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Ska cover of “My Shiny Teeth and Me” by @skatoon-network


Rules: Put your music on shuffle and list first 10 songs that come up then tag (20-not doing that many) some of your friends!

Thanks for tagging me: @elephants-always

Tagging: @darkbluec0nstellations ; @theheartattacked ; @skatoon-network ; @pizzagirll ; @somuchduck ; @spookyl0ser ; @the-storyso-far ; @gorongabe

Let’s go!

1 Walking In My Sleep by Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness

2 Good News by Julien Baker

3 You Need A Visa/The Baker by People Like You

4 My Name Is Jonas by Weezer

5 My Imaginary Friend Is STILL Addicted to Pornography by Panucci’s Pizza

6 Grown Up Posterchild by Zanders

7 Sketch by CHON

8 Pigskin by I Kill Giants

9 Revenge Of The Spiderbees by Prince Daddy & The Hyena

10 Adult Contempt by Into It. Over It.