I hope you like it, im not used to the Rick and morty art style but i tried

*this was not stolen. For anyone who thinks it might have been, I talked to the artist about it, we are ok now*
(my headcanon, post-movie part 2)

Hola! This is the scene after the episode with tia Victoria… I’m drawing what happens next…

Meanwhile, a bit of Imelda cuddling Hector is always good for everyone’s happiness … so here:


Imelda: “Hector!? Are you ok? What’s up?“

Hector: “Hola mi vida!” <3 “Oh… Nothing, I’m fine! I was just… Thinking…!“

Imelda: “Well… If it makes you feel like that… don’t think!”


Imelda: “Better now?“

Hector: “Si….” :3  “Te amo Imelda!” <3


Imelda obviously doesn’ t know what happened with tia Victoria and Hector will not say it to Imelda.

He’s probably thinking she’s right, he’s never done anything good for his family…

Meanwhile Victoria is already regretting what she said… Don’t worry! I’ll draw cute stuff… :3

Bonus Headcanon: Imelda often finds Hector thoughtful, she is used to it, but when she finds him in a sad mood she knows what to do! She simply surprises him with a little kiss, this is enough to make him happy again…! <3


When I saw this shirt I knew I had to draw Jumin wearing it 💜
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