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Have you read a manhwa called Blood Bank? Its a gay bdsm thing between a vampire and a human and listen. I thought I was going in for the smut but like 20 chapters in i was living for the plot and characters. And unlike a lot of yaoi type comics it doesn't have weird skeevy tropes and the relationship is consensual and it even has fleshed out good female characters and positive heterosexual relationships. It's like captive prince; thought I was getting smut and got a ton of good plot too

Ooooh, I am intrigued. 

A Tale of Two Shows

So once upon a time, there were two shows about an intense, homoerotic relationship between two men and also murder. 

Both shows were fanfiction with a high production value  retellings of earlier works. They both had loyal, sometimes rabid fandoms. And they both culminated in a possible/sort of/maybe series finale.

One of these shows delivered on all its promises and concluded with one of the best hours of TV I’ve ever had the privilege to watch. There was tragedy and heartbreak and loss, and it left us wanting more, but ultimately there was closure, and the show made it clear, in no uncertain terms, that this was a  love story (albeit a pretty fucked up one) between two men. And we got a bonus lovely side pairing of two women who get to have a kid and also a really hot (artsy and not at all skeevy) sex scene. All while still finding time to solve crimes and catch murderers.

The other show started out strong, created characters that we came to know and love, then gradually descended into a garbage fire that tried too hard to be clever at the expense of actual, coherent story lines and believable character development. It also spent 7 years queerbaiting its fans and mistreated almost every single the female characters who had the misfortune to be included in this show. 

And the moral of this story is…

To any of my fellow Sherlock fans who feel devastated and betrayed by Season 4, I strongly encourage you to go watch Hannibal. 

You still get murder and crime solving, and an intense, often dysfunctional relationship between the two main characters, but it never queer baits the audience. It’s a clever, thoughtful adaptation of Harris’s work that does justice to the source material while at the same time adding diversity and well rounded female characters that were sorely lacking in the original. The women in this show are not a plot device and the love story between two men is not a long con. 

Ultimately, Hannibal is the show I always hoped Sherlock could be.

P.S. At least in the US, Hannibal is available to stream via Amazon Prime.

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How skeevy is Oco anime

Now Oco animation is a wide and varied medium, one with much beauty and artistry. But one thing it’s gotten famous for is it’s HUGE bodacious crops, just real gigantic knockers. Many plots involve the new student who struts in with her massive jiggling quadruple D size crop, making the flat chested girls sooo jealous.

Oco elders hate these shows, thinking it’s corrupting the youth and stagnating population growth, making men prefer googly eyed cartoons over the sweet embrace of a real bird-woman. 

Leidy discovered a lot about herself watching animation, mainly her love of the crop, as well as a dream to collect swords.

I’m in Love With a Stripper

Here’s a very long, very overdue stripper AU Seungcheol fic that I promised @bangxgukkie a very long time ago! Enjoy!

Member: S.Coups
Genre: SURPRISINGLY FLUFFY, a little angst (barely), S M U T
Word Count: 7,460 (long af)

part two

This was definitely not what you thought your friends meant when they asked if you wanted to go out with them earlier. You had expected something like dinner at the Italian place down the street or something. But no. You were sitting in a strip club.

You’d never really had the desire to come to one of these places, but your friends managed to convince you to come with them anyway. At least the place was clean. It didn’t seem to be that skeevy, and it actually smelled nice. Maybe it was a really tame strip club. Something more artful, like burlesque. Except, burlesque isn’t really something that men do. Okay, yeah, no, it was definitely just going to be trashy.

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The French Connection Job is the most overlooked, best episode of Leverage fight me.  If it weren’t for the Hardison-not-tipping thing it would be perfect.

  1. Objectively Good Guy client
  2. No messing with anyone’s head/gaslighting/etc
  3. No drugging anyone
  4. Just a good old-fashioned con about money
  5. Eliot calling Nate ‘the other guy who kept me from falling all the way down’
  6. Nate’s little smile and head nod at that
  7. Bad guy who is skeevy and sketchy and exploitive without question
  8. The traditional dim strong-arm sidekick
  9. Sophie’s theater group
  10. Sophie’s tree-hugger character
  11. Positive Eliot backstory
  12. Great side characters that Eliot totally helps and appreciates and respects as students
  13. Teacher!Eliot
  14. Chef!Eliot
  15. Hardison all !!!!! over the molecular gastronomy equipment
  17. Every one of Hardison’s ridiculous molecular gastronomy menu ideas
  18. Eliot Spencer in the kitchen cooking and fighting
  19. Eliot helping Parker to feel things, and Parker getting some self-actualization
  20. Eliot listening to Parker and using her feedback to improve his food.
  21. Eliot giving a taste of his sauce to the third thug before kicking his ass
  22. Eliot taking a second to say ‘good job tonight’ to his students when he kicks them out of the kitchen.
  23. “I’m gonna eat that when I’m done with you.”
  24. “Serve your head on a platter?” “Too much?  Was it too much?”  “Not at all, I liked it.”
  25. “We’re Palmer and Snead, like the golfers, only we’re not golfers we’re federal agents.”
  26. Long-term win for everyone
  27. Parker’s smile as she looks at the art at the end

so you know those times when youre sitting in a briefing and you realise the presenter has a really skeevy agenda theyre trying to push


throw paper airplanes 

throw paper darts when youre told not to throw airplanes

throw origami shuriken when youre told to stop it with the goddamn darts agent barton

ask to go to the bathroom every two minutes and thirty four seconds

loudly question the points which seem most important to them and then with an air of wounded innocence insist you havent said anything


tap your fingers on the desk slightly off tempo

once they reach the yelling and or twitching point suddenly stop with the antics sit forward and give them your full undivided and unnervingly focused attention

watch them crack

Sometimes I think about how literally everyone was holed up in Fort Daxio all Helms Deep style waiting to make their final charge. And then there’s Kima, probably screaming death threats through the halls as she chases after Xanthus AKA knife-eared-son-of-a-bitch with no regard for anything else that’s going on because HOW DARE YOU HURT MY GIRLFRIEND YOU SKEEVY GUTLESS FUCK?

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Is it just me that feels bad leaving in the middle of a rush? I always feel skeevy, like I'm hanging my coworkers out to dry and laughing while I walk away. Of course I'm not, but am I just weird to think this?


Usually meetings bore Tony, the incessant mumbling of too uptight suits trying to con Tony into giving them money. But today he’s jumpy. His heart is beating too fast in his chest and the air in the room seems to be skirting his lungs.

He realizes too late that he’s not suffering from a caffeine overdose or even an asthma attack. No, he’s going to have a panic attack in front of 15 sharks that he’s trying to keep from ruining his company. This is not good, Tony loosens his tie and coughs shortly into his elbow. He’s trying to be discreet. It’s not working.

“Feeling under the weather, Mr. Stark?” Tony’s head spins around to face a skeevy business man coolly sipping his water. His eyes are anything but and Tony plasters on a fake smile, straightens up and tries not to squeak as he spits out a small, “fine, thank you.”

The video from overseas seems to take over Tony’s ears, each hiss of an s and tap of a t has his nerves firing up. The hairs on the back of his neck are swaying to each puff of the air conditioning. He’s shivering in his sweat, beads rolling down his under arms and behind his kneecaps. He swallows thickly, aware of the blood pumping through his own heart.

The table beneath his hand feels too rough, like mountains are springing up from the knots in the wood, his chair is too squishy like he’s sitting on wet, unset jello, his suit is scratchy and he itches his wrist where his cufflinks are brushing his hands.

He needs to get out but Pepper is still talking, her speech ramping up and she cannot stop Tony from spiraling out of control, not when she’s trying to keep the company from doing the same. So Tony does what he always does, he lets out a little sigh, chucks out a “Sorry boys, gotta leave this pow wow, I have a date,” With a wiggle of his eyebrows and devilish grin, and hauls his ass out of the tiny conference room, making a beeline for his office.

It’s not easy to get to. Not past the interns and the managers and all the people who have a million things for him to sign. Things that are being shoved at him like a baby he should hold and pose with. He flies past them, not caring that he’s ignoring his duties or that he seems like an ass because he is choking on his tie and his suit and he just wants it off.

His door shuts and Tony rips off his tie, throwing it over the too bright couch and clicking his remote to send his blinds careening shut, anything to make the sun stop penetrating his eyes. He chest hurts and Tony claws at the arc, feeling each scar on his chest and counting them.

One, two, three, four…His breaths are too short and his legs too weak, Tony collapses on the floor of his office. His jug of water splashing out onto his desk and sending harsh plops to his ears.

He jolts as his phone rings and his hands clamor for the it, sending his papers, computer mouse, and pens toppling over the edge of the desk.

“Yes?” He’s a little breathless but it’s just Pepper, Tony takes a moment to thank Thor that it wasn’t a business call.

“Are you okay?” Her voice is quiet and Tony has to kick his brain into remembering why she’s whispering. Of course, the meeting he just left is being run by her.

“Just peachy,” He’s wheezing, Pepper doesn’t buy it.

“I’m calling Steve,” and with that she clicks off, leaving Tony to collapse against the sandpaper wall, just praying that Steve gets here in time to make his arms stop going numb.

The panic attack is almost over by the time Steve gets there, polite to Tony’s employees and very carefully letting himself into the office. He’s making noise on purpose, Tony notes, in order to make his presence known. Tony thanks him for the thought, though it barely helps when he hears the scratch of Steve’s key being placed into the lock.

He’s tired, so tired that when Steve sits down Tony can’t do anything but curl up against his side, close his brown eyes and breathe for the first time in half in hour.

“Thank you.”

“Of course,” Steve pats Tony’s arm and feels as the weight against his side goes limp. He’s glad Pepper called because Steve would rather get captured by HYDRA than let Tony suffer alone. Which is why, as the sun sets, Steve sits perfectly still, letting his boyfriend nap in his warmth and runs his fingers through Tony’s hair. Just like he’s done the last hundred panic attacks and just like he will for the next hundred more.

For @musicalluna and her day at work. 


CURZON: It’s all right. I told her I wanted to come see you, that we’d meet up later at Quark’s. I’m going to give that little toad the scare of his life.
SISKO: You sound like Odo.
CURZON: I am Odo.
SISKO: I don’t understand. I thought you were Curzon.
CURZON: I’m both.

God dammit I’m jumping on board the AU bandwagon, it was only a matter of time, I blame @sportathicc for making me love the idea of Lazytown AUs im gonna draw the ice skater sportacus soon btw

Obvs the only course of action is to crash 2 of my favorite franchises into each other, creating this abomination that is the Fast and Furious Lazytown AU OK JUST HEAR ME OUT:

  • Robbie Rotten is a veteran street racer in some skeevy little town called Latabæ, he’s been the champion of the racing circuit for years and the local cops are too few in number to do anything about it
  • He’s a little bit magic when it comes to how machines work so he wins races easy, and he never has a real challenge, but he just lays back and rules over his part of town and keeps the neighboring gangs at bay
  • don’t tell anyone but he has a bit of a soft spot for this little bunch of runaway kids who’ve taken up residence around his garage - apparently they’ve started calling it ‘the lair’
  • on the one hand he likes having it easy, on the other hand the monotony of not having someone to compete with is so damn aggravating that sometimes he cant sleep for days on end
  • then one day out of fucking nowhere this blue sports car comes rolling into one of Robbie’s races and out pops a guy who looks like heaven and has absolutely no business being in Robbie’s circuit
  • he immediately challenges Robbie to race and for the first time he can remember, Robbie loses, but for some reason the newcomer just laughs and tells him it was fun and maybe he’ll see Robbie around sometime and he just fucking leaves and Robbie’s never been so confused or enraged
  • he goes to a local ex-CI named Milford demanding to know everything about this newcomer, as soon as he gets an address Robbie sends his 3 employees out to locate this blue suited abomination
  • they come back sheepishly saying they couldn’t do anything, Robbie takes matters into his own hands, he arrives at a run down motel only to find his new rival washing his car with the help of this pink haired pixie of a kid who keeps calling him ‘dad’ and Robbie nearly loses his grip on reality
  • how the hell is he supposed to run this musclebound menace out of town the man has a daughter and Robbie is many things but he’s not a MONSTER
  • he starts keeping tabs on the pair anyway, he notices the girl befriends the runaways and even starts hanging out with Milford and his ladyfriend Bessie when her dad is off working at an auto garage literally ten minutes away from Robbie’s place
  • at least twice a week this asshole shows up and races Robbie and for some reason he never seems to grasp the fact that races are not meant to be for fun, dammit
  • at some point Robbie learns this pointy-eared prick’s name
  • it’s Sportacus
  • what the hell kind of name is Sportacus and why does your accent make me blush how dare you
  • one day a race gets broken up by the cops, who have become unusually vigilant as of late, and Sportacus and Robbie end up fleeing the scene together
  • “I don’t want to worry Stephanie, you know how to lose the cops, can I stay at your place? just for tonight?”
  • Robbie has never been so flustered in his entire life
  • “f-fine”
  • dear god this man’s smile should be illegal
  • “thanks Robbie”
  • “we’re not friends”
  • “i know”
  • Robbie doesn’t know whether to kiss him or shoot him, maybe he should do both just to be sure
  • Sportacus eventually gets home, all the runaways are sleeping in the motel living room, Stephanie gives him the most suspicious look when he tells her where he was last night
  • “it was just so the police wouldn’t catch me”
  • yeah dad just keep telling yourself that
  • Robbie and Sportacus don’t know when to quit and within a week they’re racing again, they start having one-on-one competitions
  • Sportacus visits Robbie’s garage after he loses his job at the other one asking if Robbie will hire him
  • Robbie wants to say no but he remembers that stupid pink thing who’s so fucking nice to the other kids and he begrudgingly hires this stupid man and has to suffer through seeing him way more frequently
  • Sportacus does gymnastics in the parking lot
  • why does he do gymnastics in the parking lot
  • it doesn’t take long for their friends to catch onto the fact that they like each other
  • everyone knows
  • even the cops know
  • they’re equally oblivious to the fact that they care about each other
  • it’s hopeless

tbh i feel kind of uncomfortable reblogging kinda suggestively-posed art of homestuck characters, especially the gay ones? I feel real skeevy. But hey it’s drawn for all of y’all, not me. I’m bringing you the content you deserve. But seriously if it ever gets weird, let me know. Like 90% of the people I follow and associate with on here are lesbians so there is a lot of lesbian content on my dash, a lot of which is just awesome and worth reblogging. I’m like…a middleman for y’all. But yeah lemme know if it ever gets weird.