I sometimes pity Exo and BTS fans. These two fandoms are always fighting, sometimes in the most ugly ways for that #1 spot. it must be so tiring to always throw your dignity right out of the window just to declare that your group is “more important and successful” than another one. Even as a huge Exo fan, I’m glad that my ultimate bias group isn’t as well-known as them and a “flop” and “has-beens” in their eyes, so that they don’t even feel threatened by them. It’s very nice. My fave group is doing very well in Korea so I don’t need to worry and I just grab my popcorn and watch these two fandom fight over something as unnecessary as whose more popular and whose not.

Dear G:

We all know the do’s and dont’s of falling in love.
We’ve heard them a million times.

You should never beg someone to stay.
You should love deeply, but never deeply enough that you forget who you were before that person.
You should enjoy every moment with them, but always keep in mind that you lived before this person came into your life and that you can continue to do so after they leave.

But what we don’t know is that when you fall, and I mean truly fall, none of the safety precautions lay at your disposal.

You tell yourself it’d being cynical to think about it ending.
You entwine lifetimes together in the space where their neck meets their shoulder.
You start to forget how to be alone, how to protect your own heart.
You start to believe in happily ever after, because surely with them it’s possible. Surely everyone else was wrong. Because I mean, look at you, clearly true lasting love is possible.
And you want it to be possible.
You want it more than anything.
And for a while, it is.

But then life does what it does and you’re left to wonder where you went wrong.

Did you miss the signs? Had they all been there all along and you were just too blind to see them?

We all hear the stories. We all think we know better. And we do, until we don’t.

Because that’s what it means to fall in love.
We all know where it’ll end, but for a while, we pretend like we don’t.

G, Falling in love with you meant unlearning to be afraid. Please stop breaking my heart. Please stop before I teach myself again the art of letting go and being alone.

Love Always,


Everything We Know About The Incredibles 2: Rumors, Release Dates and Character Returns

Disney announced Wednesday that The Incredibles 2’s release date had been moved up to June 15, 2018. 

1. Brad Bird is back. The writer and director of Pixar’s original Incredibles is returning to helm the sequel.

2. The new release date is a swap. Originally, The Incredibles 2 was going to be released in June 2019, which led plenty of theories to speculate why the sequel took so long to be announced. 

3. Sarah Vowell is rumored to be reprising the voice of Violet Parr, and Raymond Ochoa is rumored to be voicing Dash Parr, a change up from the original character, who was voiced by Spencer Fox.

4. Rumors speculate that Jack-Jack, a baby in the first film, will be the sequel’s main villain. Latter scenes in the original alluded to how powerful he would become later in life.

5. Bird has said that this movie won’t be like other superhero films. Instead, the sequel will focus on the relationships between the characters, giving more weight to the Jack-Jack theory.

 6. Frozone is probably coming back. While promoting Captain America: Winter Soldier, Samuel L. Jackson said, “Every time I run into Brad [Bird] he always tells me Frozone is part of what’s going on, so I have to believe that.”

7. Fans also theorize that Dash could become the movie’s main villain.