skeleton masks

The Reanimation of Shurk

Last second deadline request work done for twitter@ShirkOfficial as a collective of their yearly achievement through their music and themes.

This one was a true blast to work with since the first time the angle revealed a lot more of the skeleton under the mask I was always hoping to bring out better one day. Beside the talent behind the songs I must admit I am very happy to be partially involved in their journey with my artworks of this amazing mascot. I remember how it back then started and the joy I felt when he asked me to be their official artist for their covers.

This was one of those reasons I always felt worth keep on going with my art path. Keep improving, keep developing - never giving up and for this opportunity I will be forever grateful!

Reaper loves his children very much, and by “children” I mean “guns.” His face isn’t bad. One thing I want to get in here is that if he sees a shotgun, he legally owns it. He eats guns for fuel. Not his kid-guns, though. Why’s his facelook like that? Don’t sweat it. He has to keep eating guns to avoid eating his children guns. Reaper is Jeff Kaplan.

He fuccs like a broken payload, but he runs on time, if you know what i mean. He’s part owl, part smoke, part skeleton, part mask, part leather, part belts, part dad, all dad, all guns. If you unzip his coat, a bunch of shotguns will fall out, and then he’ll die, because he’s just a bunch of guns under there.