skating and skirts

Keith Kogane
age: 22
country: korea

tfw ur working on a quick comic and decide to draw an outfit ref real quick, but it turns out really e x t r a.. 

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Break The Ice

After an accident Gray, a professional figure skater has to take some time off to heal and he’s not enjoying it AT ALL. What he didn’t  expect was meeting Juvia, a swimmer who is sick and tired of her career, even less ending up as her coach. Lucy, an aspiring figure skater wanting to freely express her passion, came to realize it was a whole new experience with a pink haired weirdo and his equally weird blue cat by her side. Somehow they all ended up meeting together in the Fairy Tail ice rink. Figure Skating AU

Now, its Juvia turn! Here is the summary of our collab fic, hope you all like it. Its not a Yoi crossover btw i see a lot of tag comments about it, but it is inspired by yoi :D Also included a clean lineart version if anyone wants to color, tag me if you do :)

Gray Ice Skating Outfit (by mist)

Lucy Ice Skating Outfit (by me)

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Things the Signs Remind Me of Pt 2 ( check sun, moon + venus)!

aries-strawberries, summer time, late nights, when sunlight shines through a cloud, winona ryder, leather jackets, 80’s movies, checkered vans shoes

taurus-champagne, cactus plants , robes, cliche valentine’s day candy, big dogs, beauty and the beast, nose rings, pulp fiction, this emoji - ✨

gemini- calling a friend when they’re upset, Grouplove ( band), peaches, crop tops, iced tea, downtown areas, history, the transition from winter to spring, cherry blossoms

cancer-old fashioned diners, roller skates, frECKLES, tennis skirts, building a fort, the smell of chocolate chip cookies, doves, The Neighbourhood (band)

leo- koi fish, charli xcx (artist), neon lights, coffee shops, blush, art sculptures, skyscrapers, aunts, skins uk(show), ancient rome, parks, venus

virgo: subtle hints, the color silver, the whitecaps of the ocean, sandals, bike rides, staying up late to release creative energy, video games, bralettes, deftones (band)

libra: charm bracelets, lana del rey (artist), rip vine compilations, haunted ghost tours, thrift stores, eggshell blue, lipgloss, american beauty (movie), round sunglasses

scorpio: lip piercings, metallica (band) butterscotch, oversized sweaters, beetlejuice (movie), misty days, jolly ranchers, chipped nail polish, beauty marks, cashmere

sagittarius: weezer (band), curly hair, pizza shops, las vegas, overalls, the fifth element (movie), electric guitars, cage the elephant(band) sweatpants, marble countertops

capricorn: satchels, brie cheese, bruises, the polar express (movie), combat boots,santa monica pier, when it thunders without rain present, mac demarco (artist, lisa frank stickers, twin peaks (show), dvd players, blackberries

aquarius: red hot chili peppers (band), icicles, that 70s show (show), when the stars in the sky twinkle, philosophy, art museums, pizza, wearing multiple rings at once,conspiracy theories, morrisey

pisces: the smashing pumpkins (band), dimples, snow-cones, lavender, veins, denim jackets, shameless (show), angel wings, soft linen sheets, slurpees

Skating Through the Decades: 1930s!

Continuing our series on Skating Costuming through the ages, we move into the 1930s. You can read the first post here

The Great Depression was rocking the world, but you would never know it. Ice skating, just beginning to be popular in newsreels and the occasional show, was like all other forms of entertainment during this era, designed to make people forget about the depression. The glitz factor just starts to come into the sport and, as the sport starts to evolve, so do the costumes to allow for better movement. 

Costumes in the early 1930s continued to stick to a traditional old-timey winter vibe, for the most part. Remember that all competitions were held outdoors. Here are the US Pair Team from the 1932 Olympics, Sherwin Campbell and Beatrix Loughran. Both look very dapper, and you can see the embroidered designs on the bottom of her dress and fur cuffs. Note that it was still considered necessary for women to wear a hat, even while skating. Our men look dapper in suit tops and pants more tailored for movement. 

Practice clothes started to look similar to the active wear/sportswear of the time as well. Remember the first skating super star, Sonja Henie of Norway mentioned in our last post. Here she is in yet another Olympic games (1932) modeling with the Gold Medalist from the Men’s event Karl Schafer of Austria. 

In fact, Sonja Henie, widely credited with pushing the sport forward athletically, was also widely responsible for helping to popularize the hemlines on female skating costumes, which continued to rise through the decade. (She also, was rumored to have an affair with Hitler, which was never confirmed…though they did meet several times…)

Henie also brought her silver blades to the big screen as a Hollywood Starlet. Here’s a clip of her skating…in her mid-thigh skirt. *Gasp!*

The end of the decade saw ladies slowly getting rid of the hats and men slowly getting rid of the Knickerbocker style pants. It also saw the rise of the touring Ice Show, with The Ice Follies in 1936. The Ice Follies troupe, modeled after the famous Theatrical troupe the Ziegfeld Follies was a variety show, comprised of lots of pretty women skating in lots of impossible costumes. I mean IMPOSSIBLE. And it also featured Mr. Frick, who invented the cantilever move. (OMG HIS KNEES). Below is a picture of the Ice Follies performing a traditional number at the 1962 World’s Fair. (It’s not from the 1930s, but a lot of their stuff was like this…generally with bigger headdresses). 

The troupe was featured in the 1939 movie, the Ice Follies of 1939, starring Joan Crawford. If you can get a hold of it, you can see the show costumes from the time. 

We’ll return next time with even shorter skirts, more dapper men, and the beginning of the sparkle craze! And, the birth of the Ice Capades!

P.S. If you want to watch a cool documentary the history of ice shows and “Professional” (as in tour) skating you can check out the documentary the Fabulous Ice Age, which was streaming on Netflix, last I knew!