So I drove down to Columbus to see TØP this passed weekend at The Nationwide Arena and before the show that day I got this tattoo. I can’t even begin to describe how much this music has done for me and I truly believe I would not be here today without this music or these lyrics. I am just so happy that I stayed alive, thank you. |-/ “all you did will be undone”


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During the "Sans Date," after entering Grillby's to chat with him, an ugly fish monster forespoken that Sans just ate breakfast few minutes ago. Does this mean the UnderTale game began when Frisk the human fell to the underground at around very early in the morning or perhaps right after midnight plausibly during the one day event? I bet they were traveling during the night to reach to the mountain.

(undertale spoilers)

Yes. It is very likely that Frisk’s journey in the underground started early in the day and finished at the end of the day. The aforementioned evidence and more have been recently added under a read more in our theory post, the entirety of undertale takes place in less than one day.


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In this interview with a local radio station during TDC, Tyler and Josh addressed the question of what is coming next. 

Tyler said that they definitely would be taking some time off, which makes sense when you see that they have been touring almost the entire time that Blurryface has been out.

Tyler also added that they are always working on new music, regardless if they are taking a break or not. Furthermore, we know that they like to write a lot of music on the road, and that they often get a lot of inspiration for new material while on tour. They also have a portable studio in the back of their tour bus. (Tyler has shared this information in numerous interviews) Given that they have gone on not one, but TWO tours means that they have had a lot of opportunity to write on the road. This could mean that they have some music written, but haven’t gotten the chance to record it professionally yet. 

When recording Blurryface, they worked with numerous producers all over the world, and this takes more time than working with one producer in one location. If they were to do this again, it could create another delay.

Because they have done so much during the two years that Blurryface has been out, it makes sense that they might want a break. However, we wouldn’t give up hope that something could be coming soon. (We all know how cryptic they are.) 

Several clues remain unexplained, such as the WAIT_s displayed during TDC. Updates to follow on cliqueconspiracy.