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Hera and Zeus and Visitation Rights

this was inspired by a dream and… yeah that’s basically it. also, felicity is totally a giant mythology nerd let’s not even try to deny this

Rating: T/PG-13 | Words: 2,901 | Ship: Oliver Queen/Felicity Smoak | In-Canon for now but could possibly become Canon Divergence, Future Fic, Lots of Fluff

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“Marry me.”

It’s unexpected, when he asks her. Although, it’s not really asking because it’s a mumble in a silent, breathless foundry where the only sound is the humming of Felicity’s computers. Oh, and the gasp. Yeah, her gasp kind of fills that silent void after.

“Oliver…” She replies, because he’s not really in any condition to be asking, not with him bleeding out over the med table like this and her desperately trying to get him out of his new Green Arrow suit before they ship him over to the hospital. Not that it’s really as hard as getting him out of his other one because this one is sleeveless and there’s a lot more armor and a lot less trying to squeeze his bulging biceps out of tight leather. “What…What are you talking about?”

“Visitation rights.” He murmurs, eyes fluttering halfway between open and closed. “They won’t let you see me like this. We’re not family.”

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Olicity Fanfic Recommendations

I actually wanted post this yesterday, but I got caught up, setting up my blog. So here is my first Olicity Fanfic Recommendations post. 
Short reminder: If you want to make sure that I see your fanfics, always feel free to tag me. :)

A lot of my favorites are summed up in my Olicity Fic Survey so you can check out those as well.

Ever since I have set that up a lot of new fics have been written or at least read by me so here are some of my favorites: 

“Parkour!” by aubvi - Felicity surprises Oliver with a trip to an indoor parkour park because she knows it’s killing him to not jump around like a ninja. It’s a win-win because he gets to play and she gets to watch.

“Euphoria” by thecolourpurpleinafield -  Set during 3x23. After Felicity saves Oliver using Ray’s ATOM suit, they finally find a moment in all the madness to talk.

“Didn’t you see what I did?!” by skcolicity - Funny dialogue fanfic about Felicity doing the Salmon Ladder.

“My blonde dictionary” by sandys18 - Oliver is in the League and Felicity teaches him Arabic.

“Beauty and the Quarterback” by xgeektacularx -  Oliver Queen; pro-football player and Starling City’s so called notorious playboy. Since childhood he’s been in love with his best friend Felicity Merlyn, Tommy Merlyn’s fraternal twin. The twist? He’s afraid to let himself love her.

“When everyone finds out” by charlymo -  What happens when everyone on the team finds out that Oliver and Felicity are together? It’s a sequel to “Things that go boom in the night…” (recommended in the Olicity fic survey).

“Didn’t mean for it to happen this way” by skcolicity -  Ray, Felicity, and some friends spend the last part of her birthday celebration at Verdant. Oliver tries to be happy for her, but fails miserably, as weeks of stress and heartache finally cause him to snap and lash out in uncharacteristic ways. (If the first link does not work, try this to Chapter 3; Links to Chapter 1 and 2 are added)

“Heart Shaped Wreckage” by arrow-through-my-writers-block -  Oliver and Felicity are living in peace, Team Arrow no longer needed in Starling City. But when the League of Assassins come to recruit him only to be denied, they take Felicity instead, sending Oliver into a maddening race to save her before the League can dig their claws into everything he loves most about her.

“Words in my memory” by andachippedcup  -  After saying goodbye to Oliver in Nanda Parbat, Felicity Smoak returns to Starling City knowing life will never be the same. Little does she know just how different her life is about to become as the repercussions of her night of shared passion with Oliver come to light.

“Or forever hold your peace” by katanabaabe - They’ve been best friends since college. And then one night she calls him devastated and he tries to comfort and they end up in a non platonic situation. Except she’s engaged to be married in a few months and he’s not her fiancé. Where does that leave them?

Thanks to all the writers for their amazing work! 

skcolicity asked:

aaahh, i need that 'sylar digging claire out of the odessa bombing' fic so bad!!! #he just wants to fix what's broken ... MY EMOTIONS

The first thing he notices about the so-called brave new world is that it smells like blood.

And charred flesh.

One eye opens warily; dark clouds and coalescing chunks of smoke are clearing up rapidly overhead. There’s light streaming down, dolefully piercing against the miasmic screen of sulfur and burned oxygen. No bird is singing, no bug is chirping, and it’s its absence that annoys him significantly more than its presence did just a few minutes ago.

It’s summer, he’s in Texas, the summit, Claire’s trunked discourse ‘it’s a brave new world—‘.

All of the memories hit him at once and he immediately sits up; his arms move to feel his chest, his face. There’s blood and dust and pieces of his clothing fall to the ground with the sudden movement. He’s been burned — terribly — and with the realization comes the pain, firing up synapses screaming underneath carbonized flesh. He allows himself a moment to recover, thinking how undeniable ironic is that he decided to mock-grant and give into Peter’s wish to add some color to his wardrobe today of all days. It’s not like the navy blue shirt he is wearing will be seen, not when only a tenth of it remains attached to his body and the rest is all blood stained and burned substance.

It’s that vague, random thought that brings to the forefront of his mind other urgency. His movements are frenzied, silence crippling the moment as for once he’s exerting his (untapped) ability to keep his mouth shut when he bites on his tongue as pain travels all throughout his body. He’s not sure what happened, he can only guess given the seemingly supernatural nature of the eclipse donning the firmament merely seconds before everything burst into flames. The explosion caught everyone off guard and not even he and his keen sixth sense to operate and outsmart danger was pardoned when part of the ceiling feel on top of his body, shadows engulfing his troubled senses afterwards.

Pushing a piece of debris off of him, he manages to crawl and maneuver his semi naked, still healing form from underneath the concrete conglomerate and it feels like being born all over again; only that there’s no relief flushing the newborn skin but a purpose, a purpose which fuels his actions other than to keep on breathing. He finally stands on two feet, breathing deeply and coughing smoke when he sees a wisp of dirty blonde hair peeking from beneath a fallen column.

This time he’s quicker — perhaps a direct consequence of there being more oxygen than smoke feeding his brain — for the task is made simpler with a telekinetic tug, removing the heavy piece of concrete impaling the body to the ground. The rest it’s done by hand — and maybe a little bit of desperation — as Sylar finally digs Claire’s body out from the remains of what was originally planned to be a peaceful protest that would bring them together. Would bring him closer to her, Peter had suggested in that cryptic, laced in naivety way of his when he told him that maybe he should take his otherwise favored bodyguard place.

An arm is securely wrapped around her middle and he hoists her up carefully, pushing strands of hair to the side and focusing on her face. Her eyes are closed, lips semi-parted and she is pliable in his hands. The moisture on the back of her skull is still fresh; one finger hooks onto the metal pole protruding there and yanks it out. He’s not sure how it got there, but Claire is prone to gruesome incidents and the rest is unimportant as he waits for her ability to kick in. He traces the skin; it’s soft and there are no traces of the injury.

She healed but one, two, three minutes (and forty five seconds) pass and she is not waking up.

He panics. This is not supposed to happen. He takes in the scene before him. Concentrates on the facts. She is warm, healed, and yet there are no signs of living force. He can already imagine Peter’s deafening shouts, asking, demanding an answer. He can hear his own voice too, mirroring his friend’s concern. Quieter, subtler, full of zealous curiosity and eclipsing devotion; by any means, no less urgent.

What happened?

He hugs her body close, the horror, shock and trauma of the event emerging from his carefully crafted walls. He rests on his haunches and looks up, the last of the dust and smoke clearing out completely. It’s a brave new day.

She’s not waking up.

He is a watchmaker.

Fix her.

So How Do You Tag Scully's "William"?

William Scully is both Scully’s father and brother.
William Mulder is Mulder’s father. (And they never married so the surname Mulder? No.)
Baby William? What if he’s no longer a baby.
Hybrid!William (that’s just mean)
TXF Love child (we hope)

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