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they performed Tsuyogari Tokei and SKE Oshi!!!! ahh!!!! but i didn’t get to watch it smoothly since the stream was buffering so much (not on my part but on the part of the one who was doing the streaming T_T)

i hope a download link for it comes out soon so i can watch it in full! today’s stage was amazing! ^_^ love how they have each unit for each team ^_^ and how the 5th gens were appearing in pairs during Rena’s Kareha no station! ^_^

and i forgot to mention, i also love how the team songs were performed by generation ^_^ as i was watching each gen i thought of “Wow All of SKE are really amazing ^^ Every gen is so fired up!” What’s amazing are how the 5th gens can catch up with their senpais energy ^^

I will graduate in February.I kept on crying from yesterday’s first song.It is all thanks to you that I have come so far. I think today’s stage is complete with the presence of 6th gen and draftees.I felt the staff’s love in the setlist which made me cry. I will feel lonely without everyone by my side but from March onwards I wil be SKE Hako Oshi like you all!Lets root on SKE together!
—  Sato Seira -Nagoya Dome Concert 2 day
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120923 Shin Domoto Kyoudai - SKE48 with “SKE Oshi” (originally “Team B Oshi”)

Not a difficult song to pull off in the vocal sense. A complete genki performance by the young and hot-blooded SKE48 members.


23:07 November 27 - Yukko [G+ post]


Thank you all so very much
for my graduation performance!

I got a life’s worth of Yukko calls


To all the Yukko-oshis
and SKE-oshis,

I thank you all from the bottom of my heart!


I’ll write in detail again on my blog
but it’s kind of hard to do it today. *laugh*

I’ll write it the day after okay


Super happy right now.

Ahh, I feel so sad (´;ω;`)



Thank you for bringing me into this group. Thank you for all the smiles you gave me. Thank you for everything you’ve done. At least I can say that I had lots of fun supporting you all this time :’D

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[SUBBED] - MC Bits’ compilation - 1

I didn’t know which bits to put up together, so I decided to go pretty much chronologically in order not to get too confused myself lol
These bits are from the Stages of October 15, 18, 28 and 29 and it’s all basically on Team E, with a quick S appearance.
Desperately demanding for someone to show up, comparing one’s own self to a certain animal (my eyes never lie, oranguRion for life!! :3) , challenging shamelessly in ridiculous trials (lol), falling in love (with the one everyone goes through…), having a grandpa with an SKE oshi, rejoicing over a personal accomplishment and then getting reminded about old loves lol
A very very random compilation. Hope you’ll enjoy :3
I plan on uploading  more soon.

280215 Matsui Jurina's Official Ameblo 23:14


Good evening!

Yesterday was SKE’s first documentary  "Idol’s Tear" released date.  
Also, today is Tekken-san’s flipbook comic-movie film “Furiko"released date (^^) 

I’m really happy that there are many people mentioning during the handshake event that they have already watched it☆☆☆

I hope that by watching the documentary, people can come to love SKE all over again.
If the feeling of wanting to continue to support SKE could be passed across, then that would be great.

In Furiko, the role that I acted as is someone who started out as a junior high school student and became a working adult!!
Although the shooting period was short, but there are many scenes which are filmed together with the family.
The whole shooting is similar to a real family, It’s very warm. 
This allowed me to realize the joy in acting all over again !! 

Through this film,

the importance of time, the importance of family, the importance of the people supporting you.  

I hope that everyone would get a piece of these feelings.(^^)  

I really recommend Jurina oshi and SKE shi to watch both of them in a day. lol  
Well then, good night (o^^o) 

Furiko’s off-shoot photo.
I’m a little embarrassed because of the twin tails .

Translated by jrwasabii of Juurina@tumblr