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Sis don't let your skef worth be defined by the number of proposals you are/aren't getting! Allah has someone in store for you and he'll enter your life when He sees fit. I hate that about Bengali culture, like how a girl's worth is based on the rishta's she gets! Like we could be smart, pious, modest and then some, but none of that matters! I think us first generation kids have it really bad. I know for a fact that girls who live in Bangladesh don't have this kind of pressure. #sorryfortherant

Oh no. Don’t apologize !! I totally agree. And actually - Bengali girls from BD or back there aren’t pressured to be the smartest or the most pious or the most anything. They know from an early age that their looks and the fathers status is what will get then proposals.
They are pushed to get an education - yes. But they aren’t pushed to be as ambitious as us. Or at least, very few of them are.