Okay, so I am now officially making a binder/transition fund for ordering binders for people who need them but do not have the money/or safety to ask their parents for one, because I have a debit card/paypal to order them online, but unfortunately I don’t have the money to pay for all of the binders out of my own pocket, as I have done that for 5 people already.

Right now the list is about 10 people long, and the safest and most comfortable binders (g2cb) cost $35-$40 dollars depending on size and shipping. If you can donate, even just your starbucks money for tomorrow morning to, that would be amazing of you honestly. Paypal sends me an email with your donation, and I will send you a reply email telling you I got it, and the name + url of the person you are helping. {if they are comfortable with that of course!]

so if you yourself need one, please message me off anon and I will add you to the list! And I will message you for an address for it to be shipped to when I have the money to buy you one! <3 

if you can’t donate I completely understand, and do not feel obligated to regardless, but I know a lot of people would really appreciate it if you could reblog this. I hope you have a lovely day either way! and thank you for reading this.

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