skechers 7

Ba't di pasok ang CADs sa Skechers Finals?! O_O

Can someone who watched the elims a while ago at SM North PLEASE tell me how it went? /in shock

Also very surprised AMA didn’t make it either. I thought they’d be another shoe-in after placing 2nd in Maximum Groovity. I really like their groove and how they don’t use stunts, just all-out swag. If this is any indication of how strong college teams are this year, it’ll be fun to watch. Just wish Ateneo and AMA were there. :[

On a related note, congrats to DLSU, Letran, Adamson and UA&P for making it to the Finals.

Highschool Division:

Also major props to the current IndAK team! I felt so proud you guys, you were awesome yesterday and I can’t wait to see you kill it at the final battle! Goodluck from now until Araneta. :> Congrats also to LSGH (Air Force), St. Paul (Terpsichore) and INBCS (Tedeum Crew) for advancing.


SPCP Terpsichore @ Skechers 7

Congratulations Terps!!! You have indeed conquered the dancefloor <3

I’m a proud Paulinian !! :“>

Sojourn: Skechers 7 (1/2)

sojourn: a temporary stay; stop; stop over; vacation

November 12, 2011

Skechers in the SMART Araneta Coliseum was simply amazing (pun intended)! I’m so proud of Nica Fab! She was so good. Too bad Sayawatha didn’t get in the top three. They totally deserved to be though :(

Tried practicing the little I learned from my first Photojournalism class I had that same day by taking pictures of people’s reactions. The keyword here is “tried”. HAHA. I also need to work on my focus.

Here are shots before the show actually started. Skechers 7 part 1.

An intended bokeh shot.

Erika, one of my best friends.

I decided to walk around the place and take pictures of random people. These two guys were nice enough to smile and wave at me as I took their picture.

Others, like this little boy (below), just looked at me weirdly. They probably thought I was stalking them.

I saw so many official photographers walking around and taking pictures too. How I wish I was one of them. I just had to settle for taking photos of them in action.

I wanted to have a different angle as well. So I took a couple of photos of the “behind the scene”/production crew. Most of them looked stressed.

The lower box consisted mostly of DLSU/LSGH boys and St. Paul girls. At the end of the competition, there were so many of these green things on the floor.

Rock on Adree!… whoever you are.

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