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Are smut prompts okay? If so anything with Dom Oliver, Dom tommy and sub felicity. Toys would be great and orgasm denial ☺️☺️☺️☺️

so i finally got around to THIS doozy of a prompt. it turned into probably the fic that i’m most proud of writing so far in this fandom. no toys, but orgasm denial galore. it’s dirty, folks. you’ve been warned. 

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Felicity knew exactly what she was doing. They had been playing the game all night. She smiled at the faceless man in front of her, lightly touching his arm and laughing at his joke. It wasn’t funny, but it didn’t matter. He wasn’t her endgame, but they were.

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I was tagged by the ever so lovely thearoy to do the 20 Beautiful Woman Challenge.The pictures that are never really planned, but instead just happen are the ones that make me feel beautiful.

I am tagging these 20 gorgeous blogs, whether they would like to do the challenge or just so they know that they bring beauty to tumblr; fictality bloodymischa redpensandhoodies arrows-and-fairytales geiger1229 dust2dust34 youaremybestoffer falicitysmoke sorrywhatever edanyeros redpendreaming olicitykisses aimingforolicity smoakinamell skcolicity olicityalamode mitclass-09 ash818 bitchwitharrow smoakingbillionaires

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Felicity Smoak-Queen's surprise baby shower!

Not necessarily a baby shower, but baby shower-ish? There are gifts involved, so it counts in my book. And yes, it is inspired by the “Like a hero” scene in 2x09. Enjoy!

Being pregnant was exhausting. Now almost at seven months, Felicity was anxious to get the small human inside her delivered. She wanted to be able to pace in the foundry without her feet killing her after only a handful of minutes. With a grumble, she walked back towards her computers–Oliver and Digg still sparring on the mats. Approaching her desk, she saw a long rectangular box sitting on her chair wrapped in a familiar paper.

“Barry stopped by?” She asked, as she sat down with the box in her lap.

The sparring stopped and Felicity heard Oliver approach, “Yeah. But just delivering.”

Opening the box she couldn’t help but laugh at the stack of onesies inside–each with a different phrase and image.

The first one, of course, was bright scarlet and displayed proudly that my uncle’s a superhero, underneath which was a small yellow lightning bolt.

Oliver chuckled, “Barry’s not really subtle.”

Felicity grinned and set it aside. The others were similar, declaring the respective talents of the baby’s superhero godfather, superhero aunt, and superhero mother. But the one at the bottom of the pile was by far Felicity’s favorite and earned a groan from Oliver.

For sketched into the soft cotton onesie was the suit of the Arrow, complete with hood and a small quiver drawn onto the back. There was a small note pinned onto the front,

                   Cisco couldn’t help himself. I tried. Love, Caitlin.

As the onesie was shown to the rest of the team, much to Oliver’s chagrin, there was one thing that gift from S.T.A.R. Labs team made abundantly clear.

This child came from a family of heroes.

He or she would be protected. Very protected, indeed.

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A short 3x20 spec fic. Tagging smoakinamell dumplingnooona olicitykisses sentence-fragments justanother90sbaby amellthirst olicittys thearoy cityofolicity skcolicity 0nifs2 nikkibeckettcsm queensagents oliversjonas dontaskmetosay-idontloveyou simplewenny clarasfelicity ladymalfoi thinkolicity nikkibeckettcsm

Felicity didn’t want to open her eyes. Open her eyes and it might all be gone. He might be gone. Had he left already to join the League? Did they finally get to enjoy each other before everything ended again?

Her thoughts were soothed as she felt his hand on her stomach, pulling her closer to him. Felicity leaned into him. Oliver kissed her neck gently, and she sighed in contentment.

“Hi,” he whispered, breath hot against her ear. 

Felicity could feel a warm flush creeping across her face, and she flipped over to face Oliver.

Oliver couldn’t help but stare at her as she faced him. She was just as beautiful as he had pictured, as he had hoped. God, she was perfect. 

“So…that happened,” said Felicity breathlessly.

Oliver kissed her forehead. “Yes it did. Is that okay?”

Felicity nodded quickly. “Very. Very okay. Well, more than just okay, actually it was amazing. Mind blowing, actually, like wow I didn’t even know that I could bend like that and you and your tongue and really you can shut me up anytime,” she babbled.

Oliver leaned in, his eyes darkening like they had last night. “Gladly.” He kissed her, gentler than he had last night but still incredibly passionate. 

Felicity pulled away a few moments later, breathless. “Promise me that you’ll come back. Promise me that this time, it isn’t an ending.”

Oliver brushed back her hair, loose and messy, from her face. Her blue eyes sparkled hopefully as she stared at him. “I promise.”

This time, she knew he was telling the truth. He did mean it. He would finish up business with Ra’s, doing whatever it took to come home to her. And nearly three weeks later, he did come home, and he would spend the rest of his life promising her over and over again that he would always return to her. Always.

Mirror Images--An Oliver/Felicity Fic  AU

mylunarsolstice asked:  Her fingers reached up and touched the glass and she watched him mimick her.  

This was suppose to be angsty. It was part of our angst fest. It really was. But nope! It’s not. Instead it’s a Tangled/East of the Sun, West of the Moon/The Nutcracker/Peter Pan’s Shadow combination AU thingy. It’s kinda out there. But whatevs.

Summary: Felicity Smoak has always lived with a boy on the other side of the glass. No one else could see him, even when standing right beside her looking in the mirror. Everyone thought she was crazy. So did she. Until the day she broke a mirror.
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Her fingers reached up and touched the glass and she watched him mimic her.

For years and years all she had seen looking back at her in the mirror was him. 

Every time she walked passed a mirror she would glance over at it, thinking that maybe this time she would see herself, dark hair and blue eyes staring back at her. 

But it was always him. 

The only way she knew what she looked like was because of photographs. Cameras never lied. 

Mirrors did. 

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I have a theory.

I have a theory (it could be bunnies!)

Many of you will probably think I’m crazy. In fact I’m typing this with so much caffeine in my system that I’m probably high. I blame olicityalamode and jbuffyangel for this.

Just bear with me for a little while. This is for all you people that don’t want an Olicity wedding. I hear you. I do. Remember, I’m probably insane. I blame this website for that. Anyways. 

David Ramsey said (and i’m summarizing) that Diggle is an example to Oliver, that hopefully five or six years down the road that Oliver would be where Diggle is at. I’m also a firm believer in parallels and that the Arrow writers are obsessed with them. 

John Diggle met Lyla, married her in the war, divorced her, recovered from his PTSD enough, was reunited with Lyla and remarried her. 

My crazy theory is that this is a parallel for Olicity.

Now before you get your pants in a twist, hold your horses. parallel, mirrors. NOT DUPLICATES. Oliver has a different route. Different circumstances, different problems. I know. They’re different people. 

All I’m saying is that this could be the case. I’m just speculating. Perhaps Olicity does get married. Spur of the moment in the field of battle Will and Elizabeth style. I’m down for that. Perhaps something comes up in season four that tears them apart again. But worse. Felicity can’t forgive Oliver for something immediately. Perhaps it’s his son, or her father, or something. 

They’re apart. They learn to live without each other and realize yet again that they need each other. That they are their best selves with each other. That they are ready for this marriage that was thrust upon them.  

This is more than just realizing that they love each other. Can they live which each other? Can they accept the other person’s decisions even when it means changing their whole outlook. Can they really be tied to this person and make a home with each other?

This answer is hopefully yes. Endgame. But marriage right now is too soon. I agree. But it could be a good challenge for their lives. No one has tried to do this before. Marriage is typically endgame. But writers typically keep their protagonists alive and have them win every battle. 

Arrow writers don’t fit the norm. They take chances, they listen to us. I know we bitch and complain about the way their doing it and yes, nothing is perfect. But that is what makes Arrow different than the others. They are willing to thing outside the damn box and go with their guts. 

The one thing Arrow writers are is brave. They took a chance on Felicity Smoak and look where it’s ended us. Olicity. Endgame.

So while I don’t really want it right now, the Olicity Wedding is definitely in the cards. I’m going to wait, be patient and see where the end of season 3 and the beginning of Season 4 takes us. 

Because I don’t want same old boring Tv tropes.

I want innovations. I want something new. Bring on the Olicity Wedding and all the cans of worms.

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Olicity: Scully’s Theme

Another X-Files edit. I couldn’t resist overlaying the beautiful “Scully’s Theme” by Mark Snow to the NP Love Scene.

Thanks to smoakmyqueen for the raw footage.

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Pre-Flommy UST! Bonus head-in-ass-jealous!Oliver

I’m not gonna lie but this one gave me more trouble than it probably should have. I finally came up with something and I think you’ll be satisfied with it. High school au (obviously lol). Enjoy!! :)

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word of mouth

“Is that all your mouth is good for, Merlyn?”

At Felicity’s words Tommy quickly stops complaining. The two of them, along with Oliver had been working on a group project at Tommy’s house for the last hour and a half. They were nowhere near close to being done and Tommy was becoming restless.

Felicity was still glaring at him from her seat next to him at the table so Tommy turned in his chair, leaning in until his breath was hot against her ear.

“You’d be surprised to know exactly what my mouth can do, Smoak.” The implication of what he was referring to made perfectly clear by the low, sensual tone of his voice.

Tommy pulls away slowly, gauging Felicity’s reaction. He laughs lightly when he notices her flushed cheeks and sharp intake of breath. Satisfied, he turns back around to face the table. He’s looking down at his phone when he hears Felicity speak up seconds later.

“From what I’ve heard it’s not that impressive,” she says casually with a shrug of her shoulders.

Tommy whips his head in her direction, lips parted slightly in shock, but he recovers quickly.

“Well you can’t go around believing everything you hear.” He leans forward again until his face is inches away from hers. To Tommy’s surprise she holds her ground and his gaze falls to her bright pink lips. Felicity must notice because next thing he knows her tongue is peeking out, swiping across her bottom lip torturously slow and he can feel the way his body starts to react; his jeans suddenly becoming a little too tight. He lifts his eyes back to hers, holding her gaze.

“You should form your own opinion.” Tommy leans in closer, eyes never leaving Felicity’s. “Feel for yourself.” His lips are centimeters from hers, their breaths mingling. “I’d love to hear your thoughts on the matter but I can guarantee that once I’m done even you won’t be able to speak clearly. My name will be the only word you remember how to say.”

Felicity’s breath hitches before she’s licking at her lips again and Tommy’s eyes track the movement. All he has to do is purse his lips to feel the wet slide of her tongue on his own lips. He’s already straining against the zipper of his jeans and he scoots to the edge of his chair until one of his legs is between both of hers. Felicity’s eyes start to droop closed and he’s just about to erase the remaining distance between them when the sound of a fist pounding the table startles them both, effectively making them jump apart.

With wide eyes Tommy turns to find Oliver watching them, hands balled into fists and he looks…angry? To be honest Tommy had completely forgotten he was even there.

“Can you guys stop wasting time so we can finish this stupid thing already?” he tells them.

Felicity and Tommy look at each other, confused by Oliver’s reaction but they both nod their heads anyways before silently turning back to the assignment.

I love the brilliant callistawolf​. She is brilliant. i’m going to say it one more time. BRILLIANT! She had a wonderful theory that I AM SAYING IS CANON. One week till we find out. 

Unfortunately, to complicate matters we’re going to have a changed Oliver.  Because Ra’s doesn’t fight fair.  I think we’re going to see a return of the magic herbs that Malcolm gave to Thea (or a close approximation of those herbs).  I think Ra’s will use them or some other method to brainwash Oliver.  The League is basically a CULT.  Brainwashing is part of the MO.  Now why weren’t these tactics used on Maseo or Sara or Malcolm?  I’ll tell you: they came willingly to League.  They sought the League out.  They were running from their lives and in most cases believed that the life they has was lost to them forever.  There was nothing tying them to their former identities so therefore giving over their will to the League was a simpler matter.  Oliver on the other hand…

Oliver has the city he loves and has vowed to protect, Oliver has his team which is basically a second family to him, he has Thea whom he loves so much he would do anything to protect her and he has Felicity whom he now knows loves him back as much as he loves her.  He’s experienced the full power of her love for him and that’s not something he’ll forget or want to forget anytime soon.  So, he needs a little more coaxing to let go of those memories.  I predict in 3x21, we will see an Oliver that is being controlled by Ra’s to do his bidding (in this case, hunt down Nyssa).  I also predict we’ll see Felicity being the one to bring Oliver around.  That’s another thing this episode showed to me: if anyone can get through to Oliver, it’s Felicity.

I think Calli’s right. If you watch the promo, there’ the part that Ra’s has Oliver in chains and he is totally confused and the camera’s going everywhere. Drugging? Also, very good foreshadowing with Felicity drugging him earlier. Light vs Dark? One for good and One for evil? 

But the herbs make perfect sense. Vulterra? I believe? Anyways, there was a reason they kept bring it up. Beside Killing Sara. But why? We still haven’t gotten to that. What do you think? herbs, why sara was killed, ect…

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