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How would the main 4 + toriel and asgore react if their s/o made them a song about how much they mean to them and sang it for them with their talented voice?


He just listens, hands in his pockets & eyes closed. That’s sweet of ya, babe. You’re a real songbird, he feels like a lucky skele-tune. You can’t help but notice that his grin looks a little more genuine at the edges after that.


He’s extremely excited, & curls up in the nearest chair to listen, an open-mouthed smile on his face the entire time. Eventually he starts swaying back & forth during the song, eyes closed & an almost peaceful expression on his face. At the end he stands up & applauds you, a little teary-eyed. Encore! Encore!!


She starts off just listening to you, smirking & bobbing along. Once she gets into it, she runs off to jump on her piano, banging the keys alongside you. It sounds pretty damn dope.


At first she just watches you with the biggest, dorkiest grin on her face. Soon enough, though, she’s frantically flipping out her phone to record you, acting starstruck through the whole thing. There’s no way she’s letting this opportunity slip by!!


She’s so flustered. You’re spoiling her, dear, she’s just a little old lady. Nothing nearly that special. But it doesn’t stop her from listening to you in contentment, hands folded over her lap. You’d never know how flattered she truly was, if it wasn’t for the bright blush pooling at the edges of her ears & the bridge of her nose.


His eyes are sparkling the entire time. He watches you sing with a bright smile, though his expression eventually softens. You haven’t even finished singing yet when he wraps his arms around you, pulling you into his arms. He’s not worthy of such praise but–thank you. Thank you so much.

Ruby Gloom themed asks!
♥Ruby Gloom: what makes you happiest?
♥Doom Kitty: who understands you the best?
♥Iris: what kind of adventures do you like to go on?
♥Misery: what helps you when you’re sad?
♥Poe: what’s your favorite thing to talk about?
♥Skullboy: what’s something new you want to try?
♥Mr. Bun: what’s your favorite stuffie?
♥Frank and Len: what is your favorite type of music?
♥Scaredy Bat: what are you most afraid of?
♥Boo Boo: what’s a prank you’ve pulled?
♥Squig: who’s your favorite animal sidekick?
♥Venus: what’s your favorite story?
♥Mr. Mummbles: what’s your favorite thing to make?
♥Malady: what makes you feel better when you feel icky?
♥Malaise: where’s your favorite place to nap?
♥Skele-Tunes: what’s your favorite pun?

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Introducing the Self Indulgent Album: Skeleton Edition!!!


“Gimmie! Gimmie! Gimmie! A Sans after midnight~! Won’t somebody help me chase the insomnia away~?” To help you through those sleepless nights in which you just need a Sans to hold you.

“It’s Raining Skeles! Hallelujah~! It’s Raining skeles~! Amen~!” What better tune to play when celebrating over the new fanart pieces that your fave artists have made of your favorite skeletons?

“I’m Holding Out For A Papy till the end of the night~! He’s gotta be drawn~ And he’s gotta be scrawled~ And he’s gotta be fresh from your mind~!” Since we all need our daily fix of Self Insert x Papyrus works.

‘Cause “Everytime I Read, I get this feeling~! And with every update I swear I could fly~! Can’t you hear my comment gush out~ On how I want this to last~? Need this in my mind~!” For when you find a fanfic that is GOALS and will not be over it for a long while.

Can you Feel The Self Indulgence Tonight~? The peace that Tumblr brings~! My world, for once, in perfect harmony~! With all this fandom brings~!” Ah, nothing like a night of bonding with fellow skeleton lovers and our vivid imaginations.

“Come And Get Your Skeles~! Come and get your skeles~! Come and get your skeles~! Come and get your skeles~!” For the writers and artists and imagine makers who make it rain with scenarios of you and your bae.

“Oh baby there Ain’t No Self Shame High Enough~! Ain’t no chagrin low enough~! Ain’t no remorse wide enough~! To keep me from getting to my skele~!” Because when you are in this deep, it’s either go big or go home.