Ba't di pasok ang CADs sa Skechers Finals?! O_O

Can someone who watched the elims a while ago at SM North PLEASE tell me how it went? /in shock

Also very surprised AMA didn’t make it either. I thought they’d be another shoe-in after placing 2nd in Maximum Groovity. I really like their groove and how they don’t use stunts, just all-out swag. If this is any indication of how strong college teams are this year, it’ll be fun to watch. Just wish Ateneo and AMA were there. :[

On a related note, congrats to DLSU, Letran, Adamson and UA&P for making it to the Finals.

Highschool Division:

Also major props to the current IndAK team! I felt so proud you guys, you were awesome yesterday and I can’t wait to see you kill it at the final battle! Goodluck from now until Araneta. :> Congrats also to LSGH (Air Force), St. Paul (Terpsichore) and INBCS (Tedeum Crew) for advancing.