ske snap


SKE Snap Adventures: Day 1 (x)

Nishishi and I are in the backstage field, and A WILD MOKOMOKO APPEARS! 

Age: 25yrs | Team: KII | HP: 50 | Att: 55 | Def: 70

Sp Att: 60 | SP Def: 89 | Speed: 43

Weak against: Being called an old lady | Resistant to: us taking photo /o/


We try to snap some pics, but wild Mokomoko is startled and tries to run away. I told Nishishi to throw an apple at it, but wild Mokomoko escaped. 



SKE Snap Adventures: Day 2 (x)

Nishishi and I continue through the backstage field, and come across A WILD MANATSU! 

Age: 16 yrs | Team: KII | HP: 60 | Att: 45 | Def: 73

Sp Att: 52 | SP Def: 94 | Speed: 50

Weak against: Being bitten by Nishishi | Resistant to: us taking photo /o/


Wild Manatsu was much more docile than Mokomoko, but still quite elusive. We were able to catch that adorable smile tho. Nishishi later bit wild Manatsu to see if we could get a more creative shot, but it yielded bad results.