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#csa ment / like i was Literally groomed as a young teenager and: holy shit can people stop comparing two grown mens relationship to That. jfc it makes my skin crawl. csa isnt just bad bc theres a generic "power imbalance" or age gap. it's a specific thing! it's dangerous because a minor can literally depend on adults to survive. & it rly doesn't help people who were abused to misuse / redefine their words & experiences for them! so can people like. stop. jfc

HONESTLY like. I just. hhhh the use of the word “grooming” on a fucking 25 year old man is so fucking skeevy I hate it I hate it so much

Roll Call (Rogue Trader)

“So, let me get this straight; we’ve got the following assholes aboard this single ship alone.

- A nearly-century-old geezer with at least five concealed weapons on him at all times
- A mildly skeevy accountant/First Officer who carries at least seven NON-concealed weapons at all times, who also happens to be a clone of the old man
- A fucking Ork, somehow
- Eldar Batman
- Entirely emotionless machine-man who’s been roped into giving parenting advice to the captain
- A living bug carapace with psychic powers and an uncanny ability to win at staring contests
- A fucking Inquisitor from the Ordos Xenos, somehow
- Said Inquisitor’s favorite lapdog, who has somehow already flirted with half the crew on a 68,000 person vessel
- And finally, a single, overworked priest who we’ve driven to alcoholism.

Which is to say, no, you’re not allowed to invite BDSM Space Elves onboard.”


Preview for the second Aldnoah Gakuen! WITH ENGLISH SUBS. Translation done by another anon, and I was given their blessing to upload this. They ask to please report any mistakes if noticed!

Notes by anon:

- Ryokan: Traditional Japanese inn.
- Slaine’s nickname: In the previous tracks Slaine’s nickname (“koumori”, generally means “bat”) was translated as “Umbrella” to preserve the context in which it was used (Slaine carrying an umbrella (“koumorigasa”) when he first met Inaho) but since there are no umbrella mentions on this track, I left it as “Bat” for now.

hey armys: taehyung’s appearance on star king tomorrow is going to involve him in high heels. i personally think this is going to be fun and rad as fuck. some people seem to not.

let me make this clear right now that this is not an opportunity for any of you to be transmisogynistic as FUCK over it, even as a joke. don’t joke about taehyung being a “man in heels” or “embracing his femininity” or, really, just about anything in that vein. wanna know why? because that’s really harmful to trans women who get called men in heels and skirts and dresses all the fucking time and get murdered for it.

now let me clarify: taehyung dancing in heels isn’t transmisogynistic (unless he/the other guests say some skeevy shit about it, but we’ll see about that when the show comes out), it’s how the fans are going to act that is.

don’t make jokes about this that is, in any way, revolving around the fact that he, a ~man~, is in high heels. you can talk about how good he is at dancing in them! that his legs look great as fuck (which they probably will)! but don’t toe the line with transmisogyny.

trans women are not a joke. their lives are not jokes. don’t use this small event to use them as that, because you’re just being garbage if you do. seriously.

Mine Now, Mine Always

A/N: This is a drabble request from @sandlee44 for my 100 Follower’s Celebration.  She requested a jealous, smutty Dom!Dean.  I hope you like it.  Feedback would be much appreciated!  I am considering a series similar to this and would love to hear if it’s something you guys would want.

Pairing: Jealous Dom!Dean x Reader

Word Count: 853

Warning: Dom!Dean, Smut

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Mukuro Rokudo is the worst actor

Like, this is a canon fact. He cannot act for shit. 

And that delights me. 

He’s an illusionist and can take over people’s bodies if given the chance. You’d think he’d be a little better at this. But nope!

Trying to play innocent kidnapped student? He lasts for not even a minute before Tsuna “can’t recognize my own tutor when he’s an adult” Sawada starts going wow what a fucking skeevy ass weirdo

Taking over a person’s body? Can’t hold his ass back for even five seconds longer before trying to stab someone. 

What a fuckin’ ridiculous shitlord. 

Okay, so I woke up this morning and found out someone anonymously accused xkit guy of being a skeevy pervert. No evidence, just an anonymous word on a website was enough to ruin his reputation and drive him off the website. No investigation, and people sent enough hate to make him leave. You took someone’s word at face value – you didn’t even ask for messages. Just “This guy said X and believe me because I said so” - and he left. Simple as that.  Now you’re complaining that he’s not around, and now you want him to come back because tumblr decided to update. This is the second time you’ve accused him of things that were offensive – and this was the limit. Once over an april fool’s joke, and now over an anonymous accusation.

This is the problem with online vigilantism and anonymous accusations – you don’t wait for evidence, you don’t try to see if the accusations hold up. Did he do this? Probably not, seeing as how it’s incredibly easy to record online interactions. Screenshots, photos, and copying is easy enough. Someone out there wanted to ruin his reputation. Why? We don’t know. We might never know because it was anonymous. We will never know who accused him or why. Was it someone who just didn’t like him? Was it someone bringing attention to how callout and vigilante culture is harmful and happened to target someone who is adored by tumblr users? Was it just someone being a dick? We won’t know. This is generally the case with vigilante culture – you don’t ask questions. You take everything at face value and act on it. “Trust blindly, anything else is victim blaming” - when it should be “Investigate and get evidence” - otherwise you’d ruin someone at the drop of a hat. “Innocent until proven otherwise” - not “guilty unless I say so”.

Let’s face it, the only reason a lot of you feel guilty is because you like using Xkit – not that it targeted an innocent man, or that you drove someone off a site. This happens every day and you don’t care – hell, you celebrate it. People like that cost someone their job as with plebcomics, their pet, their private information as with communismkills – and you don’t care. But suddenly someone you like was targeted? Then it’s suddenly wrong. It’s deplorable. It’s sick. But only if you like the victim. Someone getting their credit card leaked? You’re willing to mock them and threaten to do it again. Someone losing their job? “lol sucks for you”.

Now suddenly it’s wrong. “No tumblr callout culture is toxic! Who would do something like this??” You would. You have. You did. You support it.

This is the Markiplier abuse claims all over again. Someone is accused of skeevy behavior with little evidence, no thought is put into whether the claims are real or not, people automatically assume that it must be true, only this time the accused won’t come back. Xkit guy has had enough, but you don’t care about that because he’s a person with feelings. You only care because he made the website better for free. And now you won’t get things fixed for doing so.

You ruined a good thing – you supported this either directly - by reblogging comments supporting it, or laughing about victims - or indirectly by doing nothing. You don’t get to complain when you’ve supported this. You can’t have your cake when you’ve taken it from everyone else and bragged.