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what's the issue with jonathan and nancy?

listen i know jonathan is a Sad Boy™ but like…. he’s still skeevy? the only valid comparisons i can see are the protective older brother and idk i guess that they went out shooting or something 

but jonathan

  • took creepy pictures of nancy
  • has that whole “loooooser boi in love w pretty girl” shit going on that i’m not down for 
  • probably would use the term “sheeple”
  • “i have no friends but everyone here is just washed up blah blah i’m unpopular and angry about it so i have 2 take it out on u bc u have a popular boyfriend”

in summary: i’m tired. steve ralphio forever. 

like “wah you denied us rights to be creepy and invasive about an underage characrer’s sex life :(” damn right lmao stop whining about ppl getting upset at ace/aro headcanons when ur skeevy asses keep fixating unecessarily on child characters and acting like how one feels about sex is somehow comparable to being gay. stop


Lesbians are people, not porn searches. Maybe instead of just flagging us up as nsfw, you should try to deal with the spates of porn blogs flooding the tag unfiltered, the porn blogs following minors and abuse survivors at random, the obvious spam blogs repeatedly asking people to fill in explicit surveys or sign up to questionable services. 

We’re not inherently nsfw. 

We’re not something dirty that needs to be hidden. 

literally why is it ever controversial to say people who whitewash characters or draw fat characters skinny are assholes 

like tbh what sort of absurdist hellscape are we living in where skeevy racist fatphobic artists are above all criticism because “””artistic freedom””” and marginialized people whose representation is being shat on are the Actual Oppressors lmao

I really like the idea behind this post, but men using the verb ‘fuck’ about women just takes me right out of a fun fandom place and into an icky, RL place where men don’t talk about fucking as a hot thing two equals can do together to the mutual enjoyment of both parties like in fanfic, but as a thing they do *to* women, to degrade them. It’s weird to think how many times I’ve read those words (you know, all the pre-bang “I wanna fuck you” “can I fuck you” sort of thing) between two dudes in fic and thought yay, great! sexytiems! but the second it’s coming from a man to a woman I hit the brick wall of reality. Even where we have every reason to believe the dude in question respects this lady down to the ground and would never use the word to mean what RL men mean.

We all consume slash for our own reasons but that’s an example of one of mine: even in a sci fi universe where we are free to believe The Patriarchy isn’t a thing, my imagination can’t even go to a place where a man can say that to a woman from a place of perfect equality and mean only good things towards her. I *want* to be able to imagine it, but dammit I can’t get there!


karlie got put on the spot with that question about kim.  that interviewer honestly had no class by bringing that up?? obviously this boy just wanted to drag karlie into the drama for fun?  and have you bitches even seen the vogue best best friends video where she says words aren’t her thing?

homegirl got put on the spot, so she handled it as best she could.  answered as neutrally as possible, and then steered it away from taylor.  because if she kept the conversation on that topic mr. douchecanoe would have kept tryin’ to get info on “snake swift”.

they literally skyped in a field at sunset on karlie’s birthday.  and y’all are gonna believe some skeevy ass journalist (who was enough of a dick to bring up the kim/taylor drama in the first place) over what karlie and taylor literally showed us their damn selves?????

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I literally had a guy come in today and hit on me because I was nice. I'm required to be nice. He was like 30. I'm 20. He was most likely closer to my fathers age than mine. Even when I said I have a boyfriend, he just told me that he didn't mind and my bf didn't have to know. Major skeevies much?

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What if another vampire snatched Jack for being on his territory and fed off of him, basically using him as a blood cow.

Well, the way I was planning was that one of the purposes of what Gabriel did to him was a kind of marking his territory so that other vampires are less likely to fuck with him. (Which you can bet Jack will take ruthless advantage of.)

That said, if a vampire did it anyway, it would be as a deliberate ‘fuck you’ aimed at Gabriel (although quite possibly also a ‘fuck you’ at Jack because he really is great at killing vampires and this upsets them for some reason).  The following things would then happen:

1: Jack would do his utmost to killify that vampire before Gabriel showed up because HE HAS HIS PRIDE DAMMIT he’s not a freaking damsel in distress.  And he sure as shit doesn’t BELONG to anybody, this skeevy leech can go to hell for that crack.

2: If he failed in this plan and Gabriel had to come rescue his ass after all, it would go like this.  Gabe would be INCREDIBLY ANGRY in murdertastic ways at the interloping vampire.  That dealt with, Gabe would laugh his ass off at Jack.  Jack would be humiliated at having to be rescued from a fucking vampire like a noob.  Gabe would simultaneously (or in close proximity) be angrily possessive of Jack.  Jack would be angry over being humiliated and also at Gabe for being possessive.  They would fight.

In either case, it would then proceed as follows:

They would make entirely earnest efforts to kick each other’s ass and inflict lots of damage.  Somehow it would never quite make it to trying to actually kill each other.  Somewhere in the middle of fighting they would probably have sex.  Possibly while also punching each other.  It’s a tossup whether it would be soppy or rough, but either way they would utterly fail to convince each other or themselves that they don’t give a damn about each other anymore.

Bonus round: Gabriel might follow Jack around for a while after that, because getting kidnapped and used by a vampire is a pretty fucked up thing to go through (AS THEY BOTH KNOW), and he would be feeling possessive, traumatized twitchy and worried about Jack’s mental state in the aftermath.  Meanwhile Jack, who is an old hand at mental breakdowns, would hold it together till he reached someplace he liked and then freak the fuck out and spend some time having flashbacks and even more inappropriate rage than usual.  And yes, Gabriel, he fucking knows you’re there, you creeper.

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Random Batman Headcanon: Bruce Wayne takes home socialites who are a little too drunk to consent, especially if other guys are starting to get skeevy, then lets them sleep it off while he goes out hero-ing. This gives him a solid alibi, strengthens his playboy rep, and protects those women, all at the same time.

Yes good this is exactly what happens.

I’ve always thought ‘rapple’ was a skeevy ship. The first few episodes show Apple forcing herself to be Raven’s roomate so she could sway her to be the evil queen in her story. In short I think Apple’s weird obsession with Raven has formed into feelings towards her but Raven’s not really into her. Who would want to date someone that constantly tried to manipulate you into doing things you don’t want to do?

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Yamaguchi really doesn't consider himself the most ideal of omegas, but for some reason, he seems to attract a lot of alphas - skeevy/perverted types in particular, who get almost predator like when they come on to him. Oikawa, to name one. Maybe he just gives off an aura of timidness and vulnerability that makes him seem tasty. Tsukishima, and recently, Tanaka and Noya, have always been around to chase those types off, but secretly, he finds their aggressive courting arousing.

Yamaguchi doesn’t think he’s the best looking omega out there. In fact, he thinks he’s downright ugly. Most of the alphas that approach him think he’s adorable, but they also think he’s vulnerable and desperate, and want to take advantage of that. Oikawa and a few other choice members from other teams make note of this, and address him for courtship. Of course, he has a thing for Tsukishima, so he politely refuses, and some alphas get a little violent when they’re rejected. Good thing he’s the only omega on a team of big-brother like alphas who are always there to protect him. 

The feeling of rough, strong hands gripping at his wrist or his hips when he’s approached by a potential mate makes him so damn hot, it’s definitely an inspiration during his heats~

i hate the idea behind a lot of discourse that you can just replace [term] with [other term] and that fixes everything, like… with a lot of issues it *is* problems with the word itself! but with other topics, it’s how words are utilized, and so blindly replacing words instead of fixing the line of thinking accomplishes nothing

example 1: people tend to go, oh yes, calling strangers boys/girls is bad because it assumes their gender. yes! good job! but then they replace “girl” with “afab” or “female presenting” or “boy” with “amab” or “male presenting.” it’s skeevy & transparent as fuck tbh. assuming someones assigned gender at birth is just as transphobic as assuming their gender, you’re acting like by looking at a stranger’s current body you can judge their assigned gender from BIRTH… it comes off as “i’d be able to tell if someone is trans it’s super obvious!” and also the “(gender)-presenting” thing is nasty too because that’s a label someone should give THEMSELF, if they choose to. it also perpetuates ideas of what boys & girls “should” look like. imagine if a trans boy is trying so hard to present as a boy but you call him female presenting! it’s hurtful!

example 2: gender swapping was gross bc it equated gender with sex & presentation. it always chose to swap both gender AND gender assigned at birth to continue telling cis narratives instead of just making a trans character. “gender swap” wasn’t some dirty word– it was the sentiment behind it that was gross. so replacing it with “cis swap” or whatever… like, doesn’t address that at all, & in the case of “cis swap” it literally just enforces the exclusion of trans people

like. just. think about shit for 2 seconds before ya say it

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wait whos greasy philosopher major??? sorry im a lil bit new

My nemesis from my study abroad program in Morocco. He was just… a really skeevy, obnoxious, gleefully malicious person who prided himself on how manipulative and cruel he was. Seemed to have overcompensated by turning high school social awkwardness into college violence and abuse. Adopted the persona of an anime villain but backed it up with real-world cruelty.

I had some emotional baggage as a result of our altercations for a while, because I shoved it aside in the moment and never knew exactly how to deal with it. I wouldn’t call it PTSD, just… stuff. I think I’ve moved on now, but the horrible boss I had earlier in the year kind of got me fucked up about it again and forced me to confront the stuff I had buried. They were very similar people.

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I can't wait till Harley gets her hyenas next movie. I headcanon she finds them being tested on at some skeevy lab in Gotham. She begs the Joker to let her keep them. Now whenever people greet the Joker it's him and Harley's two doozing hyenas.

I really hope it happens, i hope anything happens honestly, I just want to see what they can do and hopefully pull out all the stops for Harley and the Joker etc. I’m going to stay positive because it’s a lot better than being negative. 

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Ship that pisses you off:

Deanmara.  It really disgusts me, I think, less on the show and more in the fandom that there are people who will defend this ship and get angry at people who think its gross (which it IS, the entire premise of the ship is that Dean is some sort of fucking cradle robber).  At least Wincest is a ship that takes place between two consenting adults; Amara started lusting after Dean when she was 10 years old and ‘came on’ to him first at age 14 (I’m talking about that weird UST moment in Crowley’s lair).  It’s just skeevy, and there are so many consent issues… I just.  Ugh.  It’s making me angry just typing about it.

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