*Glitchtale series major spoiler warning*
Just watched S2c Ep 2 of Glitchtale yesterday and..
..My heart is a pile of dust and feels now ;;-;;;
So I got to draw some sketchy doodles about it..

My little skeletol is gone ;;-;; And my goat boy is heartbroken ;;-;;
I really, really like how Camila made the plot twists in this episode, Betty really made me suprised, wow, can’t believe it Betty >:T ( Also I heard that Akumu means “nightmare” in Japanese, right ???)
But, as always, really nice work done Camila !! I’m looking forward for more of the episodes , this series really have caught my heart ;;v;;

Glitchtale belongs to @camilaart !!!
(sorry for poor english)

noshpah  asked:

Hi I recently got into art about 2 to 3 years ago, when I found your art on YouTube I absolutely loved it! Anyways I have a question, how do you draw/color eyes? Just something that's been bugging me for a while.

thanks! I think that’s awesome that you’re getting into art and is finding inspiration to keep you going with it!!! :D

So eyes are one of my favorite parts to draw for sure! Though you can’t always put any shape of eyes on any face. I mean, you can but it might look funny. Even though I draw cartoons, I still follow basic principles of anatomy and logical physics in my works. With eyes, eyes are placed on the head and face depending on how they will fit on that shape of the head. for instance, the cheek bones for example, frame the eyes. so you want to place the eyes where they fit inside the cheek bones, even if the character’s face doesn’t follow realistic logic. 

Eyes also are really fun because they basically show the characters personality. being as I draw cartoons, I can make all sorts of funky shapes for eyes in the characters that I draw. but I still follow somewhat of an anatomy structure, even if that structure is just as cartoony as the characters I’m drawing. Eyes also bend and stretch depending on emotions, which is also really fun. 


like, these eyes aren’t quite realism, and have a bit of semi-realistic/anime look to them, but if you notice, they still follow the whole anatomical laws as a real life eye. Mine do to even though mine are far more cartoony. Even a simple 

Even a simple oval which is SUPER cartoony, follows this. Cartoons are a lot more flexible but Pearl’s eyes are still places carefully on the face to where it looks fitting as if she had cheek bones underneath her cartoony exterior. ya know, where the eyes look logical and natural even with her eyes just being ovals, they are lively and expressive and look natural on where they are placed. 

So I guess, what I suggest, is try to think of your characters in a skeletol structure, even if they are cartoons, there is still some form os structure every character has, and this can help on where to place the eyes and what chapes work with that face structure. 

For more realistic eyes, here’s a WONDERFUL tutorial by Kiwi Byrd on how they paint eyes!!! :D

Closed rp


At the new anamitronic store house, a new anamitronic was made to guard the area at night. It was humanoid in appearance, however, it was the thing of nightmares. Its body was skeletol, with long knives for fingurs, and a hock and chain to grabbing introders and eliminating them. On its back, were bat wings made of sharp and jagged blades. Its eyes glowed a hellish red, and its teeth were made to tear flesh, inside its mouth, was the red glow of its reactor. When it saw a intruder, it let out a hellish scream that made anyone paraliyzed with fear.

It was on a patrol when it noticed something was off.