inspired by this list of prompts + everyone’s favourite (cough my favourite) of andrew and neil wearing the wrong team jersey…………

  • andrew wakes up at neil’s place, which wasn’t planned
  • they go back after practice and somehow fall asleep
  • (when andrew wakes up startled, neil snorts and says “not as young as you were, minyard”)
  • which is when they realise they’re late for a team party
  • andrew picks up a team jacket from the floor and says “i’m going as someone who couldn’t give up on his high school years”
  • “burn,” neil says, and quickly pulls on the skeleton outfit nicky had picked out for him a week ago
  • (he’s not sure if it’s on the small side on purpose)
  • (he thinks it probably was)
  • neil follows andrew to the party, which is when he says “jesus fucking christ”
  • “backing out already, josten?”
  • “i think you’ll find you’re josten tonight.” he says and taps andrew’s back
  • andrew takes this in stride and somehow procures a ginger wig to throw on, then proceeds to not respond to his name
  • “neil!” a new teammate says and flounders for a second before not pulling andrew into a hug. “but you didn’t bring a costume?”
  • “yes, i did,” neil says to his side
  • “of course i’m in costume,” andrew says. “i’m pretending to be someone who cares about this conversation.”
  • harsh, neil thinks
  • then neil thinks he probably shouldn’t be hanging on the arm of his enemy with benefits
  • as far as anyone else knows their only communication is yelling at each other on the court
  • “i didn’t know you and my cousin were that close,” nicky says to neil, looking at andrew
  • “we’re not. i didn’t even know he had my jersey.”
  • nicky snorts. “well, he’s almost more convincing at being you than you are”
  • “what?”
  • “he’s telling everyone he’s fine and being completely oblivious”
  • “i’m not-”
  • “i think you might have missed the fact that you’re friends with andrew,” matt says, draping an arm around neil’s shoulder
  • “friends? what are friends?” andrew says
  • “i ask one time,” neil says
  • neil catches allison betting nicky that he and andrew would get pissed and make out before the end of the exy season
  • allison makes eye contact as she does it
  • he’s not sure it wasn’t intentional
  • andrew has to give neil a ride home because they came together
  • (“extra practice,” neil says with a shrug)
  • (“all i care about is exy,” andrew says.)
  • which is where neil decides to bring up what matt said
  • “apparently i’m oblivious.”
  • “obviously”
  • “apparently i’m oblivious about the fact that we’re ‘friends’,” neil does the air quotes just because he knows andrew hates it
  • andrew snorts. “if we are then your jersey’s rubbed some obliviousness off on me, too”
  • “you seem to know me pretty well,” neil says, watching andrew’s face
  • (“stop staring at me, josten,” andrew said, a month after their nothing started)
  • (“free country,” he replied)
  • andrew doesn’t respond
  • “someone might start to think you like me”
  • (someone is neil)
  • (neil thinks andrew likes him)
  • (like, like like)
  • “i hate you” andrew answers
  • neil smiles
  • “stay the night,” he says
  • andrew doesn’t respond
  • (but he stays)
  • (he always will)

spectralspices  asked:

Why does Ghost Rider always look fucking awesome but lack a lot of "classic" or really famous stories? Is it the fact that he's a flaming skeleton in black leather outfits riding a motorcycle while swinging a burning chain? I think it's just because he's a flaming skeleton in black leather with a fire-chain on a motorcycle.

The problem is that there’s only two real directions to take him in, but they’ve tried to keep him more or less in the middle as a regular ‘spooky’ part of the larger Marvel universe, same as Son of Satan or Morbius. It ignores that he is A FLAMING SKELETON-HEAD MAN ON A FLAMING MOTORCYCLE FROM HELL. That’s either the most hard-R gory grindhouse shit imaginable, or an unabashed comedy, and while Jason Aaron’s run kind of winked in both directions it couldn’t fully commit. Ideally, we’d either be getting Ghost Rider: MAX by Garth Ennis and Gabrielle Dell’otto, and it’d be the bleakest, bloodiest, grimmest Marvel comic on the stands, packed to the brim with screaming gangsters and disembowelings at the business end of a chain, or Ghost Rider by Christopher Hastings and Ryan Browne, in which he’d be fighting disco-dancing chainsaw-wielding t-rexes in the Savage Land and feuding with his landlord over the smoke alarm in his apartment constantly going off. I’ve heard positive things about the current Ghost Rider who drives a muscle car, but from what I’ve heard it plays it straight, and therefore necessarily completely misses the point of having A FLAMING SKELETON-HEAD MAN ON A FLAMING MOTORCYCLE FROM HELL.

trying to make this doodle a more or less polished thing. will forever be horrified and tickled by the amount of leg betony has.

he’s got all the legge

he’s so leggy he’s taller than dear ol dad, who looks enormous standing beside average humans. betony is like two skeletons climbed into an outfit together.

((Look, I know you’re not in the best mood with me, so I went ahead and got something for you.))

Fisk seems uninterested “Yeah, what’cha got this time?”

((I saw that Pip and them were picking out outfits, so I asked for Pip’s opinion on what he thought you’d like to wear. He came up with this, hope you like it ^^.))

Fisk had seemed to quickly grab the outfit and go to the bathroom, face red in embarassment as she went to change. “You did right in asking for his opinion..” Then the door was slammed shut and Mun sighed in relief.

((Thank you, Pip.))



Via Fargo

This teen spends her days lounging around the house writing lyrics and sketching. Her mother wonders where she went wrong…

The very lengthy CC list is as follows:

Skintone: vampire_aninyosaloh (via MTS)

Eye Colour: seventhecho

Eyebrows: ikarisims

Nail Polish: alazarrazr

Toenail Polish: kbsimmer

Eyelashes: vampire_aninyosaloh (via MTS)

Eyeshadow: margeh-75 (via TSR)

Blush: darkosims3

Face Shine: evgans

Lipstick & Lipgloss: chiasmi


Underboob/Waist Tattoo: simssalabim

Dual Guns Tattoo: onelama

Cross Tattoo she has one on the back of her neck: colourful-kitty

Hair (left to right)

Swept Over Bun: mixei

Half Up/Down Do: dvdsims (original by Nightcrawler I think?)

Loose Ponytail: dvdsims (original by NewSea)

Wavy Hair: cazycx

Long Straight Hair: stealthic

Everyday Outfit:

Oversized Jumper with Shirt: inabadromance

Long Socks: nekrosts4cc

Platform Shoes: onelama

Safety Pin Earrings: blackfascination

Rings: natalis (via TSR)

Formal Outfit (1):

Black and Red Dress: missfortunesims

Shoes: sentate

Spiked Hoop Earrings: leahlilith

Formal ‘Prom’ Outfit (2):

Long Black Dress: altea127 (via TSR)

Athletic Outfit:

White Crop Top: cienzroza

Leather Trousers: preslavabg

Platform Trainers: ivanscloset

Sleepwear Outfit:

Skeleton Bra: puresims

Criss-Cross Trousers: allaboutstyle (via

Party Outfit:

Choker: kanoya

Deep-V Bustier: belles-simblr

Black & White Trousers: allaboutstyle (via

Swimwear Outfit:

Batman Swimsuit: sims4krampus

Thank you to all the CC creators - you’re all amazing! ♥

Via has been uploaded to the Gallery via my Origin ID: LBakeryx or you can enter the Item Name: Fargo - you can also see my previous sim Maya Radburn here:

To watch Via being created, click here:

If you have any sims requests then don’t be shy - send me an ask! I don’t bite and anon is enabled if you think I might :P

Thank you, and enjoy! x

The Thing About Nightmares

…Is that some never end.

WELP. I’ve gone and done it. I was thinking about making a story like this for a very long time.

So here it is! An encouter between a certain glitch and the literal manifestation of fear. Just not in the way you were expecting.

*P.S. I personally think this one is a little more messed up than “Infect” ever was. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.*

Errortale AU belongs to @loverofpiggies

Dreamtale AU belongs to @jokublog.



It’s always the same…

Error found himself in a dark place. It was empty, devoid of any other life. The wind was howling.

He could hear the voices whispering to him.

This place…It’s not safe.

You need to ESCAPE.

Error pushed up his glasses and frowned.

Not yet.

He had to figure out why he was here in the first place.

This wasn’t normal.

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