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I think I finished the giraffes. I’m not sure, I may tweak them a bit yet, but there won’t be any major changes (unless I get my hands on any good references that will show me where I made mistakes).

They’re sort of to scale: sort of, because in most cases it’s impossible to find good references, and, as I mentioned earlier, finding good info on sizes is also difficult. The best I could find for Bramatherium was: “somewhat smaller than Sivatherium.“, and for Shansitherium, it was “smaller, with longer, more gracile* skull than Sivatherium.“ And Smatoherium was “about the size of modern bull moose” (or elk, if you’re in the UK), but it had “1m long neck“, so I’m a bit more confident with Samotherium size.

Also to keep in mind: scrappy reference material: For Bohlinia, I literally had a piece of skull and the length of metetarsal, Palaotragus is also based only on a piece of skull, with modified Okapi skeleton for the rest of the body. The same with Giraffokeryx. Though in Palaeotragus case I also had the length of metatarsus to help with scaling. For Giraffokeryx the size is based on the skull length. At least I had a full skeletal reconstruction for Helladotherium, and with metatarsus length I’m quite confident, that one is accurate and to scale.

Shansitherium is based on several photos of its skeleton, but they were all distorted to some degree. I did my best to combine those, and get the proportions right, but there’s a possibility I made mistakes along the way.

Honestly, trying to find good references on extinct synapsids (whether mammalian or not), apart from the few “superstars“ is ridiculous. And even in cases of seemingly well known species, the lack of good references can be surprising.

That was supposed to be a fairly quick painting, but… it wasn’t. I also wasn’t sure how may extant giraffes to include here. Because some sources claim there’s only one, others that there are six, and others still that there are eight species. I got  confused about which of those views to follow, so decided to stick with the traditional one species.

I’ll be adding this to me shop at some point, once I’m sure there’s no more tweaks to make.

*huh, my browser doesn’t know that word.

There are a number of reasons to pick apart DePalma’s skeletal reconstruction of Dakotaraptor. No belly ribs, dislocated hip, and so on.

But my favourite part of the whole thing is the severely out-of-date skull modelled after those old carnosaur-style Deinonychus skulls.

General awkwardness aside, notice the teeny-tiny sclerotic ring crammed into that misshapen orbit.

Now that looks sort of okay on the skull, but remember that the actual eyeball was only visible through that little hole in the middle.

Which means that DePalma et al. were straight up implying that Dakotaraptor would have looked something like this:  

A Softer World (part 2)

“How about we throw in a little hot-rod red?” Tony asks, breaking the silence. “Red and gold? We’ll match. You can be Iron Boy.”


You comfort Bucky while he gets a new arm.

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author: sugardaddytonystark (formerly buckysbackpackbuckle)

pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader

word count: 4309

Alsooo, I made a little blog in which I’ve been posting things that inspire me to write this fic. It is an ADULT NSFW blog, but if you’d like to check it out, here it is

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So I’ve often been asked to do more closed-mouth skeletal reconstructions, since it makes the dinosaurs look a bit more like animals and less like Hollywood monsters. It also obscures anatomy, so I won’t be switching to closed mouths full-time, but I thought it would be fun to do a series of them as a sort of Tumblr-exclusive. First up is everyone’s favorite almost-bird: Archaeopteryx!


Made some fixes on my Bambiraptor piece and I’m so happy with the results! I had a lot of fun with this project and thank goodness for Scott Hartman’s amazing skeletal reconstructions. 

First time offering limited edition prints and at full size, too! (That’s 30"x12" for those wondering…) I also have standard 17"x7" prints available for much much less moolah. 

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