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Sans Proposal (Undertale Original Audio) [Request]
Sans Proposal (Undertale Original Audio) [Request]

Request by @distressed-honking

So i went above and beyond with this request and had @bunny-king draw it in comic form!

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anonymous asked:

How lore friendly would it be for the player to become a lich in a TES game?

“Lich” in TES is a pretty vague believe it or not. There are a ton of different types of liches. It’s like every fucker who ever kissed a skeleton suddenly thinks they can become an undying warlord.

The traditional liches that appear in Oblivion, Tribunal, ESO, etc, are necromancers that have bound their souls into a piece of jewelry called a phylactery (though how canon this is these days I’m not sure, since you can bash a lich’s shit in with just a hammer without much trouble). But lich in TES more or less just means “undead mage”, or not even.

The Dragon Priests in Skyrim are liches, albeit ones who gain their power from feeding on the life force of their followers.

On the dubiously canon side, fabricants can have their bodies accidentally turned back on by latent magics, which are called Rewounds.

If you want to get TRULY technical (lich = mage kept alive by necromancy), all Telvanni magelords are liches. Their extreme age is attributed to benign necromantic arts, which might also be why so many of them are fucking insane (except for Fyr, he gains his eternal gdilf abilities from being a cool guy). 

There’s plenty of examples I’ve missed of other liches and stuff.

Of additional note is that liches are NOT inherently bad in TES. The lich union in Tribunal are followers of Sotha Sil and are actually trying to protect the Mazed Band from falling into the wrong hands, given its nature as the most OP artifact in all TES.

silver’s “i’ve had this plan from months ago to find thomas hamilton alive so flint would give up this war to be with him so that me and you would be safe and happy away from flint’s war”

being met with madi’s “you threw away my war and betrayed your best friend so i would live even though i was ready to die for this, i was ready to let you die for this because freeing my people from slavery was a LITTLE bit more important, get the fuck out” 

is so, so so sososo so so satisfying. silver genuinely believed that his betrayal of flint would gain madi’s approval? love? respect? and now he has to live with it. i think that’s what i like about the ending of silver’s arc. he has to live with his shitty fucking decisions because he never actually understood what madi wanted. and flint’s monologue on skeleton island is suddenly ringing true for him and he realises that his plan has failed. that’s some good shit.