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Harry had not heard the others coming through the darkness. Bill was wearing a traveling cloak, Fleur a large white apron, from the pocket of which protruded a bottle of what Harry recognized to be Skele-Gro. Hermione was wrapped in a borrowed dressing gown, pale and unsteady on her feet; Ron put an arm around her when she reached him.


request: “#52 with Fred Weasley for the drabble list?” — by anon

a/n: will start doing imagines in 3rd person point of view for a while to refresh my writing :-) also, my heart hurt when i was writing this because … well, i’ll see if you’ll get why once you finish reading

52. “Can I have a kiss, please?”

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    Y/N was speaking in such a loud and hard voice that it was catching the attention of those who were walking by the hospital wing, as well as the other patients that were inside the room. She was talking to Madam Pomfrey at the entrance of the said room, her hands flying everywhere as she explains her purpose on why she needed to go inside.

    “Please, I just need to see if he’s alright.” she pleaded once more.

    “As I have said, Miss Y/L/N, I will not allow visitors for Mr Weasley —”

    She groaned, “Just ten minutes, Madam Pomfrey, I swear and then I’m leaving.”

    With an exhausted sigh, the matron nodded angrily and raised her hands up in frustration. “Fine! Do whatever you want!” she let Y/N pass, muttering several comments under her breath as she did so.

    She grinned as soon as she heard her agree and practically sprinted inside to look for her boyfriend, Fred Weasley, who was being treated after a rough match of Quidditch with the Slytherins. Y/N could still picture the image of Fred falling down on his broom earlier that day, a bludger managing to hit him hard enough while George rapidly dived down in attempt to catch his falling brother, but it was far too late.

    Y/N looked around the hospital wing, still searching for him, when she heard two voices bantering close to where she was.

    George was sitting down on the edge of Fred’s bed, while Fred was laying down, his midriff covered with bandages.

    The older twin chuckled, “No, Georgie, you will not tell mum about this. She’ll freak, she’ll probably send a howler and —” he stopped when he saw Y/N behind George, his eyes slightly growing wide.

    George turned around and saw Y/N, smiling before standing up. “Well, I guess I won’t. Your girlfriend here will probably do mum’s job in scolding you, anyway.” he snickered. “I’ll leave you two to talk.”

    Once he has left, Y/N walked forward and Fred immediately raised a hand to stop her from opening her mouth.

    “Before you say anything, I’m fine and I’m still breathing, okay?” he said while she takes George’s spot, though a little bit closer to Fred.

    She just stared at him, not being able to say anything. She wanted to say a lot of things, actually, but she figured it wouldn’t be the right time to stress the both of them through her endless nagging.

    So, with a low cough, she spoke.

   "Did it hurt?“ she asked, her eyes still stuck on the bandages wrapped around him that he immediately grabbed the covers and brought it higher so she wouldn’t be able to see.

    Fred smirked, "When I fell from heaven?” he wondered out loud and Y/N finally flickered her gaze through his eyes.

    “No, when you fell from you broomstick, you git.” she rolled her eyes in annoyance. “How can you even joke at a time like this? Your ribs are clearly broken and Merlin knows how many cups of Skele-Gro did Madam Pomfrey let you drink.”

    “She didn’t, FYI, just mended my bones for me.”

    “Fred Weasley.” Y/N spoke in a dangerous tone that Fred knew she wasn’t in the mood to joke around anymore.

    He gave her a small smile, reaching out to hold her hand, placing it against his chest. “See? Perfectly fine.” said Fred, pertaining about his heart.

    “You could’ve —” she sighed, “something could’ve seriously happened to you. I didn’t — I didn’t know what to do.”

    The red haired boy slowly sat up, Y/N helping him to do so. “Don’t worry too much, love. I’ll always be here. I’ll always annoy the hell out of you even if you grow tired of me, I’ll still be there.”

    Y/N snorted. “To be fair, I don’t think I’ll ever grow tired of you.”

   Fred grinned at that. “Well, in that case, can I have a kiss, please?” he asked. “You know, I heard it’ll help me recover and I know you want that so …”

    “Really smooth, Fred.” she chuckled, already scooting closer to plant a sweet kiss on his lips.

    But just when they were only centimeters apart, Madam Pomfrey appeared and Y/N froze, automatically leaning back away to smile innocently at the woman who still hasn’t forgiven her for her intrusion.

    “Time’s up, Miss Y/L/N! Now, come on.” she beckoned Y/N to follow her and she stood up, Fred grasping her wrist when she was about to turn away.

    He pouted. “How about my kiss?”

   Y/N grinned, placing a swift kiss on his forehead before slowly walking out. “You’ll get the real deal when you get out. Take care, okay? I love you!” she called as she runs towards the door where Madam Pomfrey was waiting.

    Fred laughed to himself, shaking his head as he mutters something under his breath. “Yeah, I love you too, Y/N.”

Skele-Gro is a dreadful-tasting potion which causes vanished or otherwise lost bones to regrow in a notably slow and painful process.

Linfred of Stinchcombe, an ancestor of the Potter family, is known for having created many medicinal potions, one of which would be used as the basis for Skele-Gro.

2118. Muggleborn alumni becoming ER nurses, confusing doctors by healing trauma wounds while no one is looking.

[An uninvited and ridiculously lengthy interjection from Alex:

This whole topic upsets me so much. St Mungo’s has five departments (not including the visitors’ tearoom and hospital shop. All of these departments deal with magic-related injuries, such as ‘Spell Damage’ and ‘ Magical Bugs and Diseases’, but there’s ostensibly no department to heal injuries which also infect muggles, such as a broken leg or heart disease.

This leaves us with one of two conclusions:

Firstly, it is possible that wizards (including witches – honestly I think using just the term wizards is somewhat sexist but…. It’s shorter) use the muggle services provided for these injuries. But this seems unlikely, given their complete inability to function within the muggle world – for example, we see at the quidditch world cup that many can’t even wear clothing which doesn’t stand out, and they have no understanding of the muggle currency. So it’s difficult to believe that families like the Malfoys and Weasleys are able to utilize these services without raising some serious questions.

Secondly, it’s possible that fixing these problems is really easy for wizards, through the use of potions like Skele-gro, that these problems present so little an issue that there’s no need for a department to cure them. (Caveat: it seems likely that St Mungo’s is the only wizarding hospital, while it is possible that there’s another building which heals these problems it’s never mentioned so seems quite improbable.) For context, this means that *everything the NHS deals with* (or whatever the equivalent healthcare system is in the rest of the world), from terminal illnesses like cancer to the aftermath of severe car accidents, is so easy for Healers to fix that it never gets to them because it can be fixed at home.

And why does this upset me so much? Because it seems likely that wizards can quickly and effortlessly fix the issues which plague (no pun intended) muggles. It would be so easy to help so many people! On an egalitarian basis, that’s clearly the right thing to do – forget working for the ministry like 80% of wizards seem to do, why isn’t there a group working healing people at a ridiculously fast rate?

But this is an issue which doesn’t just apply to healing. I want to know why wizards don’t spend their time helping Muggles in general. While I was happy to accept, as the seven-year old I was when I first read ‘The Philosopher’s Stone’, that it would cause too much fuss to show muggles magic, Hogwarts alumni could be apparating to the refugee camps crowded across Greece and Turkey and filling bottles with clean water in *literally seconds*. For *free*. This wouldn’t even require revealing magic! While many of the problems facing the world are complex matters, many more are as simple as requiring water, shelter, or access to basic hygiene. It requires selfishness to an extreme degree to refuse this, both in our own non-magical society but especially within the wizarding world.

I’m very interested to hear what everyone else thinks about this, so please do reply with your own opinion.

PS I’m very sorry to the person whose submission I hijacked. This wasn’t addressed at your headcanon, more at the absence of this in canon. You’re great, I hope you have a lovely day!]

Muggleborn (and Half-Blood) Headcanons

-Most muggleborns (and some half-bloods) spend their summers in summer school. This leads to some severely burnt out muggleborn/half-blood students with no fucks left to give.

Muggleborn: [dead-eyed] hey
Half-Blood: [also dead-eyed] yeah?
Muggleborn: those rotating stairs are a real hazard…be a shame if i fell down some…and missed that Magical History test…
Half-Blood: [grunts]
Muggleborn: can’t write an essay with a broken arm…
Half-Blood: …
Half-Blood: Skele-Gro
Muggleborn: fuck

“Put me down, I can walk!”

@natecchi said:

His leg hurts so badly he can barely stand. He bites down a whimper as he leans on the nearby wall, supporting his weight off it and putting a bit less pressure on the injured leg. Scamander is beside him and breathes noisily through his nostrils when his eyes land on Percival’s nasty wound. His pants are ripped from his ankle down and the fabric is soaked with blood. When he can’t stand anymore and slides down the wall, Scamander helps him to sit more comfortably – well, as comfortable as sitting on some old pavement could feel – and rips the fabric of his pants further to have a better look at the wound.

By the way he grimaces, Percival deduces that it’s fucked up pretty badly.

Scamander touches it and it aches so much that Percival yelps in pain.

“I’m sorry,” Scamander mutters apologetically, meeting his eyes for a brief moment before inspecting the wound again. “I guess firstly, we have to stop the bleeding.”

He pulls out his wand and points it at Percival’s leg. He mutters a spell, then breathes with relief when the wound closes and the blood stops gushing. Percival sighs as a wave of tiredness washes over him. He closes his eyes for a moment, but opens them immediately when he feels hands snaking under his knees and behind his back. He barely has time to catch up with what’s happening and grabs onto the first thing he can – Scamander’s shoulders.

Scamander huffs as he lifts him up, bridal-style.

Percival turns ten shades of red.

What is wrong with this guy?! How can he just pick a man up like that and have this face like nothing actually is wrong about this situation?!

“Put me down, I can walk!” Percival yells in his ear and Scamander groans at the loud tone. He rolls his eyes at Percival and hisses through gritted teeth when Percival tries to get out of his ‘embrace’.

“You hardly can stand, director. And now, could you please stop moving? You’re quite heavy.”

“I’m not!”

EXCUSE ME, WOMAN - HOW DARE YOU COME AT ME WITH THIS ADORABLENESS?! And by “how dare you” I mean “bless you, you child of pure gold, for introducing this adorable fucking image into my life”.

Because honestly, Graves would be THE SALTIEST about this. 

When Newt finally gets the man back to his aurors, he has his arms crossed petulantly - a scowl carved deep into his face, but his blush is deeper still.

“Director Graves?” Tina squeaks, eyes wide at the sight of them.

“The director was struck in the ankle,” Newt says clinically. “I managed to stop the bleeding, but he can’t walk.”

“I can so walk,” Graves growls. It is only because his ear is right next to the man’s chest that he catches Newt’s chuckle - making him glare up at the man.

“Oh! Thank you, Newt. I can get him to a –”

“No, I have him,” Newt says, then continues on down the street, a suddenly flailing Graves in his grasp.

“What– Scamander! Put me down! There’s no need to– SCAMANDER!”

After that, Newt makes a point of finding reasons to pick up the shorter man. Even if he is heavy.

Like shortly after his return from the hospital.

The doors to the department slam open and Tina and Newt both whirled in their seats only to catch sight of one Percival Graves - immaculate as ever except for the fact that he’s limping. And his hair isn’t quite right. And now that Newt was thinking about it, the man kind of looked out of it. 

“Sir, shouldn’t you still be in the hospital?” Tina asks, eyes wide.

“Quite fine. They cleared me for duty,” he says, chin up - obviously unaware of the fact that he was slurring his words.

“Sir?” Tina asks tremulously, afraid to question her superior but also afraid he would fall flat on his face as he slowly limped (and tried to hide said limp) across the room to his office. He made it about halfway before he had to stumble to a desk and rest, sweat on his brow. 

He doesn’t even realize Scamander is right in front of him until it’s far too late to his shock. 

“Scamander?! What–?”

“You’re on Skele-Gro, aren’t you?” He asks.

Graves swallows.

“I’m fine.”

“And pain potions to combat the Skele-Gro, yes?”

Graves wrinkles his nose.

“Scamander, get out of my way.”

“Blown pupils. Fever. You weren’t cleared from the hospital, were you?” Newt deduces simply.

“Director!” Tina gasps.

“Scamander, if you don’t – hey, no! – keep your fucking hands to yourself!”

Before he knows it, he’s back in Newt’s arms and too exhausted from his trek to do much of anything about it. Not to mention the fact that the pain potion is really starting to kick in now. Newt’s got rainbows in his hair and his freckles are dancing. 

Graves always was rather sensitive to potions.

“You’re burning up,” Newt says, already making his way across the department and evidently dead set on carrying the man through MACUSA as punishment for his obstinate decisions. “Let’s get you to bed.”

“I don’t need your help!”

Tina can’t help but chuckle as she watches her director get carried away, his large, blurry eyes locking on her furiously from over Newt’s elbow.

“Goldstein, do something!”

“You’re lucky he’s only taking you to bed, sir,” she says lightly, waving goodbye. “I’d have taken you to the hospital.”

Graves’ petulant pout - no doubt due to his inebriation from the potion - is something Tina will never forget.


Graves afraid he’s getting fat after Newt calls him heavy.

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anonymous asked:

I know that your probably really busy and I'm sorry for being an annoyance but I really love ur blog and your fics. Also if it's not too much of a bother could you write a fic where Alice kicks lily Marlene and someone else out of the dormitory early in the morning to get ready for her date with frank and so the girls are left outside of the dormitory in just their pjs and of course lily is wearing an oversized t shirt and knickers and the marauders see them. Written in james pov bc he is a dork

NO STOP YOU’RE NOT AN ANNOYANCE. I hope this is reasonable oops.

a continuation of this

Alice sat at the mirror, straight-backed. Rubbing her ruby lips together for the thousandth time, she tried out a nervous smile. Dorcas stood behind her, deftly pinning her curls into place. She held out her hand silently as Alice obediently passed another clip. Mary was sprawled on her bed, her pale face reddening as she tipped her upper body upside-down off the edge. Lily and Marlene sat cross-legged on either side of an impressive collection of sugar quills.

“Hagrid’s not the only giant at school, if you know what I mean.”

Lily nodded grudgingly, and Marlene smirked as she picked a purple one out of the pile. 

“Can I have one?” Mary’s voice inquired from the other side of the bed.

“Earn it,” Marlene said with a loud smack on hers.

“Where’d you get them from, anyway?”

“Nicked it from Sirius.” Marlene shrugged.

Lily thought for a bit. “Wanna make some magic together, Alice? My wand is at the ready.”

Marlene snorted, tossing Lily a red sugar quill. Alice glared at her through the reflection in the mirror.

Mary sat up and cleared her throat. “Been using the Petrificus on me? Because you’re making me stiff.”

Alice gagged. Lily laughed. “Awful. Try again.”

“Fine. I’ve been Whomping my Willow thinking about you.”

Marlene looked at Lily, who shrugged. “Bearable.”

Mary gave Lily a shove before bursting into laughter. She sifted through the lot, settling on a green one.

Lily deepened her voice. “I must have had some Felix Felicis, because I think I’m about to get lucky.

“That’s it.” Alice stood up abruptly. “That’s it. OUT.”

Dorcas had collapsed with laughter, gripping the back of the chair with white knuckles. Lily grinned, helping herself to three. Marlene rolled her eyes, a smirk on her face.

Alice crossed her arms. “Out.” She looked down. “You too, Doe.”

“I’m doing your hair!” She protested, pulling herself off the floor.

“You just said you finished. I can do my makeup myself.”

Mary swiped at her eye with the back of her hand, unable to contain another snort from escaping her. “We’re just trying to make you feel better…”

With surprising force, Alice grabbed the four girls, hurling them out of the room.

“…about how Frank’s gonna SLYTHERIN TONIGHT!”

The door slammed in their faces, but not before Lily caught Alice’s escaped laughter as she turned away. She turned to Mary, handing her a quill. “You earned it.”


James recognized the high peal of laughter before it even properly registered in his mind. Lily. He’d know her anywhere.


Hearing her, a smile tugged at the corner of his lips.

Also pathetic.

“Now what?” He heard another voice ask. Marlene? Dorcas, maybe?

“She’ll be done soon enough. God, I’m freezing.” Lily.

Ducking through the open entry, the Marauders encountered a group of four girls by the stone staircase that lead up to the girls’ dorms. Dorcas sat high on the stairs, rolling her eyes. A few steps down sat Mary, bright red with laughter. Standing against the wall was Marlene, arms crossed, and…


In a Quidditch shirt.

His Quidditch shirt.

He didn’t dare look lower.

Lily noticed him looking, and her eyebrows rose. “Oh,” she said, crossing her arms. “I forgot to give this back.”

“’sfi-fine,” he mumbled, kicking himself mentally. Losing coherency was a new low for him.

Sirius frowned at the girls. “Where’d you get those sugar quills?”

“Honeydukes’.” Marlene replied smoothly. James didn’t notice Mary glance sideways at her as he stared into Lily’s green eyes.

He could get lost in those eyes. Those eyes were safe. Looking at those eyes meant they weren’t looking at other things. Like what she was wearing. Or not wearing. NoJamesfuckSTOP. He did notice her looking back at him a little weirdly, but he kept his eyes trained on her face.

But no. She was looking at him weirdly, like she was expecting him to say something. He should say something, since he was staring at her like a creep, which was actually kind of what he was trying not to be. Say something.

“I like-” he started.


Marlene’s arm flailed out suddenly, knocking the remaining wrapped sugar quill out of Lily’s hand. As Lily rubbed her hand and glared at Marlene, James instinctively bent to pick it up for her.

Curse mum and her Good Manners.

As he looked down, his eyes trailed the length of her endless legs, and he got that distinct, uncomfortable feeling where you want to throw up and giggle at the same time. Pale and smooth, they crossed over casually as Lily leaned back on the wall again, tugging his shirt over her thighs. Under which she was wearing knickers. Fuck.

James averted his eyes as he handed the quill back to Lily, who blushed and muttered a thanks. James let out a breath he hadn’t realized he was holding as he took a shaky step back.

Remus glanced at James, then cleared his throat loudly. “We’ve got to get on with our Potions homework.”

“We don’t have any-”

“Yes we do, Peter. We have Potions homework.”

With that, he nodded to the girls before turning to go up the boys’ stairs, with the rest of the somewhat confused Marauders following. They made it to the top of the stairs, when…

A “You’re like Skele-Gro; you’re growing me a bone.” was followed by an almighty THUMP and a muffled oof.

James looked down, and slowly closed his eyes.

He could die.

Request by rosalie-eaton: Hello! May I have an imagine where James is in love with the reader who is just like him but a female slytherin version? Thank you xx

Author: Luna


“You’re joking, right?”

James looked up nonchalantly, tearing his gaze off of a girl—who just so happened to be you—and frankly, looking unabashed. He blinked his eyes once, twice, and then he raised his eyebrows at Sirius Black, who had a rather annoyed expression plastered on his face. What were they talking about, again?

There was a short pause between the four who sat together, and James ruffled his hair absentmindedly while eyeing his friends. The pause was short-lived, however, as James rolled his eyes and asked in a rather sassy tone, “What?”

“You’re staring at Y/N again,” Peter claimed observingly, and James glared, huffing like a child who was just offered vegetables instead of a dessert.

“Was not!”

“Yes you were,” Sirius teased childishly, a small, sly smirk beginning to form on his lips. He leaned his elbows on the table, resting his chin in between his laced fingers. A small lock of his dark hair fell out of the bun which was being held together with his quill and framed his face. In return, he tucked it behind his ear like a girl. “Am I not pretty enough like Y/N to you, James?”

James fake gagged, glancing behind his shoulder at Y/N, who sat at the Slytherin table, noticing that she was glancing about the Grand Hall, likely looking for her next victim.

Victim, you ask? Yes, victim. You read correctly. The girl was practically known for her constant shenanigans. Poor Slughorn was left interrogating every student in the school for a month after she replaced his pumpkin juice with skele-gro. And boy, it was painful to watch. And guess what group of students was first to be interrogated? That’s right, the Marauders.

Unexpectedly, it only caused James’ interest in her to grow even more. She was a Slytherin, but she got away with everything. Not only did it bother James, but it made him want to be near her.

He could practically imagine brewing a polyjuice potion so they could imitate people and embarrass them publicly in the halls.

Hey, it’s not like it hasn’t before.


James repeated himself with a more significant amount of annoyance in his tone of voice, “What?”

“She’s looking,” Remus mumbled before Sirius could say anything, and James whipped around in attempts to see where, how, and why.

“You bloke, you’ll scare her away before you’ll be able to ask her on a date!” Sirius scolded, kicking James’ shin harder than needed.

“Ask who on a date?”

The sudden voice caused the four Marauders, for once, to freeze. Y/N. James felt his mind begin to race, and for a split moment he feared that he would blurt something unintentional out at her. The look on Sirius’ face only caused James to glare daggers at his best friend, to which Peter and Remus found themselves softly smiling at the boy with unkempt hair and round glasses.

“You,” Said Sirius just as James exclaimed, “No one!”

Y/N raised both of her eyebrows, and James slowly turned as if he were about to face the almighty wrath of McGonagall.

This was nothing like James in the slightest.

“Alright, well then I’ll try,” Y/N said, a boastful smile upon her pink lips. “James, why don’t we go out on a date together?”

“Well,” James mumbled at first, but then cleared his throat and looked up at Y/N through that charming, pearly grin of his. “That didn’t go as planned. But why not?”

“Then I’ll see you tomorrow evening!”

And she was gone.


Animate! Miami 2014 stock.

There is so much. It doesn’t look like it here, but imagine all of those in multiples of about 5 or so. It fills up a small plastic storage box.

I’m going to try and list everything there is.

1. Harry Potter potion bottles: Floo Powder (it glows in the dark!), Felix Felicis, Gillyweed, Pumpkin Juice, Wolfsbane Potion, Skele-Gro, Baneberry Potion. Aaaand I just realized I forgot the Butterbeer charm. D:

2. A pile of Oreo cookies.

3. Rings: Chocolates, pancakes, waffles, crepe, ice cream scoops, rainbow cake on a plate, whipped cream dollops in strawberry, vanilla, and chocolate, hot chocolate, candy cane cookies, a chocolate dipped cookie, chocolate chip cookie, flowers, and s'mores.

4. An assortment of pies.

5. Cookies and ice cream scoops.

6. Cupcakes and bacon slice charms.

7. Gummy bear charms, peanut butter and jelly earrings, burger charm, hot dog charm, pizza slices (pepperoni and cheese), s'mores, chocolate chip cookie, corn dog, ice cream cone earrings (chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, chocolate mint chip), bacon strip earrings, cookie post earrings, hot dog earrings, cheeseburger earrings, peach earrings, potato chip earrings, cute fortune cookie earrings, ice cream scoop post earrings (chocolate, strawberry, vanilla), rainbow cake post earrings, and s'mores post earrings.

8. Cookies and milk best friend necklace, taco platter necklace, salad necklace, cookie pendants, banana charm, ice cream cone charms (vanilla, chocolate mint chip, strawberry, cotton candy, and one with a scoop of each flavor), banana earrings, taco earrings, pumpkin pie earrings, bottle of bacon, bottle of bananas, Brownie Brittle earrings, pancake charm, pancake post earrings, waffle charm, potato chip charm, and rainbow cake on a plate charm.

9. Misc. Cute food charms I posted before: cupcakes, rainbow cake, bubble tea, s'mores, roll cakes (vanilla and chocolate) rice ball, cheeseburger, sesame seed ball, donuts, pancake, cookie, peas in a pod, macarons, pizza, crepe, fortune cookie, and chocolate chip cookie.

Plus there are mystery bags available for $5 each!

Animate! Miami starts tomorrow and I will be at Booth # 931.

Hope to see some of you there! :)

After discovering a first year girl with Brittle Bone Disease who is to terrified to get on a broomstick incase she falls and breaks her bones, with the urging of Madam Hooch, Madam Pomfrey and Professor Slughorn works tirelessly to create a new Skele-Gro potion for her strengthens her bones, and eases her back pain.
She turns out to be the best Chaser Slytherin has seen in years.
—  Submitted by Anonymous
imagine :: even more teeny tiny newt things

Just a few more everyday bits and bobs from Mr. Scamander. I love writing these. I hope you enjoy imagining them!

Originally posted by dailyfantasticbeastsgifs

  • Opening almost any book in sight and finding notes scribbled all over it like, “only eats meat on tues.” and “really, really dislikes the colour red” and “DO NOT APPROACH FROM BEHIND” (underscored twice). Tiny arrows that he’s drawn point all around like a spiderweb connecting pictures and figures. 
  • A medicine chest full of magical salves and balms to heal minor burns and cuts almost instantly, and of course, chapped lips.
  • His binoculars have a small latch (similar to the one on his suitcase) that allows one to change the lenses to see beyond the horizon, through walls, and into your heart (jk……kinda).
  • Owls love delivering to him when they can because they know they will always get a snack and some proper attention; no dried-up owl treats here.

Originally posted by classic-black-white

  • He never squishes spiders, but always picks them up and places them gently outside muttering, “Okay, now, go back to mummy, little one.” He has a strange affinity for them, particularly marveling at the rather big ones…
  • Two Hufflepuff scarves lay on a hanger by the door. He keeps an extra ever since he lit one on fire accidentally trying to put a warming charm on it. 
  • He falls asleep almost as soon as getting on the train; or any transportation mode for that matter. He likes to rest clutching his suitcase to his chest with his head resting on top, sometimes tucking a pillow under his chin if he feels like pampering himself.
  • A little glass jar sits atop his desk full of handmade quills crafted from all sorts of shed feathers he comes across. A particularly lovely hot pink Fwooper feather with a gold-plated nib stands prominent at the center (a birthday gift from Queenie). 

Originally posted by hardiwb

  • His copy of The Monster Book of Monsters still causes you to jump sometimes when it makes an attempt to escape its shelf.
  • A scar on his kneecap that isn’t a claw or talon scratch, but a scrape from early childhood when his brother Theseus, underestimating his own strength, knocked Newt off one of their mother’s hippogriff enclosures. Newt had to drink Skele-Gro for a full week before walking again and occasionally still cringes out of nowhere remembering the taste. He can handle examining feces with his bare hands but that vile potion….bleck. 
  • Churtley’s Classic Charmed Shoe Polish. Buckets of it. Very useful for not tracking dung and dirt back out of the case.
  • A small note from Albus Dumbledore wishing him well after his expulsion was settled. He keeps it tucked in the top shelf of his writing desk, taking it out to read occasionally when he needs a little extra motivation.
Sleezeazy’s Hair Potion

Life at the Potter Manor was not an easy one. Happy? Yes. But not easy. Fleamont and Euphemia had always wanted a child, and they loved their son.

But Euphemia couldn’t help but hope he was a bit more… peaceful and conformable.

James Potter was a healthy boy, even with his parents’ old age at his birth. As any 11 year old wizard, he was more than excited to go to Hogwarts so he could learn all the jinxes, spells and incantations.

He really did not need Potions class with a father like his. Fleamont Potter was the actual owner of Linfred Potions, the potion-making company named after Linfred Potter, the inventor of Skele-gro and Pepperup Potion. Fleamont also enjoyed

But he also wanted to cause all kinds of havoc on that place – if James was able to turn the Village upside down, just imagine the possibilities of what he could do at a castle!

That thought also occurred on Euphemia’s mind – one more reason to worry.

So ever since the owl brought the brown Hogwarts envelope in a bright Monday morning, Euphemia reserved a part of her day to try and talk some manners into her son – something she had somewhat failed to do in the last 11 years.

“When a professor talks to you, you must answer with a ‘yes, ma'am’ or a ‘no, ma'am’, like you do with Mrs. Bagshot, alright?” She said the first day, during dinner. James simply frowned and looked at her seeming to be entertained and replied in the most of the innocent tones:

“What if it’s a bloke?”

Euphemia sighed and Fleamont tried (and failed) not to laugh.

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Harry Potter pick Up Lines

Have you heard of Platform 9 and ¾? Well, I can think of something else with the exact same measurements.

If you were a Dementor, I’d become a criminal just to get your kiss.

My name may not be Luna, but I sure know how to Lovegood!I know we’re not in Professor Flitwick’s class, but you still are charming.

My love for you burns like a dying phoenix.

Being without you is like being afflicted with the Cruciatus Curse.

Hagrid’s not the only giant on campus, if you know what I mean.

Your name must be Severus Severus, because you’re making my prince full blood.

Interested in making some magic together? My wand is at the ready.

I must have had some Felix Felicis, because I think I’m about to get lucky.

Without you I feel like I’m in Azkaban and dementors are sucking away my soul.

I’ve been whomping my willow thinking about you.

If I were to look into the Mirror of Erised, I’d see the two of us together.

Did you survive the Avada Kedavra curse? Because you’re drop dead gorgeous.

Your smile is like Expelliarmus. Simple but disarming.

You must be my horcrux, because you complete me.

Going to bed? Mind if I Slytherin?

You are like a bottle of Skele-Gro: You’re growing me a bone.You must be magical, because I’ve fallen under your spell.

I’m not wearing an invisibility cloak, but do you think I could still visit your restricted section tonight?

I’d like to get my basilisk into your chamber of secrets.

You don’t even have to say “Luminos Maxima” to turn me on!

Have you been using the Petrificus Totalus spell? Because you’ve made me stiff.

Whaddya say you and me go look for the Room of Requirement?

Do you want to head to the Shrieking Shack? We could do some shrieking of our own.A

re you using the Confundus charm or are you just naturally mind blowing?

Come on, let’s do it Hippogriff style!

One night with me and they’ll be calling you MOANING Myrtle.

You can have the portkey to my heart.

Come here, I’ll show you a REAL Patronus.

I’d let you handle my wand any day!

Is that a wand in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?

I heard you were in Gryffin-whore, because you let every wizard slyther-in.

I wanna stick my half-blood prince inside your chamber of secrets, and release the prisoner of azkaban to give you the deathly hallows.

Dhrfavorites Day 5-War Prompts

Hermione was curled up on her favorite armchair, staring at the crackling fire with empty eyes.

“Come on, Granger. Do you need me to antagonize you? Those dull eyes don’t suit you at all.”

She was holed up at Grimmauld’s Place along with a few other Order members. Of course, this wasn’t her usual place of residence. But it had become a base of sorts despite its size and Hermione wanted to be around her friends.

“You should have stayed home. This place gives me the creeps. Why does no one take my advice of painting the walls, at the least?”

Had wanted, anyway. She was feeling rather unsociable at the moment. She wasn’t oblivious to the worried looks she was receiving from Ginny either.

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On Harry Potter and Pickup Lines; or, A Riddikulus Conversation

Written for the @timepetalsprompts weekly prompt submitted by @asmilelikestarlightTen x Rose - prompt: A battle of Harry Potter pick up lines

Ten/Rose, 1200 words, Rated high T or low M for innuendo. So. Much. Innuendo.

Special thanks to my fangirl Facebook group for helping me come up with lines… @aimtoallonsy, @goingtothetardis, @luciajade, Julie and Jessie! Double special thanks to @goingtothetardis for the quick beta!  

read it on ao3!


The Doctor and Rose sat on the couch in the library, the lights low, a film on the screen before them. A large bowl of popcorn sat on the Doctor’s lap, and Rose was curled into him, comfortably snuggled under her pink blanket. Their hands brushed each other occasionally as they reached for snacks: Rose didn’t seem affected by the touch, but the Doctor certainly was. He’d finally grown somewhat accustomed to the familiar feeling of Rose snuggled into his side, although the thrill of that never went away.

No, the accidental brushes of hands were what was causing him such pleasurable distress today. Every time skin touched skin, he felt a galloping in his chest that had nothing to do with the excitement of the movie, only the excitement of being with the woman he loved watching a movie that both of them enjoyed.

Rose reached into the popcorn bowl (and the Doctor totally did not reach for popcorn at the same time on purpose), then tossed the fluffy kernels into her mouth. She stared at the screen thoughtfully for a moment.

“Do you think anyone ever tries cheesy pickup lines in the Leaky Cauldron or the Three Broomsticks?”

The Doctor puzzled over that for a second, and Rose went on, sitting up a bit and turning to look at him.

“Like, wizards have to flirt with each other somehow, yeah? And they’re not so far removed from muggles that they wouldn’t try something like that. Don’t you think?”

He gave her a lopsided grin. “What, you mean like, ‘Did you survive avada kedavra, because you’re drop-dead gorgeous’?”

Rose giggled. “Yeah, kind of. Or ‘See this Weasley sweater? It’s made of boyfriend material’.”

“Yes, I could certainly see Fred or George using that line,” the Doctor laughed.

“What other lines might they use, do you think?”

The Doctor thought for a second. This could go several ways. It could be two mates giggling at an absurd idea. He could say something repulsive and turn her off.


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