[FANCAM] 160213 Bindaetteok Gentleman @ Like Seventeen ‘Boys Wish’ Encore Concert (Wonwoo focus)
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I have been laughing this for five minutes straight now. What have I d o n e.

But, I had this HC for Attack on Junior High, that whenever Erwin pulls a staff meeting he calls out the teacher’s names, and “mispronounces” Nile’s name due to “smudged writing” or “He couldn’t see it very well.”


Breathing In/Breathing Out, Marina&Ulay, 1977, Student Cultural Center(SKC), Belgrade

The majority of the audience for this exhibit was outside of the gallery, listening to an audio broadcast of the performance. Marina and Ulay had taped small microphones to their throats and had put cigarette filters up their nostrils. The two artists knelt in front of each other and locked their lips. Ulay emptied his lungs and Marina filled hers. This continued back and forth, breathing only the air in their lungs, for several minutes until only carbon dioxide was being passed and the two sprang apart. 

rip me