skeleton breath

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Fallen angel Au:: The fallen angel...

In a rusty town… filled with smoke from the factorys…. sounds of people talking filled the town… there was a orphan who roamed the town…..Palette… age twenty three by now. . Was running through a dark alley with a bag of stolen goods.. sirens could be heard.. Palette turned to a other alley and hid. Still having the goods in the bag. Moments passed. The sirens have passed. Palette got up. And then walked down the alley…. he kept walking. Then he stopped, he dropped the bag of goods. There was a figure.. a figure of a skeleton lying on the floor. All torn up and beaten. Palette ran over to the figure and tried seeing if the skeleton was alright.. a few minutes passed.. the skeleton was breathing… Palette felt relieved. Then he looked over the skeleton some more he saw… wings?… he went back a bit “w..wings….?..” he said with a light like tone. He then went back to the skeleton. He thought to himself. That he should ask about it. He stopped his thought. He picked up the skeleton. Knowing that if he keeps thinking and talking to himself was dumb he just needed to help them now.. … he had the skeleton in his arms. He was oddly light… he left. Leaving behind the bag of stolen goods….. a hour passed. The skeleton started waking up.. his vision was blur. He tried taking a look at palette. He closed his eyes. And then spoke with a weak voice “w..why are you helping me….” Palette kept carrying the skeleton he responded. “… your a friend. And I can’t leave a friend behind..” the skeleton stayed quiet for a few minutes. Then the skeleton spoke.. “friend…..” the skeleton said…. the skeleton smiled weakly….

Thirty minutes pass.. they arrived at a abandoned warehouse. … palette went over to the matress on the floor. And placed the skeleton down. Palette walked over to a pile of supplies. He came back shortly.. he took out a couple of bandages. He started to patch up the skeleton. … Palette then asked. “Oh yeah sorry for being rude! My name is palette but ya can call me pal. For short. Now can I know your name?…” the skeleton put his torn wings up a bitn then replied. “I…I don’t know my name… pal….” Palette kept patching up the skeleton. …. he looked up to him. With suprised eyes. “You don’t know your name…?” The skeleton replied… “I just can’t remember…. the only thing I remember… is fallening… it turned white then… I woke up… and then I met you. Pal…” Palette finished patching up the skeleton. “Ah… I see…” Palette said then he thought…. he had a idea. “Hey I have a good idea! What about.. goth! If you don’t remember your name. Then might as well make a name for you!” Goth stopped for a moment. His tattered and bruised wings went down. A small smile came a pon his face. He looked up to palette. “Goth…” goth said with a light smile..
“I like it…. pal….” goth said…. ((well here’s a little F.A story one of them. Hope everyone likes it. :D Palette belongs to @angexci and goth belongs to @nekophy // f.a - me))