, you knew it from the way he was touching you. His crotch was hovering against yours and his fingers played with the ends of your hair, the other hand still holding your waist against the counter.

“I wanted to wait until everyone had left the party before I told you how much I like you. But I guess you know. And I can’t wait that long. I have to…” His voice trails off as he looks at you longingly.

You decide to slide your hand further down his chest, and run your fingers over his bulge before tilting your head to the side a little to look up at him innocently.  

You see him take a sharp breath as you touch him there.

“Would it be considered unhygienic if I took you right here?” He suddenly says to you, moving his face very close to yours and brushing your lips with his. Your stomach flips.

“Yes, but I guess it depends on how baldly you want me.” You tease, pressing your crotch into his, which through the thin material of your jumpsuit could feel was big. And hard. And that seemed to flip a switch in Dan, because his eyes grew even more wild and suddenly, he crushed his lips to yours.

You instantly moan into his mouth and close your eyes, overcome with lust for this beautiful vampire who kissed like it was his superpower. His tongue worked against yours, and his lips definitely tasted of cherry. He took your bottom lip between his fangs and bit gently, looking down at you and smiling wickedly. He then quickly pulled the fangs from his mouth so as not to hurt you. You were out of breath already, he had made you dizzy from the passionate kiss alone. The boy really knew how to make a girl flustered. And really really horny.

“Please Dan.” You beg, kissing him gently but with heat. You roll your body against his and he is quick to react.

His hands move around the back of your thighs and he lifts you up onto the counter, you spread your legs and wriggle your fingers through his hair as he moves between you. His hands move to hold your face and his kiss deepens.

You can still hear the thumping music from the lounge, and regular laughter reminds you that you aren’t the only two in the flat. There’s every chance someone will need to come into the kitchen for something.You feel his hands grip at the back of your jumpsuit, by the zip, and his mouth moves to your neck, sucking on your soft skin, leaving his mark.

“Dan…. Your room…”, you say softly, rolling your head to the side as he kisses you. You grip onto his hips and break away from his lips to look at him. The fake blood on his chin had smudged around his mouth and his hair was sticking up in tufts. His black eyes still glittered wildly. You figured your make up had also gone everywhere, he was a passionate kisser.

“This way.” He says, lifting you from the counter and moving to stand behind you. His hands wrap round your middle and he guides you to the door, biting softly on the side on your neck as you open it. There’s no one in the hall, everyone is still in the lounge and Dan uses this to his favour as he continuously kisses your neck leaving faint bruises where his lips and teeth ground against you. You kick open his door, holding his hands in yours against your lower stomach.

Suddenly, he spins you round to face him and his lips smash into yours, swinging his hand back to hit the door closed without looking. He kisses you deeply as he walks you in his arms over to his bed. His fingers are at the top of your body suit, and you lift yours to tug at the string holding his cape around his neck, and it falls to his feet. Suddenly, you see his arms flex in his tight black top, and you hear a loud ripping noise. Then before you know it, you are stood in your underwear with your skeleton suit bunched around your feet. Dan licks his lips before grinning cheekily down at you in your matching black lace.

“It had a zip you know, crazy pants” you giggle at him, not at all caring he’d ripped your clothes off.. because he’d literally RIPPED your clothes off, and that was hot as fuck.

“Figured this was quicker”, he winks. In a second, he had pulled his top over his head, and was pulling at his jeans. You took the opportunity to kick off the suit at your feet and turn to check your reflection in the mirror. Yep, nearly all of your skull make up had rubbed off, either on Dan’s hands or Dan’s lips. But your hair was still fluffed and you’d worn your best underwear tonight, thank God.

You turn back around and see Dan stood in front of you in just his black boxers. His soft skin illuminated just by the soft orange light of the street lamp coming through his window. Your eyes rake over his torso, and you can’t help but bite your lip when your eyes reach his crotch. The bulge pressing hard against the material. He was big. You automatically felt a swirling sensation below.

You meet his black eyes again and bite your lip. You slowly walk into his body and press your breasts against him. Slowly shaking your hair over your shoulders, you then leave open mouthed kisses along his collar bones, tasting the tangy fake blood but not caring, because his skin tastes sweet underneath. He groans and his hand raises up to your bra strap, popping it open. His fingers move to the front of you and you lean back allowing him to run them down your now naked torso. His forehead connects with yours but you see he is looking down at your body.

He suddenly wraps his arms around your body and lifts you to his waist. You wrap your legs around him and you feel his hardness right against you. You gasp gently as you feel the swirling within you again, and you look at him with excited eyes. He roughly kisses you and takes a few steps towards his bed, before climbing on to his knees, and loosening his grip on you so you drop down onto the bed. The boy meant business.

He climbs over the top of you and lowers his chest to your breasts, closing his lips around your nipple. The sensation makes you arch your back. Your hands run down his back and you unintentionally wrap your legs around his lower back, your body clearly wanting him closer to yours. You inhale deeply and take in his smell, which was a beautiful cocktail of his Paco Rabanne cologne, his musky body wash and the slightest edge of sweat. You scrape your fingernails down his spine and groan into his hair, he gets the message.

His leans up and strong hands lift your hips before his fingers grab at the lace separating you from him. He slowly slides them down your thighs but you lightly kick and he lets out a deep, sexy laugh at your impatience. God, that laugh. He tosses your underwear aside before pulling his own down over his thighs, and you see him smile out the corner of your eye at you looking at him there, naked in front of you, for the first time. You let out a few heavy breaths. Now you’ve seen him you know you really really want him. He leans over to his bed side table and pulls out a condom, ripping it with his teeth and rolling it over himself. You reach your hands up and he practically falls back down on you, between your legs as your hands tangle in his hair once more.

He kisses you strongly, and rolls his hips against yours. You moan out properly for the first time as you feel your own wetness gliding along his length, it felt so good.

He kisses you again, his tongue running along your lips and he signs into your mouth, before you feel him adjust himself on his elbows either side of your shoulders and he rolls into your hips once more. This time however you feel him slowly slide into you and you drop a hand from his hair to grab on to his bed sheets, overwhelmed by his size.

“You okay baby?” He asks you gently, his eyes searching yours for any signs of pain or regret.

“Yes” you reply breathlessly. “So..okay”, you promise. You felt no pain, like you’d heard about. You just felt electricity. All the way to your toes.

He grins against your mouth and kisses your strongly, and then starts to move. Slowly at first, and you hold him as he grinds himself against you. You moan out occasionally and thats when he starts to move faster. He moans out again and you whimper against his lips when you feel him hit your g-spot and pleasure crashes over you like a tsunami. The thrusts get stronger, harder, more frequent, and you start to naturally grind your hips up into his until you feel heat building within you, and you tilt your head back as he tucks his into your neck.

“Da-dan!” You cry out, unable to say anything else as you feel it build layer by layer. You squeeze your eyes shut, certain you’re about to fall over the edge, when you hear him groan out-

“Ffffuck Y/N”

And with those two words, you explode into a million pieces beneath him. Your hips and thighs quivering against him as he tenses against you, reaching his climax too. His breathing deep and ragged as he gives you an open mouthed rough kiss against the side of your mouth before gently pulling out and collapsing on your chest. You hold him for a few minutes, both of you regaining a breathing pattern and allowing your heart rates to return to normal. He is the first to speak

“Jesus Christ. That was incredible. Please be mine.” He whispers.

Your heart flutters again, and you tilt up his head with your finger to look into his dark, but now soft eyes.

“I’m never going to be anyone elses.” You reply. Never feeling so certain of anything. He meant everything to you and you now knew it. He leans up a little and kisses you gently, before sitting back on his heels and sliding his hands under your back. He pulls you up to face him and holds you against his skin.

“Shall we go re-join this party of mine?” He laughs. Touching his forehead to yours as you smile against his lips.

“I may need to borrow some clothes…” you whisper.


A few minutes later you were dressed in Dan’s black t shirt with the stars around the collar, and a pair of his black sweats. He had managed to find all of his vampire outfit and smoothed down his hair a little before taking your hand and leading you back out of the room towards the lounge.

“Wait, let me grab my drink Dan, I was meant to go into the kitchen to find a straw”, you say quickly, darting through the door and picking up your rum and coke, along with the packet of green straws next to it.

You turn back around and follow Dan through to the lounge, where the music and laughter was still as loud and as happy as ever.

“There you are!” You hear Phil say. “We’ve been waiting to play some halloweeney games!”

You emerge from behind Dan and try to give him your most innocent smile.

“Found the straws.” You hold out your hand and he takes them from you, but instead of looking at you, he looks down at your body.

“Y/N what happened to the skeleton?!” He asks you, rather naively. And then you see his facial expression change as he looks between you and Dan. “And the face paint…” He raises his eyebrows at you both, giving you a knowing look, and just grins at you both. “Didn’t waste any time did you.”

Dan gives him a light punch on the arm. “Shh idiot. Lets play some games.” He walks over to the coffee table and you begin to follow before Phil holds your arm.

“You’ve got a little fake blood on your lip” he says softly to make sure no one else hears.

“Thanks” You whisper back, raising the back of your hand to your mouth and rubbing harshly to make sure you get it all. He smiles at you and turns around to join the group of people forming a circle to face the middle of the room. PJ places the Cards Against Humanity box on the table and excited chatter starts as you join Dan on the sofa. No one notices (or chooses to say anything) about your change of clothes and you relax at his side. After a few seconds, you feel his warm hand find yours underneath the material of his cape, and you intertwine your fingers.

Your vampire, from now until always.


Alibi in Ashes [x]

When the sun is shining and it’s slightly breezy, I always get the desire to wander around a small town like River Heights. I know that feeling is a large part of why I love playing Alibi in Ashes. To create a springy look inspired by that game, pair a polka dotted dress with a lacy cardigan, skeleton key embellished tights, ruffled socks, perforated oxfords, a cross body bag, and a pearl hair clip. Bow earrings, a handcuff necklace, a charm bracelet, gold bracelets, a conversation ring, and a spoon handle ring complete the look.

anonymous asked:

How will the uf/ut/us/sf papys react to their SO who has Gigantism who they've been with for years but hadn't said the "L" word to each other, one day for an entire week SO acts weird, as in mother hen weird, so the papys ask what's going on, and SO comes up to him holds him with a flushed face, heart eyes, dorky cheeky smile, and everything and says it, then proceeds to smooch him because SO just loves him so much-

Underfell Papyrus

When you start acting weird, Fell confronts you about it. Well, more like, demands to know what the hell is going on because he’s your boyfriend and he has the right to know. That’s when you gently cup his face and lean down to kiss him, finally telling him how much you love him, then pulling your skeleton boyfriend into a tight hug, ignoring his blushing protests. 

Undertale Papyrus 

Your strangeness doesn’t really affect him, Papaya just thinks that you’re trying out something new. He trusts that if there’s something really bothering you, you’d come to him. One night, you wrap yourself over his body, your tall size encompassing his, and kiss him on the cheek, professing your love. Papaya nyehs happily and spends the rest of the night kissing you. 

Underswap Papyrus

Stretch raises an eyebrow at your strange behavior, but he doesn’t push. You’re still coming home everyday, showering him with kisses and affection, so unless something horrible happens, he lets you come to him when you’re ready. As he flips through the tv stations on the couch, you come up behind him and kiss him softly on his skulls, finally saying those three words. Stretch smirks and murmurs it back, then returning to his tv program. Once you leave though, he lets out a loud, celebrated whoop and spends the rest of the night with a goofy smile. 

Swapfell Papyrus

Rus gets a little worried when you start acting strange. You two have excellent communication so when he knows that you’re not telling him something, he gets anxious. He understands that you have to be ready, but it’s been weeks. Rus finally confronts you about it, asking if there’s anything wrong, if he did something that you didn’t like, but you shut him up with a kiss and tell him that you love him. Rus stands there, paralyzed, processing what you just said, then picks up and spins you around, telling you how much he loves you too.