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Tips & Dibs - Baekhyun

Based off of this drabble which inspired everything that follows.

(In this line of business, roller skates are key.) 

“A waiter?”

Kyungsoo doesn’t answer you immediately, his spatula picking up speed as he slabs more meat onto the grill, barely perspiring under the heat of the kitchen. In comparison, you’re beginning to feel sticky all over even though it’s only been about five minutes since you came in.

And you’re in a dress.  

By that, you mean an old fashioned blue car hop dress with a frilly hem and white apron, a get up that screams ‘retro’. Except you don’t deliver to cars because this place doesn’t do drive-ins. Thus explaining the breakfast and lunch rush hours that occurs on a daily basis.

Kyungsoo gets the brunt of the work by having to stand in front of the stove, fryer, and other heated appliances all day. On the other hand, you’re part of the fancy show that the place is known for, zipping down tables on your roller skates and flashing polite smiles along with your two other girls who have mastered the art of waitressing under unusual circumstances.

It’s not every day you come across a well operated diner who still does it the old fashioned way.

But with popularity comes consequences, and said consequences include working to the bone on grueling ten hour shifts, reoccurring blisters on your feet, and occasional catcalling from idiots who drive you and the girls over the edge.

These are only some of the cons that apply. One other more prominent issue is your small sized staff that’s in desperate need of expansion.

Which brings you to your current conversation.

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A small on-campus cafe with roller skating waiters, fruit pies, glam rock and other kinds of music from the 70’s. Jean is a student who constantly comes to the said cafe to stare at cute waitresses and drags his bff Marco along. Marco doesn’t really mind as he doesn’t care where to do his homework. The girls are hot, but it seems the cutest and hottest one here is one of the guys… a blond waiter Armin. And it really irritates Jean, but still Jean can’t take his eyes off him. It’s so obvious to everyone, including Armin, and it makes the shy blond so nervous and flustered that he occationally drops a cherry pie right on his apron.
It takes Jean a while to understand the reason of the small accident, but when he does, he feels a bit guilty. So he secretly approaches Armin and suggests to pay for that pie so that its cost wouldn’t be taken from Armin’s paycheck. That’s how their cherry sweet story begins.  

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Day 15: Ice Skating (Pairing Solangelo) AU

“Nico I don’t think I can do this.” Will stutters nervously.

“Will I got you. You’re not going to fall.” Nico says while clutching Will’s hands tighter.

It had been Jason’s idea to go ice skating with everyone. Nico hadn’t noticed the hesitation in Will’s voice at the time but Will had explained earlier that day that he didn’t even know how to ice skate. Luckily Nico had been ice skating since he was eight and had grown to be quite good at it. So while the others skated on the ice together Nico was teaching his boyfriend how to ice skate.

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Actors and non-actors alike are needed for a read through via google hangout for “Stonebarrow Killings” (working title), a screenplay by tumblr users chrpines and toddandrson.


Nothing ever happens in the boring town of Stonebarrow, Ohio. That is until quiet teenager Hugh Browning starts going out with the mysterious and ominous David Trembley. What will Hugh do when he finds out his new boyfriend is behind the recent murders in town? Is Hugh’s own life in danger?


  • David Trembley: 17/18. Attractive Stonebarrow High senior with an edge for murder. A well liked and popular bad boy.
  • Hugh Browning: 17/18. Low key and innocent. Easily manipulated into murdering innocent people by his hunky new boyfriend.
  • Laurie Chambers: 17/18. Writes for the school paper, goes to church every Sunday, pretty, sassy.
  • Max Thompson: 17/18. Hugh’s cool and overprotective best friend. They are nonbinary.
  • Brian Ripley: 17/18. Stoner. Best friends with everyone.
  • Jonathan Shitzke: 30s-40s. Stonebarrow High’s English teacher. He hates every teenager he teaches.
  • Ms Browning: 40s-50s. Hugh’s mother. She’s clueless towards everything, especially Hugh.
  • Mr Trembley: 40s-50s. David’s traditional father. A hypocrite who thinks he knows everything about politics.
  • Mrs Trembley: 40s-50s: David’s mother. Very stereotypical 50s housewife. Loves her family.
  • Sally Trembley: 6. David’s younger sister. A total brat.
  • Girls: 17. Prissy popular girls. 2 of them.
  • Stoner friends: 17. Brian’s inner circle.
  • Movie Theatre Guy Who is an Awkward Teenager: 15. Works at a movie theatre. Is awkward.
  • Mr Chambers: 40s-50s. Laurie’s father.
  • Mrs Chambers: 40s-50s. Laurie’s mother.
  • Waiter: Teens-20s. The roller skating waiter at the diner.
  • Obnoxious Blonde News Lady on TV: 20s-50s. Reports on TV what’s going on around Stonebarrow. There usually isn’t much.

Looking for some people to take on multiple roles for minor characters. Only basic acting skills required as this is mainly for the writers to find flaws and hear the words being spoken out loud. If you want to participate but aren’t comfortable playing a part, someone will also be needed to read out any descriptions.

To participate:

Will need between 8-18 people. Note that age and so forth doesn’t matter one bit. We will be letting you know who you will be reading for on February, Sunday 15th and at that point you will receive a document containing the script. We plan to hold the read through on February 22nd at 5pm PST/8pm EST.

Any questions please ask!!

(Warning for some language, violence, abusive relationships)