skating leap

Can you imagine the Homunculi having a family day or something and all going skating together?

There’d be Lust who’s pulling around a hopeless Gluttony because he can barely stay up.

Pride isn’t that great either but his shadows are keeping him steady and he can’t lose face in front of the others.

Sloth doesn’t give two shits and just sits in a corner of the rink.

Envy and Greed are decent skaters but keep challenging each other to races but end up shoving and falling on each other. 

And finally Wrath who is a skating god and just leaps and twirls around like he’s not even touching the ice

anonymous asked:

Scenario or maybe Headcanons: Yuuri unfortunately broke his leg during a competition, How would Victor react during and after the accident? ...Y.Y (this is pure angst)

During the incident, Viktor would be the very first to throw on his skates, leaping over the barrier and on to the ice. Yuuri is likely to be collapsed on it in pain, and he looks over at Viktor, tears in his eyes. Viktor moves to his side as quickly as he can, propping his head on his lap and gently wiping the tears away, tears forming in his own eyes. He blames himself- if only he had removed the quadruple Salchow, then this wouldn’t have happened.
He holds Yuuri’s hand tightly throughout the ordeal.

As for after the incident? Viktor can’t shake the guilt, no matter how much Yuuri insists it wasn’t his fault. Yuuri is essentially useless until it heals- he’s unable to practise whatsoever. The two end up spending those days together, both desperate to get back on the ice as Viktor refuses to do so until Yuuri is fully healed.
When Yuuri is fully healed, Viktor makes sure that he never puts something as risky at that in a routine again until he is sure Yuuri is undoubtedly capable.