timetravellerluffy asked:

✾ - Why I chose my character.

✾ - Why I chose my character.

             I didn’t.

                  He chose me.

         Okay, I’ll be serious for once in my life because you’re my sendpie.

    In the beginning, I had planned to make a Luffy ( And I did. Elastic—simplicity ) I loved his innocence, recklessness and stupidity. Yet for some reason, that wasn’t enough. — So I went off to finish the manga before starting anything in the fandom.

            All I knew was that I wanted a character I could relate to. A character I knew I wouldn’t have any trouble understanding.

    Then Ace appeared. At first, he wasn’t anything special. He was just Luffy’s cool older brother who didn’t do much of anything in the series. — But the moment I knew he was the character to play was during the Marineford arc. The way he shouted at Luffy to get lost as it was his own problem. The way he cried about how happy he was to see everyone try to rescue him. The part where he stood up for his ‘father’ when Akainu (gdi Clifford) insulted him. Also, the moment he sacrificed himself to save Luffy and the way he thanked everyone for loving him despite the fact he had a demon’s blood running through his veins. — Everything he did in that arc really got to me. — Normally, characters like him always fail to get my attention, but, somehow, this idiot managed to.

     When he cried, I cried. And that has never happened to me before.

    He’s probably the most kindest character in the series ( well, to me he is ) And I can’t help but love him. — He’s the one character I relate to the most, and the one that will always remain in my heart.