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hi! im curious, what are some popular russian children's books? we often use children's books in language studies for practice where i am from and im thinking about getting some in russian

Hey! Try these maybe
The most popular are Репка, Колобок, Гуси-лебеди
But i’m not sure it’s the best way to learn russian.. They are all super old and written in a way people don’t speak now
Like жили-были, поскреби по сусекам, на сметане мешон.. Nobody speaks like that


favorite comic character meme ≻ [2 of 6] anything - character development + liho. 

“i hear your cat liho. she whines at door for you.” “she’s not my–” Likho, liho is an embodiment of evil fate and misfortune in Slavic mythology, a creature with one eye, often depicted as an old, skinny woman in black (Лихо одноглазое, One-eyed Likho) or as an evil male goblin of forests. Rather than being included in the major canon of the Slavic belief system, the Likho is traditionally found in skazky, or tales of fantasy and adventure equivalent to Western fairytales. [x]