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Hello, could you please tell me more about Jeff's stpd? What did he do that caused psychiatrists to diagnose him with it?

The most significant factor that made Dahmer’s Schizotypal personality obvious was his Shrine, and that is usually the reference point for his delusions and ultimate diagnosis.

The Shrine
Perceived that a shrine built for himself -  containing 10 skulls, two whole skeletons, a lamp with blue lights, a plush chair, burning incense, a plaque, shower curtain drapes (classy guy), black table with griffins, and a black and white carpet - would somehow help him become at one with himself and allow him to draw personal and spiritual power, also connecting him to his victims in an impossibly intimate way

Other indicators of StPD that contributed to his diagnosis overall:
- Ideas of reference
Finding power and personal identity in films with characters having control and possession of others (Star Wars and Exorcist characters), beliefs that he could obtain similar strength (even to the point of arousal - these films were foreplay to him) through admiration and wearing of yellow contact lenses (some of his lack of self and identity was probably amplified by his Borderline personality disorder, as well)

- Bizarre or strange mannerisms, thought, and speech
Word choices that don’t seem fitting (“all baloney no”, “hush hush”), awkward gait/walk, particularities in every day activities (such as refusal to sit anywhere but one spot in a restaurant and would wait until the seat was empty if it was filled), flat or inappropriate facial expressions (also noted to be a Schizoid personality trait, another diagnosis he received), belief that consuming victims made them closer to himself (“maybe I should have been an Aztec”), attempt to wear another man’s skin so they could “be one”.

- Inability to build solid personal relationships (no friends, detached from family), paranoia (multiple locks on door, thinking that a victim having knocked over one of the griffins was a sign of bad luck, etc.), things of that nature

Although post incarceration, it’s also interesting to note Dahmer’s ideas about evolution before he was arrested and his interest in the occult, versus his extreme switch to Creationism once in prison. Many people with StPD can be hyper-religious, complete heretics, or fixed in certain beliefs and cannot be swayed.

There’s several seconds of silence and then you hear Sans guffaw. “ok, i’ll admit it. not bad, buddy. not bad.” When you glance back, he’s nowhere in sight.
A scene from chapter 3 of @hoofbeast’s fanfic, Dead Ringer!! I really really love this fic, it makes me laugh like no other ;v;
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Prosecute my heart - a sasnar fic

Summary: When Sasuke comes into work and finds his office decorated in all things Halloween, he knows things have gone too far. Unfortunately for him, Naruto is all about taking things further…

Rated: T (but mentions of M-rated stuff)
Word count: 4.3K

On and ao3!

A Halloween/prosecutor au/office romance fic bc I had to!



Sasuke liked to think that he was neutral about Halloween. Actually, scratch that. He liked to not think about Halloween at all, but right now he found it very difficult to keep his brain free of the (fake) holiday considering his work desk was completely covered in all things Halloween.

It was Monday.

A Monday that so happened to be October 31st, and had he expected this he would have called in sick for sure.

But Naruto? Naruto was never expected, and Sasuke fought down the urge to wonder just how early the idiot must have clocked in to manage this disaster. If Naruto wanted to prank his co-workers then that was his problem. In fact, Sasuke was sure that he must have done the same to some of the others. Sasuke wasn't special, and the little flutter his heart made was simply pathetic.

You hate Halloween, Sasuke told himself, hanging off his coat and placing his bag on an extra chair. You told him as much last week. This is just a way to get back at you for being a slave driver.

For the past three weeks, Sasuke had been in charge of introducing Naruto to the wonders of being a prosecutor. While the younger man was doing a good job so far he was also all sorts of incredibly annoying, irritating, loud, and most of all too thrilled with the idea of them being friends outside of work. Sasuke had already been roped into several lunches (though often in the company of other colleagues so it wasn’t entirely suspicious), one after work drinking session (and boy was that a mistake he would never think about again), and an accidental accepted facebook friend request. He didn’t even use facebook, his brother had just forcefully made him one and he kept forgetting to delete it.

Shaking himself out of his miserable thoughts, Sasuke rolled up his sleeves and mentally prepared himself to rid his computer of fake cobwebs and spiders so he could at least work. There were decorative pumpkins spread across his desk, a black cat plushie perched on his windowsill, as well as several ghosts and skeletons hanging from his lamps. Not to mention the cut-outs taped all over his walls, and-

“Happy Halloween, Sasuke!”

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*Meditation beads
Cone incense (dragons blood, myrr, frankincense, jasmine)
*Crystal grids (wood plates, fabric)
*Sacred geometry, mandala
*Oils for meditation, psychic awareness energy
*Books on astral travel, fairies, dragons, mermaids, unicorns, elves, energy manipulation, spirit companionship
Stone Pendants, rings
*Trinket boxes, tarot boxes
Small crystals for grids
Dream catchers
Skulls, animal/insect specimens, butterfly jewelry
Altar cloth, tiles
tarot decks: fantasy creatures tarot, shadowscapes, legacy of Devine, crystal visions, tarot of pagan cats, the green witch …

Have to Trade:
Deviant moon tarot
Wood mortar and pestle
River rocks
Incense burners (skeleton, genie lamp, cobra)
Oil burner
Insanity workout DVDs
Deer bones (ribs, partial in tact spine, vertebrae (some you can balance spheres on as pictured))
Fire agate
Snake skin

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