skeletons are friends too

Skeleton War

P r e p a r e   t o    f i g h t    o n c e    m o r e   i n   t h e    s k e l e t o n    w a r

B l o o d   w i l l   b e   s h e d   t h e   f l e s h   s u i t s    w i  l l    p e r i s h    a n d    w e   w i l l  a l l   b e   f r e e   o n c e    m o r e 

w e   w i l l   d o   o u r   l e a d e r    j a c k   s k e l l i n g t o n   p r o u d  

w e   w i l l   s c r e a m    t h e    w o r d s   t o    o u r    a n t h e m    s p o o k y   s c a r y    s k e l e t o n s    l o u d

L e t   t h e   t i m e    o f   t h e   g r e a t    s k e l e t o n   w a r    b e g i n 

Dressed up as a hybrid of Morticia and a Bloodborne hunter at work. Stood guard at the entrance with my giant battleaxe. A little princess in pink approaches me and asks for a picture. I ask her if she wants to hold my axe and pose with my skeleton friend too. The axe was as tall as her and heavy but she held it steady. She beamed as I told her, “Now there’s a princess that can defend her kingdom.”



Makes you fall in love with all the characters. 

Allows you to date and flirt with all the characters you love.

Swiftly breaks your heart and tapes it back up with friendship.

dez-the-butcher  asked:

*There have been reports on the news of a tall skeleton walking around Mt. Ebott, in each report the skeleton is covered in and trailing blood, it has a large butcher axe slung over its shoulder and seems to be hurt*

Frisk has been getting worried about these reports since they were first shown on the news. The situation also didn’t look so great for her friends, Sans and Papyrus, who were both skeletons too. It’s not surprising they would go to accuse one or both for murder. Both are under prime suspect and she has to help them.

She carefully wandered around Mt. Ebott in hopes to find him. It was dangerous, but she cannot just let the police or any of her friends get harmed if this other skeleton has powers they don’t know. It’s hard to say if this new monster is related to the brothers or not, so she has to be on her guard. If all else fails, all she has to do is LOAD.

You don't know their stories

- That skeleton you just said was too skinny, saw his friends die in the Skeleton War
- That witch you just called ugly because of her warts, took a curse for her daughter
- That Siren whose voice you just insulted, has been singing since dawn to feed her family
- That dragon you just called greedy for hoarding treasure, has had 7 “heroes” try to slay him
- That mermaid you just called vain for loving herself, has been objectified by men since she was born
- That fairy who you just called weak and pretty, she’s had to trap mortals in her fairy ring in order to help the creatures
- You don’t know their stories so don’t assume that they’re your stereotypes
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so i was super inspired by the game announced at E3, unravelled, and i love yarny and yarn man.. so i wanted to make my own Yarn Friend !! i had some grey yarn lying around, rustled up some wire for the body and got to wrapping ! i also made it a little shawl and added a cute button.. we are going to have some fun adventures. since this friend is made with a wire skeleton, it’s completely posable too!! :“) i love this friend