Want You Gone (PortalTale Edition!)
  • Want You Gone (PortalTale Edition!)
  • *Lyrics are by me*
  • PortalTale songs

Alright! So i made a Want You Gone for a casting call project i made! 
Which can be found here;

 Error is the main villain, Blueberry becomes the villain later, and our hero is US Papyrus! Characters other than those 3 include;
Undyne (As Mr.Johnson) 
Pre! Error ( As Caroline) 
Mob!Sans (As Adventure core) 
OuterTale! Papyrus (As Space Core) 
Gaster (As Fact Sphere) 
Sans (As Atlas) 
Papyrus (As Pea-Body)

I am really looking forward to doing this! And i’m getting some songs from the game done. I might make concept Art for character designs.