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Can I just shut down the theory that "sans will get his body and soul back and kill Betty" that I keep seeing for some reason? Guys, even if somehow the conditions for sans's soul to return to his body were met, he would probably be in a vegetative/coma state due to having most of his soul's magical essence absorbed by Kumu. Smh, just let cami kill the skeleton dude and chill.

You’re so savage.

I like you.

And what you say it’s completly correct.

BMC- Isolation

“Get out of my way… loser.” Jeremy gritted through his teeth.

Michael’s world came crashing down as the boy left the bathroom he was hiding in. Michael lunged for the door and locked it behind Jeremy. Michael felt his world crashing. He couldn’t breathe. Everything was in slo-mo, and sped up at the same time. He couldn’t breathe. Everything was swirling.

Michael started shoving through the medicine cabinet. Something just.. clicked. He grabbed every pill bottle possible. He popped all the full ones open and downed them. It felt like hours of swallowing tons of pills. He started to black out. He need to leave. Now. Michael couldn’t think, but he had to get out. He opened the door, stumbled out onto the hallway, and didn’t remember getting outside.

Jeremy laid in his bed. His head pounded. Why did he have so much to drink?


The noise was so loud.. so painful..


Jeremy stumbled downstairs and opened the door. It was Michael’s Dad. He was.. crying? Michael’s Dad? Showing emotion? How?

Jeremy let him in and he sat on the couch.

“Mich…Michael… He’s..” Mr. Mell stammered.

“He’s what?”

“He’s dead! He was at some party.. and people say he killed himself… I don’t know how..” He blubbered.

Jeremy froze. His SQUIP did as well.

“M…Michael’s…” Jeremy stammered.

“He’s gone! My son!”


Jeremy felt the world swallow him. He opened his eyes, which he hadn’t realized he had closed, and saw that he was on the ground.

“I.. hav-have to go..” Michael’s dad stepped around Jeremy, still sobbing. Jeremy slowly climbed to his feet, still shocked. He numbly walked up the stairs and face planted into his pillow. Michael killed himself.

And it was all Jeremy’s fault.

Jeremy sat under the covers. He was numb. It had been hours. Or seconds. Or days. It didn’t matter. Jeremy refused to move.


“…’s…my..fault..” Jeremy uttered for the 87th time. He would cry, but he had no more tears left. He was numb. It didn’t feel real.

‘JEREMY, GET OUT OF BED. IT’S BEEN DAYS.’ The SQUIP would shock him, but that would damage the boy further, which would be counter-productive.

“Doesn’tmatter..” Jeremy uttered for the 87th time as well. He refused to leave his mattress.

Knock, Knock.

“Go away..” Jeremy wrapped himself in a blanket to hide how skinny he was getting due to not eating.

“Jeremy, you have to do something. Get some sleep. Eat something. You can’t live like this. We’re all worried about you. You can’t stay like this forever.” Jeremy’s Dad tried to open the locked door. “You can see someone if you need help.”

“I don’t want help. I don’t need help. I don’t need food. I don’t deserve food.” Jeremy whispered.


“Jeremy, open the door.”

Jeremy reached across his bed and unlocked the door, still not leaving the blankets.

Jeremy’s Dad came in and gasped when he saw his son. Jeremy was skinnier than usual. He had bags under his eyes. His hair was a mess.

“Jeremy!” Mr. Heere breathed.

“Go away. I’m staying here forever.”

“I’ll be back.”

Mr. Heere left the room and Jeremy heard dialing from the home phone. Jeremy picked up one of the lines to hear who Mr. Heere was talking to. Jeremy muted his end.

“Hello?” That was Brooke’s voice.

“I need you and all of Jeremy’s friends to come here.”

“Yes, sir. We’ve been worried about Jeremy.. Where has he been? Is he sick?”

“He’s locked himself away in his bedroom. He hasn’t even come out. I don’t think he’s even been eating. I hope you guys can help him.”

“We can be there in ten minutes.”

Click. Click.

Jeremy hung up as well and stuffed it under the pillow. He looked up at his cell phone. Also untouched for days. He couldn’t bear to look at the wallpaper.


“Come in.” Jeremy heard his Dad whisper. Jeremy locked his door and wrapped even more blankets around him so they couldn’t tell his harm.

Knock knock.

“Jeremy? It’s Brooke.”

“And Jake! Duude, What’re you doing?”

“Shut up, Jake. He’s hurting.”

Jeremy just clasped his ears shut, squeezing his eyes tight.


“Jeremy’s not here.”  He croaked.

“Jeremy, c’mon. Let us in.” Jake knocked again.

Jeremy involuntarily unlocked the door. His hand wasn’t his own.

Jeremy sat criss-cross, wrapped in blankets.

“What?” Jeremy muttered.

“We’re worried.  You haven’t come left in almost 2 weeks! That’s dangerous, Jeremy! Your Dad said you aren’t eating, or drinking! You’re super pale. You need something.”

“I don’t deserve food. I did this. I did this to myself. And I deserve it.” Jeremy told himself, feeling his throat clog up, but he had no more tears to cry.

“Why are you so upset?”

“It’s Michael.” Jeremy sighed.

“That geek? I saw him. He looked awful. He looked like he was dying.” Jake snickered.

“Because he WAS.” Jeremy hissed. He had a feeling his SQUIP would shock him, so he added: “Sorry for snapping..”

“That’s OK, Jeremy. We know you’re hurting. But you can’t stay like this forever.”

“I don’t have any other choice.”


“No I don’t.” Jeremy told the supercomputer.

“Don’t what?” Jake asked.

“Nothing.” Jeremy realized he was talking out loud. He had a bad streak of that.

“Well, you’re coming out with us. To PinkBerry.” Brooke demanded.

“My best friend is dead, and ice cream won’t change that.” Jeremy snapped.

“Yeah, it’s sad, but you can’t live your life just sitting in your bedroom!” Jake retaliated.

“It’s not like anyone would notice.”

“Dude, everyone would notice.” Jake scoffed. Jeremy didn’t care anymore. It was all his fault his friend was dead.

“Get dressed. I’ll be downstairs. Jake, help him. Or something.”  Brooke pulled out her phone as she left.

Jake started going through Jeremy’s closet.


“Damn, you have a lot of bad shirts.” Jake scoffed. He pulled out a plain striped one. “This one’s OK.”


“Fine..” Jeremy muttered. He unwrapped his blankets. He was only wearing his sweatpants, seeing his bedroom had become too hot to wear a pajama shirt.

“Damn!” Jake dropped the shirt.


“Dude, your dad said you weren’t eating, but I didn’t know he meant this! You look like a skeleton! I can see your ribcage, sorta!”

Jeremy ignored the comment and grabbed some black jeans. Jake was going through Jeremy’s closet as Jeremy changed and when he was slipping on his socks, Jake clapped his hands together.

“Let’s go. Oh my god, your face.”

“What?” Jeremy asked, meaner this time.

“Have you eaten ANYTHING? Like, have you drank any water?”

“I haven’t left my bed. Did I mention my best friend is dead?”

“Sorry dude. We have to go. Like, now. You look like you’re about to die.”

Jeremy did feel weak, but he ignored it. He also did feel a little lightheaded, but probably from dehydration. The mood swings and irritation were probably the same cause.

“Brooke! Let’s go!” Jake called from the top of the stairs. They both stomped down the stairs, Jake faster than Jeremy.

“Oh my god!” Brooke almost dropped Jeremy’s shoes when she saw him.

Jeremy slipped on his sneakers. He blocked out Brooke, Jake, and his Dad’s conversation. They all were talking about where they would be, how they’d make sure Jeremy was eating, and when they’d be back. They treated Jeremy like a young child who couldn’t care for himself. Jeremy sat down on the stairs as he felt a little lightheaded.

“Can we go now?” Jeremy huffed.

“Thank you, you two. I mean it.” Mr. Heere slapped Jeremy on the back gently.

The three left, and when Jeremy got in shotgun (Brooke insisted) he immediately took a breather. He was out of air.

“Woah, my god.” Chloe said.

“Yeah, that’s how bad it is. We aren’t going to PinkBerry. We’re going to dinner.”

“Dinner? What time is it?” Jeremy asked, leaning back against his seat.

“It’s almost 6. Wanna pick up Christine?” Chloe asked Brooke without moving her eyes from the road.

“No!” Jeremy sat straight up.

“OK, well we’re going to go pick up Jenna.”

Jeremy leaned back against his seat. His eyelids felt heavy for the first time in days. He slept a lot the first two days he locked himself away, but wasn’t able to sleep a wink any other time. And before he knew it, Jeremy was out like a light.

“Jeremy.. Jereeemyyy..” Brooke waked him.

“Whuh?” Jeremy flew his eyes open.

“You fell asleep before we even left your driveway. Are you OK?” Jenna asked, leaning against the car. Everyone was out of the car, but his door was open. Brooke was leaning over him.

“Jus.. yeah. I’m..” Jeremy was about to say ‘fine’ but he heard the voice in his head.


“..fine.” Jeremy unbuckled and looked out the window to see they were in a Wendy’s parking lot. Jeremy slipped out of the seat and followed the group inside. When they stepped in, Jeremy was blasted with cold air. He wasn’t used to not being surrounded by blankets, so he let out a shudder.

“You want my jacket?” Jake asked.


Jake handed Jeremy the varsity jacket with ‘DILLINGER’ imprinted on the back.

“What do you want? You two go get a seat.” Chloe asked, motioning for Brooke and Jeremy to go sit down.

“I’ll have some chicken.. oh and some fries.” Jeremy added.

“Hmm.. I want a salad.” Brooke studied the menu.

The two sat in a booth nearby. Jeremy crossed his arms and laid them on the table, resting his chin on the table, too.

“Your hair’s a mess.” Brooke laughed. She pulled out a small hairbrush and went to work. Jeremy didn’t protest.

A few minutes later the group came back and sat down with a number card. They were table 9.

“So.. you wanna talk about it?” Brooke asked, putting away the hairbrush.

“Not really..” Jeremy sat up.

“That was rhetorical. You have no choice.”

“Why were you so upset?” Chloe asked.

“I..just.. He was my best friend for 12 years. And one day, I just.. got mad at him.. and called him a loser. He has-well.. had..- social anxiety. I can’t believe I called him a loser. And then.. At your damn party.. He..” Jeremy rested his arms back on the table and hid his face. He didn’t want everyone to know he was crying, or at least about to.

The silence hung in the air.

“Here comes the food.” Jenna broke the silence.

“And Christine.” Chloe added.

“Wait, Christine?!” Jeremy shot straight up. He leaped out of his seat, which he was fortunately on the end of the booth, and hurried to the bathroom.

He looked at his reflection. His face was red and blotchy, and almost white as a ghost. He splashed his face with water. He dried his face with a paper towel. He barely looked any better. He either looked like he was crying, or on every drug possible. Jeremy hoped Christine didn’t think the ladder.

He took a deep breath and marched outside.

He slipped into the booth across from Christine.

“Oh my god! Jeremy?” Christine gasped.

“Hey.. Christine.” Jeremy started to sweat.

“Are you OK?!”

“Y-” Jeremy started.

“No he isn’t.” Jake intervened. “He’s been mourning in his bedroom for two weeks. He hasn’t eaten or drank any water or anything. He hasn’t even left his bed.”

“Thanks, Jake.”

“Here. We ordered you two large waters.” Brooke slid them to him. Jeremy hesitated. “You aren’t doing anything to you drink those. You know how pale you look?”

Jeremy started to suck on the straw when the group started to tell Christine what was going on with Jeremy. Christine would glance at Jeremy every now and then. When he finished the first water they passed him some food. Jeremy hesitated. He would feel worse than before. If he ate, his body would store the food thinking it wouldn’t eat again, which it probably wouldn’t. Jeremy only knew this because one time when he was smoking with…when he was high, he googled stuff about it, because he had the munchies.

Jeremy started to eat. When he finished the first chicken strip, He laid his head on the table. “Oh dear god!” Jeremy hissed.

“What?” Asked Jenna, who sat beside him.

“Holy crap!” Jeremy yelled. “Oh my fuck! My stomach!” And there it goes. Suddenly, he felt like he’d never eaten before. Before he didn’t feel thirsty or hungry. Or tired. But as soon as he left his bedroom, he felt so tired. Jeremy didn’t lift his head but clenched his stomach with one arm and banged his fist on the table with the other. He was so hungry he felt sick.

Jeremy rested his arm. “I want to go home now.”

“You haven’t eaten anything.” Jenna commented.

“I want. To go. Home.”

“Let’s all go back to my place.” Chloe volunteered.

Jeremy stood up, but only to feel pain in his stomach. He could make it to the car. Right?

Christine came back with a To-Go bag. She poured all the food into it and they all headed to the parking lot, everyone behind Jeremy as he tried to disguise his pain. Good thing they parked right in front. Jeremy climbed into shotgun. Christine passed the food off to Jenna and went to her own car. They all piled into Chloe’s Mom’s SUV and Jeremy buckled in.  He was going to fall back asleep, but he felt awful.

Jeremy felt so dazed, he didn’t realize that they were pulling into Chloe’s neighborhood. Did she live so close? Probably not. Jeremy unbuckled as they pulled into the garage. He wobbled to his feet and walked inside.


“That’s fine, Honey. And I’m right here.” Chloe’s mom replied from the couch. Jeremy hid behind Jake and they all went upstairs. Jeremy took off Jake’s jacket and handed it to him.

They all sat down on the floor as seconds later Christine came in, too. Brooke dialed on her phone and then handed it to Jeremy.

“Hello?” Jeremy’s dad asked.

“Hey, Dad. I’m staying over at Chloe’s with everybody else.”

“OK, Good. I was worried. I’m happy you’re getting better. I also booked an appointment with a nearby therapist. A buddy of mine told me about him. It’s tomorrow around dinner time.”

“Wait, what?! I don’t need a therapist!”

“I’m sorry, Jeremy. But I’m worried about you. Maybe you’d like to talk about it with a third party?”

“I don’t need a therapist. Bye, Dad.” Click.

“You’re getting a therapist?” Christine asked.

“Apparently. Pass the Wendy’s.”

Jeremy  finished his last water after all his food. He still felt hungry.

“We ordered you another chicken in case. You want it?” Brooke asked.

Jeremy pulled it out of the bag and chomped it down.


“Can we go to the mall tomorrow?”

“Sure. What for?”

“I need to stop by Spencer’s Gifts.” Jeremy tugged on his shirt where his heart is. He squeezed it in a fist.


‘Yeah, I guess.’


Jeremy still felt so sluggish and fatigued. The metabolism was still so low, as his body stored the food.

“When you don’t eat for days, and I mean days, and you suddenly start eating again your body doesn’t trust it’ll get food again, so it stores the food thinking it won’t eat for a while. And you’re even more sick than before.” Jeremy leaned against the edge of Chloe’s bed.

“Oh..Kay?” Chloe raised an eyebrow.

“I’m going to sleep now.” Jeremy added, so they got the point.

“You and Jake can take the bed since: A, you’re both guys, and B, it’s a double sized. I call the futon.” Chloe started to switch the chair out to a bed.

“We can make sleeping bags out of blankets and pillows!” Christine said giddily.

“Yeah!” Jenna and Brooke chimed in.

Jeremy climbed into the bed, still fully clothed, and fell asleep in seconds.

Jeremy woke up in the middle of the night. He sat up sluggishly. He looked down to his right to see Jake asleep. He peered out to the floor to see the three girls all snuggled up, and Chloe passed out on the futon. Jeremy smiled. He saw on the bedside table Brooke’s phone with a little note “If you want to call your Dad, he’s on speed dial :)” Jeremy picked up the phone, and got blinded by the light and lowered the brightness, and saw 3 missed calls from his dad. Sure, 1AM was a good time to pick up.

His dad answered on the second to last ring.

“Hello? Brooke? Jeremy?” He asked. He sounded wide awake.

“Hey, Dad.” Jeremy mumbled.

“Oh, Son, you gave me a heart attack.”

“I just fell asleep after I ate. Remember that metabolism fact I told you? Yeah, That happened. I’m sorry, Dad.”

“That’s fine. I was just worried. You can’t do that to yourself, Jeremy, god.”

“I’m sorry, Dad. But hey, I’m getting better, I guess.”

“You’re still going to that appointment. Now, get some sleep.”

“Night, Dad.”

“Goodnight, Jeremy.”


Jeremy woke up to see the group playing cards on the ground. He woke up laying sideways.


“Oh! Dude! You’re awake! I thought I woke you up when I got up because when I got out of bed you slowly turned sideways.” Jake laid down his cards facing up so everyone could see.

“Jake, you lost again. Stop putting you’re cards up!” Jenna snickered.

“Do you still feel sick?” Christine asked.

“A little. I am pretty hungry. What time is it?”

“It’s around 10:30. You guys want some cereal?” Chloe asked the group, collecting the cards and storing them back in the box.

The group started to go downstairs.

Before they got to Chloe’s parents he turned to Jenna and asked “Do I look any better?”

“Not really.. probably because of that meta thing you said last night.”

“Metab.. never mind.”

“Hey mom. We’re awake.”

“I made pancakes!”

Jeremy sighed. Just the mention of food wiped his appetite away. He sat down next to Brooke as a plate was set in front of him.

As everyone else dug in, Jeremy avoided eye contact and felt embarrassed.

“I thought you said you were hungry.” Brooke said between chews.

“Not really..”

“I promised Mr. Heere, Jeremy. Please? For me?”

Jeremy wasn’t in love with Brooke, but he can’t say no to that face. He started to cut his pancake.

He ate pretty fast. But when they went back upstairs to get dressed, Jeremy felt a little sick.

Jeremy grabbed a comb from Chloe’s dresser and attempted to fix his hair. Which was impossible. But he tried.

The group all went down into the SUV, including Christine.

“I’ll sit in the back.” Jeremy shyly announced. “I need to grab my phone from my house, too. If that’s fine w-with you, Chloe.”

“No way. You’re sitting up front with me. And yeah, your house is on the way to the mall, so it all works.” Chloe said back, not lifting her gaze from her phone. Jeremy tried to not turn red; He wasn’t used to all this attention. He liked it, but he felt like they were caring too much and he felt a little guilty. Christine and Jenna sat in the back-back, or the 3rd row, and Jake and Brooke sat in the middle. Jeremy lived only a couple blocks away, so it was only a couple minute drive.

‘Helloooo? What’re you doing? Why did you change the goal?’


‘So? I’m fine..’


“Jeremy? Why’re you making that face? Are you OK?” Jenna asked from the backseat.

“O-Oh! It’s nothing.. I was just.. thinking.” Jeremy was caught so off guard, he had a whole pause between the “O” and “H”. Chloe pulled into Jeremy’s garage. His dad must’ve gone to work, or let his coworker use his car. Most likely the former.

Jeremy hopped out of the car and walked up to his bedroom. He locked his gaze on his bed. How badly did he want to just crawl in there and not leave? Was it worth ditching his friends? Well.. maybe he could lay down just for a little…

“JEREMY HEERE! YOU BETTER NOT BE HIDING AGAIN!” Jake shouted, making Jeremy jump. He landed on his back and had to check to make sure his own heart was beating. His eyes were wide open.

“J..ake..” Jeremy huffed. He was having trouble breathing. Jeremy sat up and started having a coughing fit.

“Oh, sorry man. Brooke just told me to make sure you weren’t hiding.”

“I thought about it.” Jeremy scowled.


“Jesus, Man.. you can’t do that to me.” Jeremy said  between coughs.

“Sorry dude. Grab your phone and lets go. Brooke also told me to talk to your dad.”

Jeremy grabbed his cell hesitantly and followed Jake downstairs.

“Mr. Heere?” Jake asked.

“Right here! In the office.” The two took a sharp right into the home office.

“Wow. This is nice.” Jake gazed around the room.

“Hey, Jeremy, your appointment is at 5.”

“I don’t need an app-mmph!” Jeremy started, but Jake clasped his hand over his mouth.

“We’ll take him.”

“Thank you so much, Jake. I really appreciate it. You guys are such good friends for Jeremy, and he really needs it in this time, especially with what’s been going on.” Jeremy’s Dad monologued while Jeremy was trying to wrestle Jake’s hand off his mouth. Jeremy’s Dad grabbed Jeremy’s phone during this.

“Hey! Give that back!”

“Give me a moment.” He surfed through what felt like hours, and then tossed it back to him.

“Let’s go! We gotta get to the mall. After that, we’re visiting Rich!” Jake started to leave.

“Oh, and Jeremy?”

“Yeah, Dad?”

“I want you to talk to your mom. Go to her house, call her, doesn’t matter. I want you to talk to her.”

“OK, Dad.”

They pulled into the outlet mall. Jeremy tried to sprint, but he was so sluggish, it looked like it was in slo-mo. He gave up and just speed walk, which was also slow.

“What’s the rush?”

“I need to get to Spencer’s gifts.”

“Isn’t that behind the store? That place is super shady..” Jenna started, but Jeremy was going as fast as he could, which wasn’t that fast.

He hurried through the center of the mall and around a huge fountain, and hurried into the small store.

“I need a Mountain Dew: Red!”

“OK, dude. Chill. Aren’t you Mell’s friend?”

Jeremy bit his lip. “Y-Yeah.. Just.. give me the soda. Please.”

“That’ll be 2.56.”

Jeremy paid her a 5. He hurried back to the group, hiding the soda in the paper bag he was given. They all gave quizzical looks, but continued back to the car with him. He looked happy, so they couldn’t protest.

When they all buckled in, Jeremy opened the soda.

“This is going to hurt like a motherfucker.” Jeremy announced. “I’m going to scream a lot but ignore me.”


“Because. Now, nothing can stop me.”

Jeremy downed the entire bottle. He let out a scream. He slammed his hands against his forehead, shoving himself back against the seat, and howled like a wounded animal. He was trying not to slam his head into the airbag, and setting it off. He didn’t remember to stop screaming until he felt emptiness. He kicked his feet all over. Chloe and everyone else was trying to hold him back, but Chloe had to drive. She ended up pulling over. Brooke unbuckled and reached down into and lowered his seat into laying position. They all were pinning Jeremy down while he screamed like in the Exorcist.

Jeremy finally started to calm down, but then he felt a sharp zap in his head and screamed more. He didn’t remember stopping.

Jeremy woke up in the car. He looked up out the windshield to see they were at the hospital. Chloe was looking for a parking spot. All the others had gone inside. The SQUIP must’ve been keeping his stomach fueled the best it could, because he felt worse than before.

“Go back to sleep, Jeremy. We’ll wake you up in an hour.”

Jeremy was shaken awake.

“Jeremy.. Jeremy?” Jake asked.

“Mmmph.. I’m up.”

“Wake up. Rich wants to see you. Are you OK?”

“Has it been an hour?” Jeremy asked. He sat up to see he had a blanket on him, which was obviously from the trunk. It was Chloe’s Mom’s car.

He sat up and climbed out of the car. He was still half asleep. His brain felt so scattered. Like it was ripped in pieces.

The receptionist stopped the two when they walked in.

“Are you checking in another patient? He looks very malnourished.”

“We’re just visiting.” Jake told her, as they hurried into the elevator.

Jake jabbed the button, and Jeremy struggled to scatter his brain back together.

“Are you OK?” Jake asked again.

“I’m fine.”

“You were screaming. A lot.”

“I told you guys to ignore me.”

“Yeah, but it’s hard to when you’re kicking and punching everything and screaming your head off.” Jake joked as they walked into the room.

“Woah.” Jenna immediately looked up from her phone to see Jeremy.

“Yo? Jeremy’s here?” Rich asked.

The curtain was shoved back to reveal Rich, who was in a full body cast.

“Holy shit!” Rich screamed.

“Rich!” Brooke hissed.

“You told me not to be worried if he looked messed up. He looks like a monster!”

“Thanks, Rich.” Jeremy sat on the empty cot next to him.

“Dude, what is your problem?”

“I..uh…well.. at the party..” Jeremy stammered. “My..Uh..The SQUIP..Michael..just..”

“Jeremy, you don’t have to tell him. I can do it if you want.” Brooke told him slowly.

Jeremy swallowed and nodded frantically.

“At the party, Michael and Jeremy had a fight and said things they didn’t mean. And Michael… took his own life. Jeremy..”

“I locked myself in my room for 10 days. I didn’t eat. I didn’t leave my bed. I almost died. And I just got locked OUT of my room. And.. my metabolism-” Jeremy said numbly.

“If you say that metabolism fact one more time, Jeremy Heere I swear to god!” Jenna called from the seats behind the curtain.

“And I’m slowly dying.” Jeremy continued numbly.

Jeremy didn’t move his body and just flopped backwards.

“Can I go home?” Jeremy asked. “I’ve had a lot of fun and all.. With the sleepover and the dinner and.. But I’m tired.”

“If you lock yourself in your bedroom, for more than a day, we’re calling the cops.” Chloe threatened.

“The receptionist thought he was a patient because he was so malnourished.”

“Then let’s check him in as a patient. He can stay here.” Chloe scoffed.

“Yeah, Yeah. Very funny. I’m calling my mom.” Jeremy dialed her number and put it on speaker.

“Hey Mom.. Dad wanted me to call you.”

“I heard what happened. Oh, honey, why? Why did you do that to yourself? You don’t deserve that. You’re doing all that you can to make it through high school. That doesn’t mean you can starve yourself.”

“Mom. Can you just pick me up? I want to go home.” Jeremy clicked off speaker phone, embarrassed. He didn’t expect his mother to blurt out the fact he was an outcast.

“I’ll come get you. Where are you?”

“At the hospital. I was checking in on one of my friends.”

“I’ll come drop you off at the appointment your father told me about.”

“I don’t need a therapist, Mom.”

“Well, I’m on my way. Be ready in 10 minutes.”

“Bye, Mom.”


Jeremy flopped back onto the bed with a sigh.

iamhblaurie  asked:

UF UT US bros fall in love with a Changeling. But the Changeling is too scared to show them their true form. One day, the bros walk by the Changeling's room, and they see their true form. They have Blackish grey skin, long, greenish brown hair, holes in their arms and legs, ripped bug-like wings, and shinning turquoise eyes with slit pupils. The Changeling turns around and lowers their head, they say "Go ahead, say it. I'm hideous. It's not the first time I've heard it" how do the bros react?

The character ask limit is 4 so I’ll just to with the UT and UF bros.

♥UT Sans: Dude, you’re basically a monster. Have you even seen some of the people that came out of the underground? He’s a literal skeleton for crying out loud! Sure, he’s surprised to see what you really look like, but it’s more of the shock factor that you’ve been hiding than your actual appearance. No need to hide, kid, you’ve just been hanging with the wrong crowd. You’ve got a family now.

♥UT Papyrus: “HIDEOUS? WHAT EVER ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT, DATEMATE? YOU’RE BEAUTIFUL!”. Again, he is surprised to see that this is what you actually look like, but he doesn’t see anything wrong with your appearance, not that he actually cared about your appearance in the first place. Even though he has trouble understanding you insecurities, he so proud of you for having the courage to show him your true self. He pulls you into a hug, yelling praises and how he’s going to have to reintroduce you to his brother, but that’s fine! His excitement may be a bit overwhelming, but he’s just so happy, this is such a huge step in your relationship!

♥UF Sans: *Wolf whistle*, “and I thought you were hot before”. Alright, so maybe that wasn’t the best approach, but he means it. Seriously, he comes from a place where the sexiest person around was a talking calculator. Sure, Red has a thing for humans, but that doesn’t negate his feelings for you. In fact, this will make things go a lot smoother with his brother. Anyway, he’s getting ahead of himself, the point that he’s trying to make is that he doesn’t care what ya look like. If he only wanted to date people for their appearance, he would have had a ton of girls underground, he chose you because you’re you!

♥UF Papyrus: Boss stops in his tracks and looks you over. He walks around you, lifting up your arms, examining your wings and poking you in the side a few time, “HMMM, EXCELLENT CAMOUFLAGE!”, “W-what”, “YES, WHILE I AM UPSET THAT YOU USED YOU ABILITIES TO DECEIVE ME I SHALL LET IT GO SINCE YOU’RE INTENTIONS WERE NOT MALICIOUS!” He’s impressed that you were capable of hiding such a secret form him and while he usually would blow up at your for lying about what you really were, he can tell that you weren’t doing it with the intentions of betraying or tricking him. You may be nervous but after that he pats you on the head and just goes on with life, treating you like nothing has changed.

oh man, i love binary bard’s dream in super villain island so much. not only it has really beautiful backgrounds (I WANT TO SEE THEM ALL IN FULL HD QUALITY, CREATORS PLEASE-) but it also gives me some stuff to think about

first of all, i really love that foreshadowing where mordred has only a half of his face just like his future self - binary bard.

secondly, seeing this pic i cant help but wonder if this is what bb’s body actually looks like now (which has a very high possibility. wait…… OH SHIT, WE SAW BINARY BARD NAKEY-)

that means he probably would have fake skin (his real skin would not last for long), which would explain such a drastic change in his appearance (much lighter skin color, no more hair)

also, if this wasnt for the comical effect, that dude maybe still has his old skeleton inside him. which is creepy. that means his new body could work also as a tomb for somebody he used to be. its not like there are graveyards in space that are worthy of his remains.

but hey, its just a thought

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Can I just give you a hug my dude? You look like you seriously need one

* oh stars, sweetpea, i - you don’t have to worry about me-

* -!!!

* alright ya cuties, ya better bet i’m not the type to turn down that sorta sweetness for no good reason. ‘m afraid you probably wouldn’t be able to see me right now, but i’m gonna hope i can hold ya to those hugs if our paths ever cross.

* after all, i’ve been told i’ve got a killer hug.

* …

* …… yeah, yeah, bad joke, i know. but really, prepare for hug central.

* as for those sweet smooches… how ‘bout a two for one special? you be the special one, ‘n i’ll have you beggin for more too.

The problem with my brother reading Harry Potter for the first time is that I keep forgetting what he doesn’t know. So it’ll be like…

Him: So Snape obviously hated James for bullying him.
Me: Well, and because he loved Lily.
Him: He loved Lily?
Me: … As…a…friend? They were friends? It’s not an important plot point?
Him: …

Him: So, Snape isn’t a nice guy, really.
Me: Well, he was a Death Eater, but…
Him: What? I don’t know what a Death Eater is, but I didn’t know that.

Him: Sirius is my favorite character. I can’t wait to see more of him!
Me: *shuts up immediately*
Him: … Why aren’t you talking? HE DOESN’T DIE DOES HE???
Me: What? Die? I…uh…no!
Together: DAMN IT!
Him: Wait…do any of the other characters die that I like? Nothing happens to Lupin, right?
Me: This is such a dangerous road you’re going down…
Him: …damn it…

And then this just happened:

Him: I loved the skeleton horse creatures Harry and Luna could see! That was cool!
Me: … Yeah? (I’ve learned to be more cautious)
My mom: And it’s cool that they can see the thestrals because they’ve both seen death!
Him: Wait, what?

And now…

Him: So, when Dumbledore dies…
Him: Dude…I know he dies.
Him: But…


//idk whether to call this a headcanon or not, it’s kinda just a little story i guess//


So you know the part where Vivi’s eyes are like pink and what not ?

// this part if you don’t recall //

So basically, people are theorizing that Lewis erased her memory of him dying. He doesn’t want his girl to remember something so tragic.

Though, what I like to believe is that that event was so painful and traumatizing for her, that her mind just blocked it forever and she just vaguely remembers Lewis.

Moving forward.

My headcanon is that Vivi has nightmares about Lewis dying a lot, like damn, she witnessed the whole thing. But doesn’t really remember who he exactly is and she also dreams about Skeleton Lewis , and is like “Whoa, who is this dude ? Why is he in my dreams ?”

And even when the gang is in the mansion and Vivi sees Lewis, she has this expression on her face that’s on the lines of “Have we met ? Do I know you ? Who are you ?”


After they run out of the mansion and Lewis and his mansion fades, what if VIvi demanded to go back and what not but only to find the mansion gone, but finds something in it’s place.

Lewis’s heart/locket (Not sure what to call it.)

She opens it and sees the picture of her and Lewis.
Then, all the memories come back all at once of the cave and Lewis’s death, and not only that, she also sees things from Lewis’s perspective (since she’s holding the heart, which is a part of him.)

And she just loses, she’s sobbing and crying over how she didn’t realize until now. Then she starts screaming at Arthur over how he killed Lewis and why Arthur didn’t tell her, etc.

Then, Lewis reappears and comforts Vivi and tells her how much he missed her, etc. He also tries to kill Arthur after he reappears, but Mystery stops him and giving time for Arthur to calm down and explain what really happened (how he felt left out, the possession, etc.), and after everything is explained, they’re all happy and solve mysteries together once again.

At least that’s what I like to believe. ; v ; 


My other headcanon concerning the whole Vivi’s eyes memory swipe fiasco, is that not only was her memory wiped or that her mind mentally blocked it.

But what if Lewis’s spirit attached himself to Vivi before he died, but not for bad intentioned, just a lingering sort of way, like “Hey, I’m here”, just so he can always be near her.

Yellow symbolizes happiness and joy.
Lewis heart locket is yelllow.
And inside that locket, is Vivi.
Vivi is his happiness.

He just wants to be with his girl.


King Of The Lab

Summary: Dan and Phil are forensic anthropology students. Phil makes a tv show reference that only Dan understands, they go back to Dan’s flat and have a marathon.

Genre: fluff and smut

Warnings: swearing, handjobs, mentions of death and murder

A/N: the reference is out of a tv show called Bones. Extremely good show 10/10 would recommend. There’s a couple terms you may not understand if you aren’t into bones and medical stuff so the ones that come to mind that I’ll define for you are:

Maxilla - upper jaw bone
Zygomatic arch - cheekbone
Forensic anthropologist - scientist who studies bones and helps determine how victim died
Para-mortum - before death

I really liked writing this! Hope you enjoy!


It was the early hours of Thursday morning when the group of students got called into the lab. They were studying to be forensic anthropologists and often got called into the Madison Lab to analyze bones. It just so happened on this particular morning though, that two students got switched into the group. It wasn’t an uncommon occurrence, but these two specific students hadn’t ever been together, and soon after, they forget what it feels like to be apart.
“I found a small fracture on the maxilla, adjacent to being punched, but this still isn’t cause of death.” Jared grumbles as he looks over the bones. It’s been a long morning and all the students were getting really tired of looking at the same fractures and breaks and discoloration that they had found 3 hours ago. Missy was falling asleep standing up, Jared just stormed off the platform, and Olivia had gone to get coffee. Now the only two left working on the bones were the two students who got switched in, Dan and Phil. Dan was working on the pelvis, trying to find evidence of cause of death from getting hit by a car, but so far coming up dry. Phil was working up at the spinal cord, not looking for anything specific, but just hoping and praying he could find something.

Dan sighs, abandoning the pelvis as there’s no more evidence to be found there and moves onto the feet and ankles. There were tons of breaks there, all para-mortum, but none indicating cause of death.

Phil continues looking at the skull and spine, squinting as he brushes his finger over the zygomatic arch. There are lots of fractures, but not bad enough to be cause of death. He swings the magnifying camera around and positions over the fractures. He peers into the lens and his eyes widen.

“So Phil, the only conclusion I can come to is the victims feet and ankles got run over by the murderer’s car as he drove away. But that can’t be cause of death so I’m stumped.” Dan says.

“I-I’ve got it! I’ve got it, I’ve got it, I’ve got it!!” Phil exclaims. Dan rushes over and high fives him.

“Yes! Finally! What is it??” Dan asks.

“Okay so we know that our victim got hit with a metal pole, which caused the fractures on his zygomatic arch. Just fractures can’t kill someone on that part of the body. But, intercrainial bleeding can. So what happened is that the murderer hit our victim with the metal pole, which caused him to black out. Blacking out causes intercrainial bleeding. He stayed unconscious long enough for the bleeding to kill him. But before he was dead, the murderer ran over his ankles and feet with his car as he drove away, so that if he did become conscious again, he wouldn’t be able to move. And I know all of this because of the staining that you can see if you look in between the cracks. It’s slight, and that’s why I couldn’t see it without the magnifier!”

“Hell yeah Phil!!” Jared exclaims.

“Good job mate!” Missy says.

“King of the labbbbb!!!” Phil shouts.

Dan starts cracking up, tears of laughter rolling down his cheeks.

“Oh my god Phil, who are you, Hodgins?”

“Of course I am, he’s king of the lab, I’m king of the lab, we are one.”

Dan chuckles, wiping the tears off his face. The two of them turn towards the other students, and are met with very confused faces.

“Wait” Phil says, “have you guys never watched Bones before??”

Jared shakes his head. “Sorry mate I’m lost.” Missy nods in agreement.

“You guys are forensic anthropology students and you’ve never seen Bones?? Are you sure you belong here?” Dan inquires.

“Nope. But since Mr. King Of The Lab here figured out cause of death I’m gonna go take a nap so I don’t fall asleep on top of a skeleton. See you guys later.” Missy says as she walks off the platform.

“Same here. Good job mate.” Jared says, following Missy down the stairs.

“Dude that honestly made my day. I can’t believe they’ve never seen that show.” Dan says to Phil as they tidy up.

“Me either. That show is my life. It’s what made me wanna study forensic anthropology.” Phil answers.

“Same man.” Dan says. He hesitates before speaking again, he just met Phil but he’s already developing feelings for him. The chances of him liking guys are slim, but might as well try anyway.

Dan turns to face away from Phil, takes a deep breath, and speaks.

“Any chance you’re interested in a Bones marathon at my place? I’ve got popcorn.”

Phil smiles and responds with, “I’d love to! I don’t even have any coursework that I need to get done so I won’t be panicking the whole time. It’s been a while since that happened.” Phil chuckled.

“Awesome!” Dan responds, a flood of relief washing over him that Phil agreed. He didn’t think anything would come of it, but hey, at least he has someone to fanboy with.
The drive from the lab to Dan’s flat is short. Phil hums along to the radio comfortably and glances at Dan every once in a while. They share small innocent smiles, Dan jumping to conclusions like usual. Oh he’s smiling at me bet he wants to fuck. Yeah, of course that’s what that means.

Dan unlocks his flat and Phil is greeted by a small room littered with little trinkets Dan has collected over the years, most given to him by family and friends.

“I’m gonna go make some popcorn. Make yourself at home!” Dan calls out, heading into the kitchen and leaving Phil alone to snoop. He walks over to the couch and picks up a coffee mug that is on the end table. It has the Jeffersonian Institute emblem wrapping around it. Phil grins, thinking about the same mug he has in his cupboard at home. He places it back down on the table just as Dan walks in with a huge bowl of popcorn.

“Like the mug?” Dan asks.

“Yeah it’s awesome, very familiar. I have the same one at my house.” Phil responds.

Dan grins. “Well you have quite the taste in mugs. I was thinking we could have the marathon in my room. Sorry if that’s weird, but Netflix takes forever to load out here and the wifi in my room is pretty good and-”

Phil places his hand on Dan’s hip, causing him to stop mid-sentence and take in a sharp breath.

“Dan, it’s fine. I don’t mind at all.”

Dan smiles and lets out the breath he was holding. “Oh okay. Um let’s go then. It’s just down this hallway.”

Phil follows Dan down a dark hallway lined with little framed pictures of funky modern art. They seemed to fit Dan’s aesthetic quite well. Even knowing very little about him, Phil could feel that there was something between them. And though the chance of Dan liking guys was slim, he hoped that it might work out anyway.

Dan flipped the switch on in his bedroom and Phil was pleasantly surprised by what he saw. The bedsheets were checkered with black, white, and gray, and he had fairy lights around his headboard. There was a piano against one wall, and a huge mirror across from it. And it the corner, there was a plastic skeleton with a sign taped to its ribcage reading, “Joe”.

“I like your room” Phil says with a smile. “Very aesthetically pleasing.”

Dan blushes. The words sound so sweet coming from Phil’s lips. The lips he wants presses against his own, becoming swollen from making out on his bed for hours on end. But of course, those thoughts had to be pressed way way down.

Phil hops onto Dan’s bed and he gets a sudden thought. This is Dan’s bed. The bed where he probably sleeps in nothing but boxers, the bed he’s probably jacked off in, the bed where he’s probably fucked girls. Because the chances of Dan liking guys, are slim.

Dan clears his throat to end the awkward silence. Phil snaps his head up, realizing he’d been staring at the bed for way longer than appropriate.

“Sorry I had a stare, um shall we start?”

“It’s okay, yeah let’s do it.”

Dan switches off the lights and sits on the bed next to Phil. He grabs a tissue box off his nightstand and leans his phone against it so neither of them would have to worry about holding it. Phil shuffles down the mattress, laying on his side with his head propped up on his hand. Dan stays in the same position, thinking it’d be a bit weird to copy him.

“So should we start with the first episode or…” Dan asks.

“Nah, let’s do season three. That’s one of my favorite seasons. As much as it pains me to see Booth and Brennan not together, I love the episodes.” Phil answers.

“Same actually alright let’s do season three.” Dan selects season three episode one and hits play.
It was 4 episodes in where the cliché, “we both reached into the popcorn bowl at the same time and our hands touched this is awkward but my heart actually skipped a beat”. It was 6 when Dan’s arms got tired from holding himself up for so long. It was 8 episodes in when Dan and Phil were curled up together and had moved the phone so they could still watch while cuddling. And it was 9 episodes in when Dan’s arm had fallen asleep from it being wrapped around Phil’s torso for so long.

“Phil, hey I’m really sorry but my arm is asleep.” Phil laughed and sat up.

“Sorry” he whispered.

“No no it’s okay believe me, I am quite enjoying cuddling with you.” Dan replies. Phil smiles and snuggles up into Dan’s chest, grabbing Dan’s hand and playing with his fingers.

It finally came to the part in the episode where Carolyn was forcing Booth and Brennan to kiss under the mistletoe in order for her to do what they wanted. This was one of Dan’s favorite parts of season 3, as he shipped Booth and Brennan more than any couple in the world. The camera panned up to show the mistletoe and Phil let go of Dan’s hand and paused it, the mistletoe staying on the screen. Phil sat up and just as Dan was about to ask what the hell he was doing, Phil raised the phone into the air and looked up at it. Dan looked up, then back at Phil, then up again. He swallowed and tried to keep his breathing steady. Was this actually going to happen? Is this Phil trying to get me to kiss him? Am I supposed to lean in? Is he going to lean in? Oh my god universe help me what on earth am I supposed to do??

Phil opened his mouth slightly and faintly whispered, “can I kiss you?”

Dan had gone speechless. All he could do was nod. Phil leaned in, still holding the mistletoe above the two of them, and pressed his soft lips onto Dan’s. They both took a second to realize what was actually happening, but soon they had a rhythm, and could taste the butter and salt on each other’s lips. Phil put the phone down and grabbed Dan’s jaw, deepening the kiss. Dan wrapped his arms around Phil’s waist and pulled him closer, wanting to be as close as physically possible. Phil began to move to the left, rolling himself down so he was laying on top of Dan. He moved his hands from Dan’s jaw to his stomach, lifting his shirt a bit and pressing his thumbs into Dan’s hips. Dan bit Phil’s bottom lip, earning a small moan from Phil. He detached from Phil’s lips and Phil began to whimper, but soon stopped as Dan flipped them over so now he was on top.

He sat up and removed his shirt, tossing it onto the ground, and then played with the bottom of Phil’s, asking permission to do the same. Phil nodded and Dan tugged it off. He latched his lips onto Phil’s jaw, sucking and biting to leave hickeys. Phil let out a breathy moan as Dan moved to his neck and found his sweet spot. Dan continued to suck and bite and lick on the hickeys, blowing on them every once and a while to send a shiver of pleasure up Phil’s spine. Dan kissed down Phil’s chest and left small bruises that faded away easily. He went back up to Phil’s mouth and kissed him hard. Phil was getting harder by the minute. He decided to take matters into his own hands and flipped them over again. They could hear the faint sound of the episode of Bones playing but ignored it.

Phil started grinding on Dan, eliciting deep moans from Dan and breathy ones from Phil. Phil started sucking on Dan’s neck and Dan’s breathing got erratic. He arched his back off the bed and bucked his hips up, begging for friction, needing Phil to grind on him again. Phil kissed his lips again and fumbled with the button on Dan’s jeans. He popped it open and pulled the zipper down, Dan’s cock springing free from the restraint. Phil continued to kiss Dan, now simultaneously palming him through his boxers. Dan moaned into Phil’s mouth, Phil’s already aching dick starting to leak precum at the sounds. Dan undid Phil’s jeans and slid them down his thighs. And in that instant, Dan and Phil’s worries were gone, and that slim chance of either of them liking guys, was actually proven correct.
Dan grabbed the tissue box they had knocked off the bed and wiped off their chests. Both boys were sweaty and had extreme cases of sex hair. Dan threw away the tissues and pulled Phil into his chest, letting out a content sigh as he held the boy in his arms. Phil turned slightly and pecked Dan on the lips thinking, hey he might’ve fucked girls in this bed, but he’s also fucked me. Dan’s nerves had completely gone and were replaced but happiness and security, knowing that no matter what happens after this, Phil will be by his side. And as the sun sets and turns the sky pink and orange, Dan and Phil fall asleep, cuddled together, bodies pressed up against each other, not wanting any space between them self and the boy they loved. Their breathing evens out and soon they are both asleep, dreaming about adventures to come, all done together. And as the sun fully sets in London, a message appears on Dan’s phone, “Are you still watching, ‘Bones’?”



Cas: I see you’ve retrieved your crown from the Queen of Moondoor. Although you still seem confused about how to properly wear it. 

Dean: It’s not a crown. It’s like a lion’s mane. I’m a majestic lion. Rawr!

Jenn: So dudes, love the new hats. powerfulweaks-skeleton is nine kinds of awesome sauce, right?

Dean: Yup.

Jenn: Dean, you know that’s a crown, right?

Dean: I do what I want. 

Jenn: Oooo-k. Anyways, take a look over there at the moose. 

Jenn: He totally looks like an acorn with antlers.

Cas: Oh my.

Dean: Heh, he totally does. Awesome.

Sam: Why are you all staring at me?

Dean: ‘Cause you look like an acorn with antlers.

Sam: Says the guy who doesn’t know how to wear a flower crown.

Dean: It’s a majestic floral mane!

Sam: Rigggghhht. 'Cause that makes it sooooo much better!