Skebo - Gjutarns Bästa

From last weekend. This is a darkish ale from one of my top favorite brewing company in Sweden, Skebo Bruksbryggeri. This is real craft beer from Sweden.

They have really high standards on all of their beers and it’s also good price compared to many other brewing companies.

Perfect ale for thoose hot summer nights, so I always trie to store a few in my beer fridge.

On one hand, tomorrow is Pi Day. And some MST kids are going to show off their lack of social lives (Yeah, I’m looking at you Jake ;p) and recite digits of pi. And then we all get free pie. And that’s cool ‘cause I like free food and I get to get out of class early. Shortened hour of AP chem and less Attan lecture…YEAH!  :D

On the other hand, tomorrow is Skebo’s trial. I’m still in disbelief. I mean, I know he did it…but it still kills me to hear. I was such good friends with the guy. I can’t believe that he’d do something like this. And it hurts to know he isn’t who all the band kids thought he was. And we’ll never, ever see him again. And that just fucking sucks. I really wish none of this was happening… :/