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Um... I wouldn't call it a blessing so much. I try to find new people to send things to constantly hun, but I'm still weary about sending things to people because I don't know how they'll take them. Also I still like to think I'm just another small fish in the Olicity sea, not realizing how big I've really gotten. Now that I know who you are I will keep my eye on your blog and if you post something that inspires me I will send the ficlet to you. Thank you for the love. -FZ

skcolicity YOU GEM - LOOK WHAT YOU DID! 

FZ, I will do my best to inspire you. I am probably the smallest of fish right now, but I’m trying to get more actively involved (re my two metas: My Precious Felicity & Thank You, Arrow). 

Since we’re talking about fish in seas - I once got a piece of advice years ago that has stayed with me ever since. I was about to go to college and was terrified because I was graduating from an all girls school of 400 hundred total, where I was a leader in a bunch of different things and I was going to a huge university of over 30k people. I was terrified and I said to my Mom’s coworker:

"I’m so used to being a big fish in a small pond and now I’m going to be a small fish in a big pond."

She looked at me and said: "Yeah, but you can still make waves." 

It was one of the most inspiring things anyone has ever said to me and I still don’t know if she realizes how much of an impact she had on me saying that. So anytime I get to share that with people (especially people who think they’re small fish in the seas - or pond) I do! And I did, on many many admitted students day panels at my alma matter :) 

You FZ, you make waves, love! And it’s clear that people in this fandom adore you!