A.W.O.L - Arrow Music Notes 4x11

Absence.  Leaving without consent.  This week’s episode focuses on two characters: Felicity and Diggle.  While A.W.O.L. is primarily referring to the ARGUS mission that went side-ways, we see Diggle struggling to reconcile the brother he lost and mourned with the criminal brother he regained.  Can he trust Andy after Andy went A.W.O.L?  Can he forgive him?  Felicity struggles to deal with the ramifications of her disability.  Can she still be part of the team?  Who is she really?  Goth Felicity who radically changed after Cooper’s death or the Felicity who loves Oliver and is a vital part of Team Arrow?  These are questions they both had to answer themselves while having the support of their loved ones.

Diggle and Andy

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I love that this episode started and ended with Diggle and Lyla.  This is a beautiful couple who clearly love each other and are devoted to their family and saving the world.  It is too bad that their well-deserved date was interrupted with ARGUS business but we are watching Arrow.  It could have been worse.

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About love&recovering

GUYS!!! You are amazing, I can’t even begin to tell you how grateful I am for all the nice messages I’ve received since yesterday…you really warmed my heart with all the love and positive vibes that have been sent my way..I feel you and in this hard time of my life it gave me an unexpected sense of peace.

I’m sorry that I wasn’t able to answer each one of you right away, but today I’ve been a bit under the weather (anesthesia’s after-effects are not so fun let me tell ya…) so I basically rested in bed all day with all the family army fussing over me like busy bees - with my hubby playing the Queen Bee :o) …it’s nice though I’ll admit it without shame! :o)

I’m getting better by the minute, and my kid has been an angel…dispensing kisses and hugs like there’s no tomorrow… this morning, after breakfast he looked me in the eyes and, taking my hand he said to me:  

Mommy you have to stay put today, I’m a big boy now  (he’s seven and not even remotely near to be big at all!! period. :o)) let me take care of you like you always do when I got tummy ache.

Now, that’s what we’ll do: you stay in bed and I’ll come every ten minutes with a kiss and some cuddles,: once you’re fully stocked you’ll get better in no time. You’ll see. It works every time when I’m sick and it’s you kissing and cuddling me

And you know what? He did exactly that all day long!!! He tackled to this task he committed himself to and never wavered, not even once…I guess it’s much to his benefits as for mine, since he got pretty scared when he came to the hospital 2 days ago, my beautiful (baby) boy…

Thank you again, friends,  for all your means a lot to me, and just serves the purpose to show that this fandom is made of some really wonderful people!!

I won’t forget it…love u guys!

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(I’m sorry if I’ve left somebody out, please forgive me! I hope I’ll soon be well enough to send each one of you a proper personal thank you for you incredible kindness…) 

Making sure her summoning and receiving device, as she liked to call it, was in her purse, the Kory smiled in satisfaction, smoothing the front of her skirt before walking down the path, ready for another day of work, which she had not been expecting by bumping into someone. “Oh! I apologize! I did not see you there.”

Fic Rec Friday #15

Oh man, what a mid-season premiere! I know we all knew that Felicity wouldn’t be in that grave, but now EVERYBODY knows (thought I’m choosing to ignore a certain aspect of that scene and the inevitable angst it brings). This week’s rec is short and sweet, so enjoy!

Answers Of Reassurance by @arrowheadproductions >> Written before 4x10 aired. As Felicity tries to adjust to her new way of living, Oliver reassures her he isn’t going anywhere.

Always Taken Care Of Myself by @smkkbert >> Written before 4x10 aired. Felicity has trouble with her new way of living, which requires her to be far more dependent of people than she is use to.

Smile And Make My Heart Go Boom by @pinklunchboxrevenge >>  Oliver and Felicity have a one night stand. Felicity leaves and when they see each other Oliver has no chill and Felicity is aloof.

“You’d be perfect with me” by @skcolicity​ >> Oliver and Felicity meet at a bar. Cute and flirty banter ensues.

Play Ball by @writergirlwrites​ >> Oliver plays on the baseball team Felicity manages. They have a complicated relationship, which is about to get worse.


Hi guys…
Maybe some of you have noticed that I’ve been AWOL since monday …well something bad happened in our lives..

I went into ER last tuesday because I was in a lot of pain and, after a whole day of checking me up, they told me I had an ectopic pregnancy at high risk of tube’s rupture. This was my second one, last year I had another one that ended into the surgical removal of my right tube, which cut our probability to have another child to 50%.
Well, it seems it just wasn’t in the cards for us to have another baby, whom we were desperately seeking…
The worst thing is that I didn’t know I was pregnant when I got into ER, I thought the bleeding was my period given the timing but, alas, it wasn’t…

So two days ago I underwent the surgery and had my left tube removed too. I got back from the hospital just a few hours ago.
I’m in a lot of pain right now but they gave some good stuff to take and I’ll be home basically bedridden and recovering for the next week… so I guess, I’ll be reading a lot of olicity fics to help me getting through this moment

So sorry in advance if I won’t be around much, I’m not a great company right now and I really don’t want to be the buzzkiller around here…but I thought I’d let you know why I wasn’t answering your messages nor replying to the posts you’re tagging me into…you’re all always so kind to me!

Luckily though, we already have a baby, who is a wonderful and amazing kid that needs his mother to be ok, so I’m focusing on getting better, physically and mentally, for him.
Talk to you soon, friends.
Stay wonderful as always…
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June was dangerous. Well, perhaps not June but the Enchantress was. Being possessed by a witch had its drawbacks. There was no cell that could hold her. The sad fact was that June wasn’t evil at all. She was meek and friendly. However, when the Enchantress came out, she was no longer herself. In fact, she was no longer human. She was an entity. A feral goddess with a disregard with people and order. Least with the squad, they could eliminate her before she did something she regretted.

June was in control though for now and it wasn’t until she heard someone knock on her door. Answering, she offered half a smile. “What is it?”

I cannot tell
I cannot tell if this love is water
In the sense of the word
Meaning it cannot be described
I cannot tell if I am drowning
In this love
I cannot tell if you are
Why I am not breathing
I cannot tell
If this indescribable feeling
Is good or bad
This feeling
So electrifying
So killer and so
I cannot tell if this is worth
Not breathing for
Your lips have left a
Inside me and all over
My mind
So confused
So fucked
Still drowning
I am still
This love is a fucking
So breathtaking
Not in the beautiful sense
But in the worst
Painful and
Excruciating way
Someone help me
Get out
Of my own brain
Where my thoughts
Force me what to
These words I say
Hurt so bad
But are true
I cannot tell if this is
Where my story should end
Or where ours should begin
I cannot tell if
The color I’m seeing
Red or black
Means anything to you
I cannot tell if you can
My words shaking
The ground is shaking
My world is falling
Is what we are
Right now but we are both
In the same ocean of
Are hard for me to admit
But they are something
Bigger than me
Bigger than the small
Teardrops that I am
Drowning in
I cannot tell if you want
This to be the end
But the beginning
of you and me
But I can tell
That I am head
Over heals
But I am
Not knowing if you are
Drowning too