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Figure Skating Jumps With Yuuri and Viktor

This blog started out as a Yuri!!! on Ice trash blog, but somewhere along the way, my love for figure skating was rekindled. My blog now doubles as a figure skating… trash blog, lol! Yeah, I have no life.

Anyway! Jumps - wonderful to watch, confusing af to recognize. If this is your usual sentiment, then you have come to the right place! Let Yuuri and Viktor show you the different jumps done by figure skaters, as well as tips on how to recognize them.

Jumps are actually fairly easy to recognize once you know what to look for. The first thing to look for is how skaters propel themselves off the ice. Was there a toe pick assist - meaning did the other foot’s toe pick help the skater push off the ice? Or was the skater propelled solely by their knees? The former is called a toe jump, because the toe pick was used to lift off the ice. The latter is called an edge jump, because the skater jumped off directly from an edge of their skating blade. This is most recognizable through a deeper bend in the knees, because without a toe pick assist, the strength of the jump comes solely from the knees.


Right, so we also need to understand edges first. If you search for close ups of skating blades viewed from the back, you will find that there is something like a hollow on the bottom of the blade so that there are two edges. If you were to stand with your feet just slightly apart, the inside edges would be the edges in line with your inner thighs (and calves, whatever). Conversely, the outside edges would be the edges that are facing the outside world.

Now, the great thing is all jumps are landed at the back outside edge. Which foot depends on the skater. Yuuri and Viktor both seem to favor landing on their right foot. Most skaters have a preferred landing foot, but to help you visualize, a skater who prefers landing on his right foot, for example, would always land tilted slightly to the right, because he is landing on his right outside edge.

So if it is not the landing that differentiates the jumps, what does? Yep, you got it - the entry.

Now that we have the basics down, time for the fun part: the different kinds of jumps!


Loop: Entered at the back outside edge of the same foot. You land exactly where you started, hence the “loop”. Example of a loop is the first gif, which is a loop done by Yuuri. The knee bend is not very clear, but see how his right foot is tilted to the right and slightly back? Clear back outside edge, landed also on his right foot.

Salchow: Yuuri’s bane of a jump is entered at the back inside edge of the opposite foot. The fun thing about the Salchow is that apart from the usual clues (knee bend and tilt of the foot), the nature of the landing is such that the entry leg sweeps into a wide arch once the skater lands on the opposite leg. Example is the second gif, done by Yuuri. See how Yuuri bends his knees? That is an obvious edge jump. See how his left foot tilts slightly inwards (inside edge take-off) before jumping off? Another interesting thing about this gif is Yuuri’s entry on the Salchow – it looked like he jumped from both feet. Two-footed Salchows are right or wrong depending on who you ask, but the idea is that the skater should still be taking off from the correct foot and the correct edge when entering the Salchow.

Axel: Yuuri’s favorite is also a common favorite among fans because it is easily recognizable AND it is the jump type with the highest points. The Axel is the only jump entered facing forward. Because of this entry, however, to land on the back outside edge (where all jumps land), you have to make an extra half rotation. That means a triple Axel is actually an Axel with three-and-a-half rotations, and this is also why it is given the most points. Also because of this, a quad Axel is the only remaining possible quad jump that has not yet been landed. (Can you imagine having to do four-and-a-half rotations?) Example, of course, is our boy Yuuri nailing that triple Axel in the third gif.


Toe Loop: Arguably the easiest jump, it is basically a loop with a toe pick assist. With the extra assist, it is usually the first quad landed by most male skaters, and in the show, this is the only quad Phichit can land. The fourth gif is a triple toe loop done by Viktor. See the way his left toe pick helps him off the ice? See how cleanly he takes off (slight outside tilt of his right foot) and lands on the same foot (same outside tilt)?

Flip: Viktor’s signature quad, the flip jump is entered by the back inside edge of the opposite foot. Enter on the inside edge of one foot, land at the outside edge of the other foot - hence, you flip. You can also think of it as a Salchow with a toe pick assist. The fifth gif is a triple flip done by Viktor. I chose his triple flip because the animation is clearer here. See how his right leg swings for that toe pick assist? His left entry foot is tilted slightly inwards to jump from his inside edge, and he then lands on his usual right landing foot (tilted slightly outwards to the back outside edge). (Bonus: The quad flip in particular is interesting to watch out for because for some reason, the skaters do a full turn before the jump, which is not as obviously done when skaters do a triple flip instead. It makes the quad version look dramatic, at least especially in the show when Yuuri and Viktor do it with that solemn look on their faces and all, but it’s also fun to watch when real-life figure skaters like Shoma Uno - who was the first to land the quad flip - also does that full turn before jumping. Somebody explain this to me, though. What physics is at work there? Idk.)

Lutz: Chris’ signature jump and my personal favorite is the Lutz, which is entered on the back outside edge of the opposite foot. The interesting thing about the Lutz is that because it is entered from the outside edge of the opposite foot, it is counter-rotated - that means the skater goes one direction then spins the opposite direction. It is a high difficulty jump and so gets the second highest base score after the Axel. The last gif shown here is a Lutz done together by Yuuri and Viktor, and I slowed the gif down a bit to better show the characteristics of the jump. Viktor actually gives the more consistently clear example of Lutzes in the show, but see how Yuuri enters the jump on the first few frames? That is typical Lutz entry, where the skater’s entry foot crosses over to the opposite side to give it that tilt it needs so they jump from the back outside edge. See how Viktor’s left foot is slightly tilted so you see underneath his skate? He is tilted slightly to the left, but he then jumps counter-clockwise, even if with that tilt, his natural spin would have been clockwise. He then lands on his right foot on the outside edge.

And there you have it! The six types of figure skating jumps. I hope that was helpful to those who are interested in learning to recognize these awesome jumps. The more figure skating fans, the merrier, I say!

(Any questions on these jumps? Leave me a message and talk skating to me. I would love to answer your questions! ♡)

Zimbits AU where your world is black and white until you hear your soulmate laugh


Jack knows his parents’ story off by heart.

Bob had been on the ice at an away game. The crowd was screaming; it was overtime. Things had been a bit tense. 

And then Bob had put a puck in the net of the opposition and that was it. The disappointed home audience had fallen into a quiet grumble after some polite clapping. Many hands were slapped on Bob’s back as the team skated towards the edge of the ice. Bob had been just about to leave the rink, and then-

A laugh. A snorting, wonderful laugh, and his world filled with color.

He had frozen where he stood, ears caught on the sound of that laugh and the voice that followed.

“I told you, didn’t I? No one’s got it like Bad Bobby Z!”

It was his turn to let out a laugh and he did, with gusto. His voice boomed so loud it had seemed to reverberate around the arena, every head swiveling to the source of the noise.

Every time he told that story, Bob swore blind he heard his soulmate’s gasp in the ensuing silence. Alicia would roll her eyes fondly, stating that she did not gasp, thank you very much, and that the dreadful nickname she’d called him had been popular among hockey fans at the time. 

Whatever the truth, they’d introduced themselves moments later and were married within the year. It was like that, with soulmates. Instantaneous.

Jack’s not heard that story since before the Draft. He knows people think if he’d found his soulmate before- before, he wouldn’t have done it. But people tend to over romanticize things out of habit. In the end, soulmates and laughter and colors had very little to do with how he ended up here.

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Wow….I actually guessed something right for once.
Nathan Chen really did win.

Wow. Wow. Wow. 

I’m so proud. 

And to be honest Yuzu did great as well, it’s his SB.

Shoma was on fire and man….

You guys should have seen my reactions. 

Here are some snippets: 

During Shoma’s FS

Yuzu’s FS

Then Nathan’s

Come on people, Nathan’s been chasing Yuzu’s ass from NHK till now being second to him, and finally he gets to surpass his competitor for once.

And trust me, Yuzu does feel frustrated, but he knows what he has to do to beat Nathan. It’s okay guys. He lost one battle, but hasn’t lost the war (this is a terrible analogy.)

In any case, I guess the joke is that Yuzu just can’t seem to win 4CC.
You can’t have everything and now 4CC will always be remembered as the gold medal that keeps eluding Yuzu.

Anyways look at our Yuzu and Nathan during the ceremony:

They’re just precious (ft. a wild shoma in action.)

And I took a screen shot of this because the fade ins and outs were so cool.

I’m proud of all three of them. They all did really well!

I just hope that people could see that as well because my friend’s drunk on the other side of the USA (i’m east coast and she’s west), and this was her response to Nathan’s win:

This is not a good example of supporting athletes. 

Overall, I was just happy because this is the first time I am this watching/streaming this live.

Let’s all celebrate and look forward to WORLDS~~~~~~~~~~

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His free skate program had me on the edge of seat. He friggin landed his first quad combination perfect. He skated beautifully and if anyone dares shit on him, I will cut you. 


Yuzuru Hanyu Junior World Championships 2010 // NHK Trophy 2015

“The last time Yuzuru Hanyu skated two clean programs without any edge calls in an international competition was on March 11, 2010 at the Junior World Championships. Yuzuru came in first with a personal best of 216.10 total points.

About five years and dozens of medals later, on November 28, 2015 at NHK Trophy, Hanyu broke another record with another magical 216. This time it was a world record. 216.07. Just for his free skate.” @isaekkiya

The state of Japanese ladies at the start of the Olympic season - personal analysis

The Japanese press has already begun speculating which ladies will be on the front line in an epic battle for the two Olympic spots available, a battle that the ladies’ field in Japan has arguably never witnessed before. The “post-Mao” era - as the media calls it - sees no less than seven contenders and no clear favorite, which means we all need to fasten our seat belts because we’re in for a long, wild ride. 

In this analysis I will try to write my thoughts down as coherently as possible, all the while trying to maintain the bias to an acceptable level. Hey, even the most experienced and relevant skating analysts have their own preferences and understandably so, in a heavily subjective sport which relies on subjective judging. I’m not trying to predict which two ladies possess the skating gods’ favors to compete at the Olympics; anything can happen until the last minute. But it’s worth making a list of the qualities each of these lovely ladies bring to the table and what areas are left to improve. Using the ISU guidelines, my own experience as a skating fan and a variety of videos and gifs, I will try to cover all the reasons why you must not miss out on this race. 

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*smh* The average adorable New Fan™ these days is so blissful they sometimes make mistakes on the sport’s very name. Y’all, it’s called figure skating, not figure jumping, yeah? 

If you insist on thinking of it as figure jumping anyway, you might want to at least make sure you’re talking about jumps like this:

Step-jump-spin, in speed and in style, in seamless transition, with a dash of choreography to liven up the landing, yeah?

Or, in the words of a certain Mr Kurt Browning, four-time World Champion:

He has a flippant way of getting into his jumps, a carefree, off the cuff way of skating down the ice, reaching back, change edge, tilt the shoulder, whoosh, do a triple lutz. It’s like a magician who goes, look over, look over here, poof, a rabbit.  

pulled the daisies fine // nurseydex

a/n: thought i’d reverse a typical fandom trope and send dex up to nursey’s for the new year. it goes about as well as you would expect. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!

word count: 4.3k

“Hm, so, this would be fun if we weren’t collegiate level hockey players who learned how to skate when we were ten,” Dex deadpans after about five minutes of skating around the Rockefeller Center ice rink.

“This is fun!” Nursey insists, squeezing Dex’s hand through his chunky mittens, “it’s relaxing.”

Off to their left about three different toddlers start crying at once, and Dex gives Nursey a look.

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anonymous asked:

Did you read the Ice Jewel interview where Yuzuru talked *bitched* about axels? Like, quad is all cool and stuff, but axel is still the sh*t. He is our lord and savior for axels XD We all know now whatever program and however many quad he has, two 3A should always be there :D

I did read the interview and if someone of you haven’t, I REALLY recommend you to go and read it because it is awesome: here and thanks to gladiolusc for the translation.

Yuzu’s intelligence and character and love for the sport shines in the whole article. His analysis and his approach are as always mindblowing. I’ve read tons of interviews in many years following figure skating, but to find something as deep and throughout as he is, it’s really not easy.

A very needed breath of fresh air after all the idiocy FS world (hi, Rafael & Co) managed to spit out lately.

Some quotes (even if you really should read the full interview, only quoting it all would make it justice).

YH When I had Jeff choreograph for me [”Let’s Go Crazy” SP], what I was most concerned about was the fact that I was doing all edge jumps in the SP. If we build the entire program upon the tracks of edge jumps, it’ll all come across as the same, identical curves no matter what. To counter that, I added the salchow entered horizontally and the axel from a counter. I think these accents add flavor to the program.

YH This program is condensed and packed with a lot of elements. If I can’t do the 4S3T with good timing, I am out of sync with the notes. If I can’t do the 4L, I won’t be able to fit with the music.

YH I was able to feel this way because of my exhibition number. Skating to Notte Stellata made me rethink the importance of skating and the extent of jumps’ effect on performance.

— Specifically, what has changed?

YH I think I really came to grasp the music—the intervals between each beat. Instead of simply pushing at the ice each time, there’s also how the free leg retreats after each push, the flow and progression of the skating leg… I became very conscious of these different aspects.

There is a strong emphasis on skating in the exhibition program, so I received a lot of training in that regard. If this had been during the off season, I might have been able to perfect it sooner and more quickly. Regardless, I practiced well each time, from which I gained confidence.

— The reason for that choreography?

YH Not getting positive GOE on the sit spin is a humiliation to me. As is written in the rule book, movements that clearly match the music is a plus. The higher the quality, the better the evaluation. Because the spin is really fast, I had to work bit by bit to fit all the moves to the music. In my mind, that’s when Prince is yelling, so I didn’t accent the beat. It felt weird initially, but once the moves all came together, it fit surprisingly well.

— It was quite refreshing.

YH It’s just that the hands always end up blending in with the legs, (to the judges and to the audience) so the moves may be hard to differentiate.

— How does it feel to hear this music [for his FP] in big spaces, such as arenas?

YH In “Asian Dream Song” by Mr Joe Hisaishi, the music doesn’t carry the melody, rather, the singing does. If you go and listen, you’ll realize the music is an accompaniment and not an assertive piece on its own. I told Brian and Shae-lynn about my thoughts, but I’m not the main character in this program. For example, I was clearly the main character in “SEIMEI” and therefore I stood out a lot. The program was made with a clear image of the music. But my intent with this program—because Mr Hisaishi’s music envelops the entire arena rather than overly emphasizes itself—in my mind, I only exist as a part of that space and I want to perform the program as such. The wind over the rink, the coolness in the air, the moisture, the splashing crystals of ice… to bring all these things into one with myself and the music. If I can put together such a performance in the end, I think that would be the best.

— Younger skaters are jumping quad after quad these days. Now that the quad loop has been secured, have you ever considered adding another quad?

YH Of course it’s important to jump quads, but isn’t the quality of quads just as important? That’s what I most strongly feel.

But, if you really think about it, the jump you absolutely have to put in is the axel.

— That has always been the case.

YH Even under the old system, your score won’t go up if you don’t do the axel. As for why, it’s because the axel is forwardly launched and its posture doesn’t announce “I’m about to jump!”, unlike all the other types.

— That’s the reason why you do two axels in the second half of the program?

YH You end up leaving a deep impression! That’s the case in “Notte Stellata” as well. I’ve always said things to the effect of “jumps are transitions,“ and I think the axel demonstrates this very well. Precisely because it’s forwardly launched, the axel conveys a special “sense of turn.” Toe jumps tend to put a stopper on the flow each and every single time, although I’ve always made it not look that way. Since the axel is forwardly launched, the sense of speed is similar to that of steps and turns.

— The charm of the axel persists through the ages.

YH The axel just gives off a special vibe. Returning to the previous topic, no matter the number of quads, no matter the number of types of quads, in the end, my biggest weapon remains in how consistently and beautifully I can manage to do my axels. I believe that is something I’d like to hold onto firmly, even towards my biggest goals. For example, even if I were to do the 4A, two 3A’s would still be an absolute must.

(Once again, go and read this interview fully here:

Can you imagine if they practiced before WTTM?


“How do you want to end it?” Otabek tilts his head thoughtfully, squinting out onto the ice with the kind of focus that fighter pilots probably have when landing a plane in the middle of a war zone. While the plane’s also on fire. 

They’ve been at it for hours. And despite the fact that he won’t actually be skating this routine with Yuri, Otabek’s been out on the ice for every single step, every turn, tweaking the music and the movements until they match, putting his hands all over Yuri’s body and adjusting him with deft hands until he’s nailed the choreography down to the very edge. The next time someone compliments the pig on his stamina, Yuri is going to burst through the fucking wall like the Kool-Aid Man and punch them in the jaw. Oh yeah.

Yuri crosses his arms and bites down on a yawn. “I told you how I wanted to end it.”

“I meant do you want to hit the ice with a loud bang or a whimper.”

“A loud bang sounds lovely to me,” Yuri says, dangerous and sweet. He’s been dipping his fingers into the hot, wet promise of Otabek’s mouth since they left the club and came back to the rink, and if he’s forced to wait any longer for Otabek to buy a clue and make some kind of move, he’s not going to be responsible for his actions. 

Otabek ignores him. “Look… Yuri, don’t you think this is a little…”

Yuri waits for him to finish, then, when he doesn’t, growls, “Say it.”

“Over the top.” Otabek’s mouth twitches, which on anyone else would be a full-body seizure.

“Someday I’m going to write a memoir and that’s going to be the title. Over The Top: An Insider’s Look at the World of Yuri Plisetsky and His Many Naysayers Who Don’t Know Shit About Shit,“ Yuri practically sings, the edges of his fake cheer sharp enough to skate with. ”Prologue: Fuck You.”

“You’re asking me to murder you,” Otabek says, scratching the shorn hair at the back of his head. The urge to reach out and drag his fingers through it bowls Yuri over like a wave, and it’s all he can do to stand against it.

Fake murder,” Yuri snaps, flustered. “If Thing One and Thing Two can make headlines by spitting ‘I love yous’ into each other’s slobbering mouths then I can certainly blow minds by cranking this shit up to eleven.”

“You don’t think the shock factor will be too much for them?” Genuine curiosity lurks in the tilt of Otabek’s eyebrow. 

Yuri rolls his eyes. “They’ve spent the entire season cheering for a guy who literally jizzes his pants whenever he’s on the ice. I think they can handle it.”

Otabek makes a thoughtful noise, like he’s never considered the fact that his peers are all D-list Batman villains. “Fair enough.”

They glide over to the portable CD player that Otabek brought, sitting on the edge of the wall like a relic from a former era, and restart the song. It begins with the subtlety of a punch to the throat, and Yuri loves it wholeheartedly. 

“How are you going to fall?” Otabek’s voice fights with the music and barely makes it out alive. “It’s gotta be dramatic.”

“I’ve been watching Georgi collapse to the floor in tears for half my life. Dramatic I can do. You know the cue for the…?” He mimes firing a gun with his fingers. If he’d thought of it beforehand, he would’ve painted his nails for this.


“All right, then, DJ Altin. Let’s see how good your aim is.”

He flashes Otabek a flirty grin and makes to push away for center ice when, without warning, Otabek leans down, brushes his lips over the swell of Yuri’s cheek, and murmurs, “Bang.

Yuri takes the hit and fucking drops.


(Requested by Anon) (Part 1 to this imagine here) (Part 2 to this imagine here)

You hummed as you styled your hair, the soft curls falling into place as they escaped the curler.

You smiled at yourself in the mirror, the reflection smiling back at you. For the first time in maybe months you were happier than you thought possible. Why?

Because you were going on a date with Carlisle Cullen.

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back at it again with the mpreg trash

title: Stay Gold
rating: T
pairings: Otabek Altin/Yuri Plisetsky, Victor Nikiforov/Yuuri Katsuki
warnings: abo, mpreg, childbirth

btw y’all have no idea who i am but thanks @tomakehimfree and @n-s-f-w-sportsbaes for high key inspiring me to start writing this shit again but now just for the yoi fandom lol

read on archiveofourown or under the cut.

At age 18, Yuri Plisetsky certainly expected to be back at his fourth consecutive Grand Prix Final since making his senior debut. As the current defending three-time gold medalist, he has a title to uphold after all. So needless to say, Yuri certainly belonged on the side of the rink watching the free-skate unfold beside the rest of the GPF finalists – the problem was, he wasn’t actually one of them. Yuri’s pretty the ISU would have disqualified him as early as the five month mark when he started showing – now that he’s a healthy eight months and some change into his pregnancy, he’s quite sure his globe of a belly would get in the way of some of the more technical requirements involved in his free-skate routine. 

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anonymous asked:

Hi! I have a question about Flips. So basically a skater receives ! on their protocol when the edge is unclear, meaning when the edge is flat right? Thing is, watching most skaters, I noticed their flip take off is from a reaaally shallow inside edge that is borderline flat, which is soo different from the deep outside edge observed in the lutz. Are flips supposed to be this way? I heard different opinions about this. If that is the case, then what is the border between a clean flip and a '!'?

Hello there, sorry for the longest delay in answering this (please feel free to blame tennis, the US Open, and a certain dude named Rafa Nadal).

Yes, the flip is generally taken off from a slight inside edge, not as deep as the outside edge on the Lutz takeoff. Here’s what we have from an official ISU video on how to jump:

The depth of the edge is nowhere near as emphasized as in the same instruction for Lutz:

Man, ISU animation sucks, here, let me throw in some much nicer ones, courtesy of the Yuri!!! on Ice staff (they did a great job - I got a pleasant surprise out of it because of how realistic the animation looks):

The flip is a jump that lends itself to rotational force, since it’s usually entered using a turn (three-turn or mohawk), which already creates momentum, and its inside takeoff edge keeps the skater’s body alignment in a direction convenient for rotation. If, in addition to all that, the skater takes off on a deep inside edge, their momentum would become too great, their air position too wide, and the jump a lot harder to control. Essentially when you do a flip you’d want to keep everything in a tight circle: keeping your free leg relatively low before tapping, bringing your left shoulder in, and initiating rotation using your right side. 

Let’s see some examples.

Patrick’s triple flip:

Nathan’s quad flip:

As to the border between a clean flip, a ! and an e, here, allow me to introduce: Yuzuru and the flip, a troubled love affair with a (somewhat) happy ending:

Junior World Championships 2010, a crystal clear outside edge on takeoff:

World Championships 2013, slight change of edge before takeoff:

Four Continents Championships 2017, check out that inside edge, yo (also, if you please, let us spend 10 seconds of silence to admire his mental strength in fighting and winning against the ghastly scream from his entire body and soul begging to go on outside edge):

anonymous asked:

Your opinion on jump and skating skills of the top 5 in men world championship this year? Thanks! 🙏

Thanks for asking!

…although, are you trying to get me beaten up by certain sections of the fandom? hahahaha

Let’s see.

Yuzuru Hanyu

Jumps: Good jump technique, if not always reliable. Good air position. Clean edge takeoffs. However, he does have a tendency to - it’s a little difficult to explain, but it’s like he collapses inwards over his core and doesn’t engage it well on the landing. Which bugs me. Endlessly.

Skating skills: Good speed, good solid edges, nice flow and movement across the ice. Generally excellent footwork and transitions. Related to my opinion of his jumps; I do find that he can be rather “floppy” and doesn’t always finish his movements.

Shoma Uno

Jumps: Drive me mad. Decent air position, but flutzes (no true Lutz). He has excessive pre-rotation issues and his landings are always low with the free leg low to the point where I’m surprised he hasn’t caught his heel more often. He also often lands with a lot of torque on his ankle.

Skating skills: Good speed, solid edges, decent flow and movement. Footwork is generally very good but the transitions are lacking. His carriage/posture is good.

Boyang Jin

Jumps: Outstanding jump technique, good tight air position. His quad Lutz is the best in the world. Clean edge takeoffs. Could do with holding his landings more.

Skating skills: Not as bad as people like to carry on about! Good speed, good flow, decent edges. Good footwork. Lacking in the transitions department. Decent posture, could also finish his movements better. Of the top three, has the most personality in his programs.

Patrick Chan

Jumps: Very good technique, clean tight air position, clean takeoff edges. Struggles a lot with the 3A, which is perplexing. Holds his landings very nicely which always adds to a finished, clean look.

Skating skills: Good speed, outstanding edges, good flow and movement. Generally has good transitions, but can occasionally be prone to overusing his edges and subsequently falling or stumbling off them. Good carriage. (Could definitely use a change in program genre!)

Javier Fernandez

Jumps: Unusual but very good technique, very tilted axis. Clean takeoff edges and tight air position. Both air position and landings seem like a throwback to the 80s.

Skating skills: Good speed, decent edges, good flow. Good footwork but can be lacking in transitions sometimes. Excellent posture and carriage.

tl;dr I basically think all of them could improve in various ways, but that’s not to deny that they’re all incredibly good, talented skaters.

As beautiful as classical music is, there’s only so much one can stand before the songs begin to blend in with one another. Emil is bored of it all. He needs something different, something more.

But what?

There’s electronica, songs from the 80s, punk rock songs. There’s love ballads, there’s hip-hop and pop. There’s so many choices, and Emil is going crazy because of it. Even Mickey notices that Emil’s acting differently because of his indecisiveness. He’s quieter, more withdrawn. When someone brings up routines, he seems to clam up. The only way they know that Emil’s decided on a song is when he cheers up a bit. He’s not as happy as he usually is, but… it’s an improvement. Even then, nobody knows what to expect, not even Mickey.

And then comes the conference where skaters reveal their themes for the season. The usually bubbly skater has an unexpectedly somber look on his face, as if he had come to a major decision. Other onlookers are worried. When his turn to speak comes, skaters are absolutely shocked.

“Mr. Nekola,” they ask, “what is your theme for this season?”

“Well, you see.. My theme for this season is very deep and profound to me. I feel I am finally strong enough both mentally and physically to perform these feelings as a part of my programs. I truly hope you will also feel what I do, deep inside.” He takes a shaking breath, holding the small board tight in his hands. “My theme for this season is…”

Everyone is on the edge of their seats. What will Nekola, the man once on top of the skating world, do?

“…annoying my boyfriend, Michele Crispino.”

Introducing a brand new season!
Short Program: “Be Mine” by Ofenbach
Free Skate: “Hey Mickey!” by Toni Basil
EX: “Happy” by Will Pharrell


anonymous asked:

You said that viktor created his own monster by training yuuri, can you please elaborate? How likely do you think it is for yuuri to actually beat viktor? Lol I'm still a bit heartbroken about Yuuri's silver at the gpf. I feel like he probably could've won if he hadn't tweaked his sp, but that's just me :(

Sure friend! 

Basically, Yuuri managed to wrangle his way into the GPF and was top six skaters in the world in 2015 with only ONE unreliable quad. This means he must have placed in the top four or better in his qualifiers. And mostly did this on his PCS. That’s some serious skating technique, yo. 

So Victor takes Yuuri, who, before he even starts teaching him, can literally out skate Victor on his own program, OUT OF SHAPE. By this I mean he has speed, deep edges, great level four footwork sequences, consistently high (probably +3) GOE spins, and performs it “like his body’s making the music” and teaches him how to quad. And gives him confidence. 

Meanwhile, he unwittingly started a friendly rivalry between Yuuri and Yuri, so they push each other to be better. And the rest of the younger skaters have upped their difficulty. 

So, Victor’s going to head back into competition into a pack of skaters whose programs are no longer lagging behind Victor’s difficulty so much, and after a year off. 

I do not think it is implausible for Yuuri to beat Victor, in the slightest because their starting difficulty will probably be fairly equal. So, if Yuuri can get his anxiety under control long enough to skate cleanly and well, the student could very well surpass the master. Yuuri might be the Legend that beats the Living Legend. AND I AM ALL ABOUT IT. #GIVEYUURIGOLD!

(You can read my rant about giving Yuuri gold here.)

anonymous asked:

Hiii! So a lot of people say Medvedeva's programs are full of transition and different steps and read your guide with steps and stuff and I still don't get anything 😔 Could you just point out some?

Hi there, sorry for the longest delay - stupid me saved the answer as a draft and then promptly proceeded to forget about it.

Re: Janny’s transition, first, you’d want to keep in mind that when talking about transition, we’re looking for those turns and steps outside of step sequences and choreographic sequences. You’d want to check those moments when the skater moves from one technical element to the next. Do they skate mostly on one foot or two? Do they change directions (backward and forward and clockwise and counterclockwise) or do they skate along a simple curve? Do they make use of a variety of turns and steps and other moves in the field or do they rely mostly on crossovers? Do they incorporate body movements into their transition or do they keep their upper body mostly still? Do they have a natural flow in and out of each element or does it look more like they are just travelling from one stop to the next? If the camerawork permits, check also for their ice coverage, does the skater make full use of the ice surface or stay within a narrow area?  

So now we can have a look at Janny’s transition to see if she satisfies those criteria. Here’s how she enters and exits the triple loop in her SP last season:

Multiple one-foot turns on entry, change of edge and turn on exit, bonus point for body movements on those turns as well. Flow, I’d say it’s pretty good, Janny’s jumps don’t have the prettiest takeoff but her landings are always very secure with a nice running edge.

Here’s how she enters and exits the double Axel:

One-foot turn and curve movement with a nice leg swing on entry, again, immediate edge change on exit, nice speed out of the jump and good flow right back into the program, also check the box on body movements.  

You might also want to have a look at Janny’s transition into elements other than jumps. Below is how she enters her spins (that one on the right in which Janny goes from a spiral straight into a layback spin is one of my favorite moves of hers):

Basically, as you watch Janny closely you will see there are very few moments when she just moves on her blades for the sake of getting somewhere, there is always something extra going on, be it an arm swing or an edge change or any other choreographic move to advance a story line. Her skating is always intentional and deliberate and she’s undeniably the leading expert at fully using the code of points to her advantage. I can understand why some people would find such a style disagreeable, but personally I see it as solid proof of Janny’s maturity and confidence - both of which are all the more incredible when you consider the fact that our two-time World Champion is still just 17 years of age :) 

Update n shit

I’m overwhelmed with all the love and support that I’ve gotten over the past few days. I decided to open up Tumblr just now and was like “whoooaaaa” and then started crying because I’m an emotional wreck. I’M GRATEFUL I REALLY AM, thanks for bearing with me. I did not expect… I mean, I always hold that I’m just a crazy thot here on Tumblr and that people are here for the headcanons and smut. So… I’m… touched.

My mom is still critical, but she has moments of lucidity where she’s pissed off that I’m seeing her like this and I’m stubborn right back.

Auntie: *prods my mom awake* look who it is!
Mom: *turns on the hospital bed and stares wide eyed at me* oh my fucking-
Mom: *glares at my uncle who she thinks brought me here*
Uncle: x.x…
Me: You can’t get rid of me
Mom: *rolls eyes*
Me: stop that shit
Mom: whatever
Me: I love you
Mom: … *pissed!crying*
Me: *angeratalloflife!crying*

I’m… temporarily losing my judgment and updating Tumblr about the kind of person my mom is because… I love her and she’s the strongest person I know. We’re both stubborn as fuck people, will try and balance the world on our shoulders with no help whatsoever, and despise people seeing us weak. She has walked into city council meetings and let the entire panel know how she was not here for any bullshit and made politicians literally cower (while a younger me kinda slunk down in a seat in embarrassment while my mom dragged everyone’s edges as she pleased). Within two days of meeting my bf, she had him running around the house fixing things for her and then dragged into an impromptu protest downtown to stop skateboarders from skating on a monument that she helped construct. She’s touched so many people, some of which she’s never actually met, with her antics or advice.

She did not tell me how sick she was. Of course she wouldn’t. She kept a brave face every time we talked over the phone and she heard me out while I complained about casino patrons or stressed about my shitty finances or just anything. The last thing my mom wanted was for me to see her like this. She only wanted happy memories for me. She had to watch her mom die in the same way and it sucked and I know she wants to spare me that pain.

I’m so mad at her for keeping so much from me. All because she wanted to protect me, didn’t want me dropping my life in Vegas to fly all the way back home to force her to take care of herself because she hates being coddled, anyway.

… but I also love her too much to be too mad. Every time I go and see her, as much as it hurts to see her in so much pain while all anyone can do is wait and see what happens, I can’t help but smile as it seems like she has heaven and earth at a stalemate waiting on her stubborn, ornery ass. And how she tells the nurses “no” when they come in and try to help her with anything and I tell her to shut the fuck up and let the nurses do their jobs.

I have cried so much. I feel crazy, having moments where I’m glad to be home with family and @foreverythingisnotlost and laughing and shit, then having times where I’m seized with panic and the unknown and worry over my mom and the uncertain future and wtf am I even gonna do on any account. I don’t want to carry on in a world where my mom isn’t here raising hell, but I know it was inevitable that I would have to. I am coming to terms with the impermanence of life and looking at everything around me with new eyes.

They gave me my mom’s rings yesterday, since they were able to finally get them off of her finger.

They are never leaving mine. Ever. Even if a miracle happens and my mom survives all this, she ain’t getting these back.

I’m unable to write or really get back into Tumblr right now even though I really want to, but I started reading Classified to help keep my mind off of things and WHOOO BOY. Gladnis is beautifully fatal. Their love story is helping me deal with this hard time. I want to write something that beautiful one day.

Alright. Till next time, fam. I hope you all are keeping it litty.
Glee AO3 Fest fic

So I guess the Glee AO3 Fest is going on and we are supposed to send around our Glee fic on AO3.  Here you go!

Not Like the Movies

When new Hollywood golden boy Kurt Hummel receives some disturbing letters, his manager hires bodyguard Blaine Anderson to be with him 24 hours a day. In an attempt to hide Blaine’s true identity from the press they decide he needs to go undercover…as Kurt’s boyfriend.  Part 1 of 8 in the Not Like the Movies verse

Take Me All the Way

Successful fashion designer Kurt Hummel has lost his inspiration. When his friend and assistant, Santana Lopez, banishes him from New York so that he can find his missing muse, he takes a trip to Washington State to visit the decaying Victorian house he recently inherited. Small towns are not Kurt’s cup of tea, but he tries to make the best of his month of exile. Then he meets construction manager Blaine Anderson at a bachelor auction and Victorian-themed costume party and a month starts to seem not nearly long enough.

 There to Break Your Fall

Blaine was desperate to start over after his father, the most hated man in Ohio, jumps bail the day before his sentencing for investment fraud. He changes his name and flees to New York City, where he meets Kurt, who seems determined to break down his barriers. Blaine wants to believe that happiness is possible but can one ever really outrun the past?

 Similar Pair

Notoriously difficult ice skater Kurt Hummel failed in his attempt to win the first gold medal for the new sport of Similar Pairs Skating. Charismatic Blaine Anderson needs a fresh start after an injury prematurely ended his promising hockey career. Can they put aside their personal conflicts and help make each other’s dreams come true? AU based on the movie The Cutting Edge.

 All I Ever Wanted

Blaine Anderson doesn’t believe in magic, but when he meets the mysterious Kurt he just might have to change his mind. Blaine knows Kurt doesn’t belong in his well-ordered world, but he may end up being just what Blaine and his family need most. Part 1 in the Genie! verse

Bambi, Daddybek and Beka

As everyone knows, @victuri-oh-nice writes so damn nice Otayuri stories.
 And all I did was using my sick brains for imagine some interactions between the three Otabek who’s in my favorite ones. Yeah, YoI stuff inside some Yoi stuff. YoI-nception.

You don’t know them? Let me introduce you to them!

Bambi: The Otabek Altin from “Unsteady”, and his dream is to become a famous DJ. He does an original mix of the famous “Unsteady” song by Yuri Plisetsky, and after listen that Yuri decides to make the guy  into the main event of Tomorrowland in one single year.Bambi (Mila gives him that nickname) is that cute boyfriend who’s gonna make believe you in love again, briding your hair and singing to you original songs where we wants to stay with you “until we turn gray and old”. He’s sweet and shy, careful and considerate.

Beka: The Otabek Altin from “The World in Dazzing Colors”.
From a canon divergent fic, he’s basically an older version of Otabek, who’s retired from ice skating  for being a musician and singer,living paceful and happily  with his husband Yuri Plisetsky, also retired for working into “House of Dance”, a famous dancers school. He’s that quiet man in the day (proud father of Sarina, their adopted daughter, and perfect husband for Yuri), and a sexy lived-guy who’s gonna never get tired of your body in the years at the night, more than happy to explores kinks like edging while blindfolding you, whispering how a “good kitten” you are.  (He’s my favorite btw)

Daddybek: The Otabek Altin from the AU Oneshot “Smooth Criminal”.
The youngest of the other two, he’s basically an hot head who’s living a lowlife with his partner in crime, the infiltrate Agent Yuri Plisetsky. We know just a little about his BG, but it seems that the author is gonna fix that soon after being too much annoyed by everyone who’s now want a long fic, we did it guys aha, so be ready for that. For now, all we know about him is that he’s into spanking and some dirty talk, and if you’re work into a police station, he’s okay  to being arrested just for see you. And pressing you against a wall, for good measure.

So that’s it. Here’s the thing:

Bambi: *sighs, while watching daydreamingly  Beka’s wedding ring*
…I want to get married too.

Beka: Well then, why you don’t pop the question? I didn’t had the chance, Yura did it first.

Bambi: Lucky.

Daddybek: Fuck me, I want to do it too! Hey, One of you two knows how to remove blood spots on a wedding suit?

Bambi: …Why you need to- *being shushed by Beka, who slowly makes “no” with his head*

Beka: …Don’t ask him that.

Daddybek: You know, just in case. Better to know. *Cross his legs on the table while loudly stretching his back, while the other two shivers, Bambi more than Beka*