Any Man of Mine: Bad Hair Day (4/6)

Next up in the “Any Man of Mine” series! 

These aren’t necessarily tied together, but I obviously recommend you read them all. ;) Check out part one, two, and three or read them all on AO3!

“And anything I do or say better be okay when I have a bad hair day”

During their extended time away she’d let her hair color grow and fade out a bit. They were spending most of the time to themselves, and Oliver was intrigued, so she figured why not let him learn that part of her too?

But they were going back now, back to the lives they’d left behind, and before she could fully re-embrace her professional persona she needed to do something about this hair.

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A Way to Pass the Time

So, still no trailer.  How about a way to pass the time?

While Olicity might be Number One in many of our hearts, I know that Arrow isn’t the only fandom we all dabble in, nor are Oliver and Felicity our only Ship.  So, let’s share!

What are your top 3-5 current Ships?  What are your favorite moments?

What are your top 3-5 Past Ships?  Favorite moments?

Your Top BrOTPs?  Platonic friendships?  Anything at all.

Any takers?

jedichick04 mrsd923 sailorslayer3641 supersillyanddorky06 smoakingenius quant-um-fizzx olicityalamode pinklunchboxrevenge geniewithwifi akahazzap procrastinatingfan skcolicity scu11y22 ah-maa-zing 


Guess what, guys…we got a pic. One pic and it’s more than enough. That means memes!! Tagging those I can remember off the top of my head (working, so on my phone again)

smoakingtardis smoakingquiver skcolicity solicity97 thenerddess thethornyrant redpenandfern charlotte-anne90 sanetsays 1forall0allfor1 jbuffyangel mel-loves-all scu11y22 mogirl97 we-are-the-unthinkable olicity-beautiful-dreamer olicity-university lovesmoakingarrow rillacuthbert opheliafics florence-bubbles ireland1733 jenndoedmc


So all of you who I follow on Tumblr I most likely followed you because of your writing, because I figured if this person is crazy talented with their writing then their blog must be one to follow and boy was I right! Like, seriously, you guys are crazy talented. Your work is worth publishing and putting it in a book! You all should be arrested for putting my emotions through the wringer. For all of your work, I thank you. The Olicity fandom is lucky to have a group such as you!! It has been a privilege to read all your work, and just know I am a HUGE FAN. I’d probably be starstruck if I got to meet you! So sending you all my love and thanks!

olicity-beautiful-dreamer dust2dust34 wagamiller susannahmccormick sssssssim celticsparrow517 callistawolf fanmommer 1forall0allfor1 akahazzap machawicket anthfan heartstremble jedichick04 mogirl97 sophie1973 supersillyanddorky06 outoftheclosetshipper yourenotdonefighting olicityfics felicitylovesoliver aubvi thealternativesource dettiot hopedreamlovepray javajunkie18 jemmaniac yespleasehawkeye ohmypreciousgirl jbuffyangel sarcasticfina skcolicity redpendreaming  seetheskyaboveus

Sorry if I missed anyone! 

Fanfic writer appreciation day!

Hello, lovelies! So, I wanted to get this post up way earlier, but it’s been a long, LOOOOOOONG day work-wise and then couple it with car trouble after a grocery store pit stop. Today has been trying to say the least, but I will not let it get me down! Now is the time to spread the love!!!

I cannot thank the Olicity fandom enough, especially all you fic writers, for inspiring me to pick up the pen (or grab the computer) again! It had been years since I wrote a fic, and finding others out there with such passion and amazing stories, I found my muse once more :-D. 

skcolicity - The first person on tumblr I worked up the courage to message, and who beta-ed my first ever Olicity fic - thank you! I always enjoy your stories :-).

hopedreamlovepray - HOPE! Lovely lady! It has been such a joy to get to know you and squee over all things Olicity (and Labyrinth ^_~). The stories you write are always so beautiful and paint amazing pictures in my mind. I get so excited when I see you’ve written a new fic. *HUGS!* dear friend!!

dettiot - Your stories are GORGEOUS, and always so well written. They have such depth and really bring out the character’s emotions. Your fics are such a joy to read. :-)

dust2dust34 - BRE!!! All hail the queen of smut! As I’ve said before, I envy your talent and bow down to your amazing stories. I LOVE them, and always prepare for the possible cold shower I may need afterwards ^_~. Thank you for the amazing fics, and the wonderful convos!

arrow-through-my-writers-block - SHELBY!! You know i love you, girl, and your AMAZING fics!! I can’t thank you enough for all the beta-ing you’ve done for me, and all of your encouragement. You’re a gem and I love chatting with you :-). *HUGS!*

supersillyanddorky06 - Girl, I will probably always flail and freak out about your stories, thank you for letting me flood your asks WITH ALL THE NECESSARY CAPS!! ^_~ Your fics are like books right off of the shelf and I can’t get enough! Your talent is amazing, and I can only hope to reach that level one day :-). And you’re super fun to chat with, feel free to bug me anytime! ^_^

diggo26 - How you can crank out so many quality prompted fics in such a short time amazes me! I wish I had the ability to do that! Thank you for all of your time and talent, they are always so fun to read! :-)

And to all of the other writers who I follow: jedichick04, callistawolf, anthfan, fanmommer, so-caffeinated, aubvi, sailorslayer3641, bytemegeekette, nikkibeckettcsm, arrows-and-fairytales, effie214, mogirl97, seetheskyaboveus, machawicket, befitandchase, jbuffyangel, geniewithwifi (and anyone else who I’ve forgotten!!!) I love reading all of your fics, and thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing them with us. YOU ARE ALL AMAZING, WONDERFUL, BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE!!! 

Happy writing, everyone!


Okay, here are my memes from last night. Hopefully the last of the wrestling ones. Hope y'all enjoy. Can’t wait to get back on my normal “meme Monday on Sunday” schedule.

solicity97 skcolicity redpenandfern charlotte-anne90 sanetsays smoakingquiver smoakingtardis 1forall0allfor1 andjustforthismoment jedichick04 scu11y22 mel-loves-all rillacuthbert

I will tag more people as I think of them. On my phone. Sorry.

this is the last time (i’m asking you this)

this is what happens when i don’t write for weeks and am a slut for angst. for bonus tears listen to the last time by taylor swift (where the title came from)

speculation for arrow season 4

Rating: T/PG-13 | Words: 3,841 | Pairing: Oliver Queen // Felicity Smoak | In-Canon for now but could become Canon Divergence

tagging olicitykisses, redpendreaming, skcolicity, felicitybarry, smoakingsalmonladders, simplyfragile, and-the-second-thing, befitandchase, bettsrickards, queenlysmoak, reganadelemonade

She’d known this was coming ever since they’d gotten the call to come home.

Before then, really. There’s always been a lingering thought in the back of her mind that this is just the calm before the storm. That this was just a happy dream and one day something was going to come and wake her up.

And, apparently that day is today.

Felicity’s trying not to be bitter, she really is. There were conditions to this, and she’d signed the contract without even thinking of the consequences. Like the damn Little Mermaid - the original one, not the Disney-fied version. Willing to give up an essential part of herself for a short time with him. Hoping that in the few ticks of a clock that she’d gotten she would be able to convince him to change the terms and conditions.

And he loves her, she knows that. And she loves him. But there are rules they’d made when they’d started this out, and she doesn’t think love is enough to break them.

read on ao3

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Apparently it’s Fanfic Writers appreciation day! Who knew?! Not me for sure.

Honestly, I love Fanfic, probably more than published books. Because the amount of time and effort and stress and enotions it takes to produce one chapter, let alone 23+, is time out of the writers schedule, people with family and friends and jobs and lives, and the only compensation we get for our trials are love. So today’s kind of a really, really important day, because today’s all about loving the people behind the fics! I don’t talk a lot to other Fanfic writers. Normally I’m way too quite and invisible to be noticed when I make commets on work, compared to the love left huge blogs who are normally muturals with the writers. As a writer who will post a piece that took hours and maybe get two likes - please, show your appreciation to your favourite writers! It really is important to us! It also happens to normally the best way to keep them writing!

I sat down earlier to make this list of all my favourite authors (which will follow shortly) and my sister asked me what I was doing. I told her, and she asked me what order I’d put them in. Which threw me, because there is no order. Because can’t compare Fanfic to others, because they’re all too different, too amazing (this has lifted my spirits about my own writing too!) So, I need to thank all of you, for being the amazing people you are, and for blessing us enough with your work!

Previously mentioned list of favourite authors:

Much love to all


Fanfic writers

So I had this whole post I wrote out and it got deleted! I’m so mad. But I’m just gonna give a shout out to the amazing fic writers out there, especially the ones in the finchel and olicity fandom who changed my life. You have no idea how much I appreciate your hard work and time and dedication. It’s so tiring and takes time and work and it literally helps me so much. Until I discovered fanfic 5 years ago, I thought I was a freak in my obsessive thoughts over fictional couples. I thought I was alone but I know now I’m not. So here’s a shout out and appreciation post to some of my favorite writers. Thank you so much! You guys are so talented and I’m so overwhelmed by the amount of talent and high quality fics in the olicity fandom right now. I have so many I still want to read in my tag that I have saved to read because there are so many good ones to read.

Some of my favorite authors

hopedreamlovepray anthfan arrows-and-fairytales nikkibeckettcsm callistawolf dust2dust34 adubbs47 dettiot justanother90sbaby jbuffyangel machawicket effie214 thecolourpurpleinafield yespleasehawkeye skcolicity sentence-fragments so-caffeinated juleswritesallwrongs jedichick04 smoakingbillionaires redpendreaming missmorello outoftheclosetshipper ohmypreciousgirl darlinginmyway

I’m sure I forgot some and I’m sorry. There are so many good writers


Someone give me us a power couple fic, please?! Preferably with them at a campaign fundraiser or a gala. Fluff or smut … or both .. your choice. Shit I’d even accept some angst thrown in there. I just … give me ALL of the power couple stuff. Kay?

Oliver Queen, Mayoral Candidate and Felicity Smoak, CEO Palmer Tech. 


Any takers? dust2dust34 yespleasehawkeye skcolicity sailorslayer3641 cityofolicity holysmoaksoliver aubvi redpendreaming jedichick04 or anyone else who wants to play