ske oshi


they performed Tsuyogari Tokei and SKE Oshi!!!! ahh!!!! but i didn’t get to watch it smoothly since the stream was buffering so much (not on my part but on the part of the one who was doing the streaming T_T)

i hope a download link for it comes out soon so i can watch it in full! today’s stage was amazing! ^_^ love how they have each unit for each team ^_^ and how the 5th gens were appearing in pairs during Rena’s Kareha no station! ^_^

and i forgot to mention, i also love how the team songs were performed by generation ^_^ as i was watching each gen i thought of “Wow All of SKE are really amazing ^^ Every gen is so fired up!” What’s amazing are how the 5th gens can catch up with their senpais energy ^^

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120923 Shin Domoto Kyoudai - SKE48 with “SKE Oshi” (originally “Team B Oshi”)

Not a difficult song to pull off in the vocal sense. A complete genki performance by the young and hot-blooded SKE48 members.