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Shopping for Costumes

I just thought of this scenario. LOL.


The Underfell brothers had ended up in the Undertale universe with Sans and Papyrus helping their counterparts adjust to the Surface with its rules and changes.


Sans was bringing Red to a costume store as Halloween was nearing.

Since Underfell had limited resources and Halloween was a human tradition thing that Red was new too, he didn’t really know what to expect even as Sans explained to him that you would have to knock on stranger’s doors and say the magic words to get … candy, apparently.

And upon arrival at the store, Red was met with full body skeleton decorations hanged on racks for the first time, which made him stop in his tracks.

Red looked to Sans, confused as hell.

“Is this a porn shop?”


Idk, i just thought it’d be pretty cute. XD LOL

H.H Holmes

Herman Webster Mudgett, better known under the name of Dr. Henry Howard Holmes, was one of the first documented serial killers -Even though the term “serial killer” was coined much later on, after his time.

 It is thought that Holmes selected mostly female victims, who were often working for him at his hotel. He’d also kill hotel guests and lovers. Compared with more modern serial killers, his method of murder was unique- some of his victims were locked in soundproof bedrooms and asphyxiated with harmful gases, and others were locked in a massive, airless bank vault next to his office (also soundproofed) where they remained until they slowly suffocated. Holmes constructed a chute down to the basement, which he used to store the bodies in. He would make anatomical models from the bodies, or strip them completely of their skin and muscles in order to show off a full skeleton. The unused bodies were dissolved in vats of acid or cremated. Due to the connections he had made in medical school, he sold organs and bones to the black market without any trouble.


Full-body, full-colour commission of my cute & awesome pal, Lindsay (@smallbutera) hanging out with her all-time favourite skelebro, Papyrus! 

i had so much fun drawing this, thanks once again, Lindsay! =)

Commission info  

A gift for another one of my favorite artists @gettingfriskywithit

This took awhile, but shading this was so damn fun like.. I haven’t had more fun with shading something for a good while now. Goodness I love shading cool colors (blues and purples). I got the background done first before anything, I honestly wasn’t sure what I was gonna do with the background, but then I got spaced out while listening to music and this came up. I was like, okay gonna just make this a glass like floor or something. 
It took be a couple of tries to sketch out Kris correctly but I finally came up with this! Needed to practice perspective anyway so this came out lovely! Kristen is a very adorable femboy and I really enjoy seeing him and his interactions!
I love how this artist draws honestly, I love their interpretations of the skelebros (from Undertale, Underswap, Underfell, and Swapfell), and I love their Anon and Kris~ Usually I’m not one to care for anon x canon or O.C x canon stuff, but this artist does it in a way that is so… Smooth and unique, it’s not that typical slutty shit that you see, it’s so cute and actually feels “normal”! I adore all of their content and I hope this gift is good enough for them! 
Hope y’all like~

Sexy || Joe

Joe masterpost found here

Word count - 746

Summary - The one where Joe gets drunk confident.

You weren’t the biggest fan of Halloween. It was a fun holiday, sure, but you weren’t as obsessed with it as some of your friends were. Needless to say, when the buttercream boys invited you to a Halloween party, you weren’t over the moon excited to go. You didn’t want to spend tons of money on a Halloween costume, so you made a run to the thrift store and dug through your closet, trying to pull together a cheap outfit. With an old plaid skirt you once wore as a school uniform, a plain white button up, some suspenders, fake glasses, and a pair of white knee high socks and converse, you were the most cliche “nerdy school girl” you could be. It wasn’t much, but it was costume enough. As previously stated, you really couldn’t be bothered to try much harder.

By midnight, the party you were at with the buttercream boys was in full swing. There was loud music, large crowds, and tons of alcohol. You weren’t in the mood to get too wasted, as you knew someone would have to make sure the boys all got home safe. You took it upon yourself to be that person. So, you alternated your drinks, drinking two cups of water after every alcoholic beverage you consumed. You kept your eyes on the boys, watching who was dancing through the halls and who was snogging some girl on the couch.

As you were making your way through the halls, counting as your eyes fell upon each buttercream boy, you ran into Joe. He was quite tipsy, and if his eyes didn’t give it away, the rest of his body did. Joe was a very handsy drunk, and he was always much more bold and flirtatious when he was under the influence. As soon as he saw you, a smirk danced across his face and he walked over to you.

You were always extremely attracted to Joe. You innocently flirted with him here and there, but nothing ever came out of it. You thought he was into you to, but when he never made any moves farther than flirting, you assumed you had been incorrect.

Joe was dressed as a skeleton. His face was painted and he was wearing a full body skeleton costume. He looked hot as hell, there was no denying it. Before you could even process what was happening, Joe was so close to you, you were practically pinned between his body and the wall. You could smell the alcohol on his breath. “I’ve been meaning to tell you all night that you look sexy as hell,” Joe told you, his breath fanning over your lips. You laughed lightly, trying to pretend that his words and close proximity to you weren’t making your knees weak.

“Thanks, Joe,” you said. One of his hands was on the wall beside your head and the other was lightly holding your chin. You could hear your heart beating in your ears.

“I mean it, (Y/N),” he said, almost sternly. “When I first saw you I thought you looked like a naughty little school girl. It’s so fucking sexy.”

You felt yourself blushing ridiculously. Joe wasn’t even looking at your eyes. They would go from staring at your chest to your lips and back again. You could practically see the drool dripping down his chin. You suddenly felt way more confident than usual. So, you grabbed the back of Joe’s neck and pushed his head to yours, capturing his lips in a kiss. He reacted quickly, putting his hands on your waist and pulling you close to his body. His hands quickly slid down to your bum. You knew you were in public at a party, but you hardly cared at all. Joe suddenly pulled away from you and put his lips close to your ear. “Can we go back to my place?” he almost growled. You wanted to say yes, but you felt obligated to watch after the boys.

“But, the other boys-”

“Oli’s watching them,” he said immediately. “I asked him to stay sober just in case, well, you know.”

“Just in case you wanted to take me home?” you replied, not believing your own words as they came out of your mouth.

“Maybe,” you could feel his smirk against your neck.

“How long have you been planning this, Joseph? you said, a teasing tone to your voice.

“So fucking long, (Y/N),” he said back. “So fucking long.”