🕵🏻 Gael on Oscar Peluchonneau’s Moustache | NERUDA (2016) 🕵🏻  [listen!-30sec]

Gael: To play the best detective there is in the world… (laughs)
Pablo: […] He drew on the moustache. He showed me and said oh I’ll have a moustache
G: And so I sent the picture to — (laughs) — to Pablo and then he said, “I’m Scared. I like it but I’m ~scared~.”
P: [laughing] Me gusta pero me asusta
G: Like yeah let’s go for a mustache, you know?
P: And he was like, ‘And I’ve never worn it in a movie before so it’s like, you know, you’re gonna have the unique moustache! ! ’ 
G: Which was true, and he was even more frightened!  

Bryke OldScratch Summary
  • David starts by talking about LoK’s accolades, mentioning he didn’t know what he wasn’t getting into when he got the part–he only know about the movie that will not be named–and thanked Bryke for the chance to work on the show.

  • Bryan mentions receiving a text from his nephew, who is in college, sending him a picture of a guy with Korra on his laptop

  • David talks about a waiter who recognized him and showed him his Avatar tattoos

  • Korra Book 3 has a 100% Rotten Tomatoes (Mike, “It’s pretty good, cause people hated Book 2.”)

  • Talking about the score and the blending of Chinese music with Jazz. Bryan talks about the story how Ben Wynn and him were room mates and Ben introducing Jeremy to Bryan. He talks up Jeremy’s musical skills a lot, especially his skills as a guitarist. David’s producer asks if they have music they can play and they proceed to play some of Ben’s music.

  • Then they play some of Bryan’s music–which he posted already on his blog.

  • David drops a promo for the LoK soundtrack (yes!). And then Bryan talks about the beginnings of the Track Team’s involvement on AtLA.

  • Bryan says “Jeremy’s never even been nominated” and that it angers him and I AGREE WITH  YOU SO MUCH BRYAN LET ME TURN MY DESK OVER TO PROVE IT HNNNNG—SKDFHS

  • They then proceed to talk about how they chose animation studios, and using Sifu Kisu to create reference material

  • They talk about the quality of artists they bring onto the production, and then how artists are hardest on themselves. Mike and Bryan joke they’re lucky they don’t have to deal with their own faces being on their stuff.

  • LoK was nominated for Annie Awards, NAACP Awards etc. Mike jokes that their favorite awards are the ones where they didn’t have to do anything special to get the awards. Bryan talks about how a lot of the award shows pretend like they’re the Oscars and it’s an inconvenience to enter and go–and then they don’t even win. Bryan tangents on an experience involving an undercover animal right’s activists shattering his first impressions of the guy at one of those shows

  • David starts up Mako-related topics, beginning with Mako’s being named after THE Mako Iwamatsu. Then Mike talks about Mako (actor’s) casting for Iroh, how he exceed their expectations and how the idea for Iroh’s character changed. Originally he was gonna be a sterner character, but Aaron Ehaz helped bring out the softer side of the character.

  • They start talking about PJ Byrne and how he’s hilarious. “Do you think he sleeps?” cause he’s so busy right now.

  • Shoutout to Janet Varney. David’s producer asks if Korra was based on Bryan’s “tough sister,” and Bryan talks about his sister punching her brother and then their brother teaching her how to throw a proper punch. (Gave boyfriends black eyes apparently.) He also nods at how she’s based on female MMA fighters and how they wanted to evolve Bending a bit. He touches on the snowboarding teenage girls influencing her character too–he thought they were really cool cause of the air they were catching.

  • David asks about the distribution of Bryan and Mike’s duties. Mike sums it up that Bryan’s the art director and Mike’s the story director, but mentions that duties change with each Book and that their duties do overlap. Bryan mentions he doesn’t get writing credit, even though he does participate in story development.

  • David asks what is left to be done on the episodes. There’s 1 and a half episode’s worth of animation to come back. Second to last episode is about to be scored. David goes, “That’s gotta be bittesweet?” and Bryan’s like, “Na, I just wanna finish. I want to go to sleep.”

  • Bryan and Mike talk a bit about their history and reverts back to the division of responsibilities between them again and how it’s more about their interests and time demands

  • Book 3 commentary with cast will apparently happen

  • David has a bit more ADR. His producer goes, “You have to bring me in one day.” David says he’d be surprised how secretive the recording sessions are. Bryan jokes that THEY care about it being secret, but Nickelodeon doesn’t. “They leak stuff all the time. Not on purpose.” David mentions leaking something a while ago and Bryan’s like, “I remember.” (“Faustinooooo!!” one of them goes.)

  • Bryan talks about accidentally leaking Toph metalbending at a convention a few years back, cause episodes can take so long to finish. He says the “bad” episodes take the longest–good episodes tend to “flow.”

  • David is asked if they (the VA’s) remember the episode after they’ve recorded it, since it’s a year later. And David says he doesn’t, he just remembers the ADR.

  • David asks what’s next for Bryke, and they essentially say they’re gonna relax. Mention where you can find them as far as social media. They talk about why Bryan chose tumblr, but they both say the don’t get twitter.

  • David says his fans asked him to ask about Makorra. Mike says he doesn’t get Makorra, cause when it was happening they got negative feedback and now that it’s not happening people keep asking about. Bryan’s like, “It’s like the forbidden fruit…” because people are never happy no matter what happens.

  • Fan questions from Instagram.
    : Will Kya have a major fight scene in Book 4?
    A: No. B4 has a TON of characters, and she didn’t make the cut. Apparently she’s done now–her being on the boat with Korra in Korra Alone was her last appearance. It’s not cause they don’t love her–Bryan compares it to Lin being pulled back in B2 even though he loved her in B1.

  • Q: Do Kya and Bumi have any kids?
    A: Mike says he doesn’t think so and mentions they’ve been getting a lot of backstory questions on those two lately, which they think is cool.

  • Q: Are we gonna hear more about Sokka at all?
    A: Bryan says that’s another case where he’s a character they love, but he just didn’t fit in Korra’s storyline. They keep getting the question. They say that LoK is not a showcase for the AtLA characters, and Sokka and Suki just didn’t make the cut–especially since they said he was dead in the first episode of LoK. They want a reason for the old characters to show up, because they didn’t want a “pedantic history lesson” that just focuses on what the old characters did with their lives.

  • David asks what they’re listening to right now. They talk Talking Heads, jazz standards, Mastedon and Aceyalone. Sounds like David will be promo-ing it. David asks about hiphop, Bryan says he’s not an aficionado but has been exposed via Ben Wynn’s DJing.

  • Standard parting words, thanks for coming, maybe we’ll get to work together again etc.


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