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Top 10 petty Yuuri moments!!! Love youuu!! <3

Top Ten Petty Yuuri Moments

10) There was a reporter who was a not very subtle Viktor fan and was always skathing about Yuuri and so after they got together and the reporter was desperate to interview him because it was the big skating news that everyone was talking about, Yuuri conveniently walked past them at every competition without seeing them and all the requests for an interview magically got lost

9) Once before a competition, one of the skaters came up to Yuuri and was trying to talk big and intimidate him and was claiming that they were a better skater and going to win gold and after they finished their speech he just took out one of his earplugs and went ‘sorry, what did you just say, I didn’t quite catch that?’

8) When he and Viktor got their new puppy Yuuri tried really hard to be the strict parent and train it well and Viktor just spoiled it rotten. When Yuuri was out Viktor left their bedroom door open and the puppy got into their wardrobe and ruined all of Yuuri’s nice shirts. In retaliation, that night Viktor got kicked to the other side of the bed while Yuuri cuddled Vicchan and Makkachin. Viktor was excluded from the puppy pile and looked on mournfully from the cold side of the bed with the puppy which was also in disgrace

7) one skater was once rude to Phichit by saying he was a low level skater who no-one would ever remember and so Yuuri consistently referred to the skater by the wrong name for the rest of his skating career

6) Once Phichit had a party in their apartment the night before Yuuri had a test. He promised it would be small and quite but it absolutely was not. For the rest of that week Yuuri played really loud music at 5am every day and did very energetic and loud yoga in the living room instead of going out for a run because he was ‘improving on his morning routine.’ Phichit was not happy but he admitted that is was pretty much deserved

5) Once Phichit joked that Yuuri looked like a hamster when he ate because he stuffed his cheeks full of food and for weeks after that Yuuri filled all their joint meals with ingredients he knew that Phichit hated in revenge

4) Once he and Viktor had got into an argument because Viktor had forgotten something very important to Yuuri and so Yuuri cooked dinner that night and made enough for three, him and Vicchan and Makkachin. Viktor got nothing and had to make his own food instead of enjoying Yuuri’s wonderful cooking

3) The whole Olympic podium scene

2) “You’re routine was very good today, it was worthy of second place”

1) His 'fucked my way up to the top’ routine mentioned in a previous top ten

#Trollhunters AU (a HTTYD crossover)

I fiddled around a bit with how Claire would fit in the HTTYD-world Arcadia. If she had grown up there, a young girl enraptured by epic stories hoping to collect more, perhaps the child to parents who migrated north.

But then I ended up liking that idea that she discovered the world of trolls on her own as, years ago, her baby brother had been replaced by a changeling. She shook answers from the little monster and made it her own mission to find her brother. That’s how Jim meets her. She’s older, now well-versed in the changeling ways, and has a few tricks of her own. One of which allows her to travel to the Trollhunter himself, demanding his aid in her personal quest.

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i feel like the blue says au voltron is gonna try and interrogate canon lance like 'WHERE WOULD YOU BE IF YOU WERENT HERE' and maybe ice skating was lance's Secret that not even hunk knows about and he just. Sweats bc he NEVER would have gone into ice skating but what else would he have doe????

Argh! I can’t say anything because is a spoiler of the AU! But, let’s just say that there is one person in the Voltron Canon AU world (I’m talking about one of the show character of course) that know about Lance Ice Skathing Thing. And is not Hunk. Actually know Lance Thing even in Stressed Voltron World.  

Why NS being endgame is a positive message to the fans.

It’s been a while since my last analysis about NaruSaku but I think that with all this mess about the movie and all, things need to be told.

This is a pro NS post with anti-NH contents BUT also with pro Hinata as an actual well-written female character contents.

Well first, I will tell you why I can’t see NaruHina heppening. The things that bothers the most with this pairing is what it conveys to us, the fans.

I’m French, so I know a lot about Western culture but I am of Vietnamese origin so I know a lot about Eastern culture too. I will give you both POVs.

Hinata, is for me, a selfless girl, except when it comes to Naruto. She had said it herself:

Although being well-intentioned, she didn’t think about the consequences. Naruto expressively said that he didn’t want any intervention because he knew nobody, except him, would stand a chance against Pain. Both Kakashi and Jiraiya, two shinobis strong enough to be Hokage didn’t survive. And Hinata knew it. So why did she make this decision ? To confess that’s all, and that’s what makes her selfish. We know about the consequences of her fight: Naruto’s seal was at its weakest state but fortunately, Minato was there to repair it. She didn’t even think about Naruto feelings: by forbidding any intervention, he also wanted to have all his friends safe, after all Pain had killed his master, his sensei and hurt his village and his friends.

Apart from her selfishness towards Naruto, the thing about NaruHina is that the pairing reduces Hinata as a love interest. And Kishi’s writing isn’t helping at all. The only times we see her in part two, all we have is “Naruto-kun”. If you truly love Hinata as a character, then think about this: would you rather see her only talking and thinking about Naruto-kun or see her change her clan and prove them that a heiress can be both strong and kind to people. Remember when she said that in part 1: “I want to be strong like father, kind like mother”. See, I want more of this Hinata, the one that will think about Neji and thanks him while changing her whole clan. I also want to see how her relationship with her father will be and how her relationship with Hanabi, her sister will change. Indeed, we know how Hinata was sad about his dad’s preference for her sister, and how she felt jealousy although loving her sister. That’s what I hope for this movie.

Talking about the movie, let me tell you one thing: by releasing the CD cover of Naruto and Hinata together, they know the buzz it woud make, especially in the West Coast. It’s really clever from them because they also did it for RTN and this movie was the one that gathered the hightest amount of money. But that’s once again degrading for Hinata’s character who use once again used as a “love interest” who is good at nothing else than be there and love Naruto-kun.

The reasons of NaruHina’s popularity in the West are:

  • for the boys, who are mostly teens who thinks with their hormones, not their heads is that Hinata is the “perfect” woman: big boobs while Sakura has small ones (it’s sad but it’s the truth, look at haters comments on yt, and you’ll see), submissiveness towards Naruto. She won’t talk back or disagree with whatever Naruto will do or make. By my personal experience, a girl who appears as strong, and very clever are not attractive. This kind of girl will be despised or friend-zoned. They want someone who will boost their ego. Take in the Harry Potter series, book!Hermione for example. Ron saw her at the beginning as a bossy, unattractive and scary girl who is nothing else than a “I know all” girl. But then, he became friend with her, and slowly fell in love.
  • for the girls, it’s the infamous fantasy of the teenage girl deeply in love with a boy she doesn’t really knows but appears to be cool. The girl will stay here, skaThe boy will suddenly notices her and loves her back. To be short: it’s a dream with rainbows and unicorns. But I can’t blame girls for thinking love is this because that’s what movies are showing us. They glamorize life by making a 25 years old women play a 16 years girl teenager who at the end has a perfect life (implying a perfect love life only matters).

Meanwhile, NaruSaku appears as a more real-life love story. NaruSaku is more of a mature love, a love that will last forever.

I’d like to clarify a point about the promise of a lifetime, because I saw a immature cross-tagger who said that once the PoLA will be realised, it will be the end NaruSaku. WRONG ! I think it will be the real beginning of their love story, the achievement of all these years of development. The Last Story, The First Love. Reminds you of something ? How strange…

And if you think a crazier thing like “he gave up his promises to her at the same time as his love/crush for her”, I’m laughing because it means you don’t know Naruto as a character at all.

First, if you look at the timeline, then you’ll see the war lasted ¾ days. A day before this talk with Kakashi, Naruto told his father Sakura was kinda his girfriend (she didn’t deny btw) and here, he’s talking about the promise he made 4 years ago. He says “Sensei ! You should know my ninja way by now, don’t you ?”. Apparently, people don’t know.
Because “I never give up, that’s my nindo, my ninja way”. You really think that after all this time he would give up his promise AND his love for Sakura. That’s bullshit.

NaruSaku, unlike NaruHina or SasuSaku, conveys a positive message. They are way more popular than NH or SS in East because there, in the modern society (I’m adding modern society because older generations thought bullshit like: a woman must cook well and obey to her husband because she’s inferior and she must doing that while smiling at the same time) people want a woman strong (in term of strengh but mostly of personality), determinated, and able to be a leader who never gives up. It reminds me of a quote in TW: “Our sons are trained to be soldiers. Our daughters to be leaders.”. Naruto=soldier, Sakura=leader. Sakura, while being able to fight is also the mind of the team, along with Kakashi. She will first resonate and then attack, and she’s here to keep Naruto in check being he sometimes is a little too fast to fight !

NS tells us that love is something that will lead us to hapiness but mostly that told will help you to make you a better person. This quote about soulmates sums up perfectly what I want to say:

It’s a.. Well, it’s like a best friend, but more. It’s the one person in the world that knows you better than anyone else. It’s someone who makes you a better person, well, actually they don’t make you a better person… you do that yourself- because they inspire you. A soulmate is someone who you carry with you forever. It’s the one person who knew you, and accepted you, and believed in you before anyone else did or when no one else would. And no matter what happens.. you’ll always love them.” - Dawson’s Creek

Still unsure this is true ? Oh well…

“it’s like a best friend but more”

“it’s the one person in the world that knows you better than anyone else”

“it’s someone who makes you a better person, well, […] you do that yourself- because they inspire you.”

“It’s the one person who knew you, and accepted you, and believed in you before anyone else did or when no one else would.”

“And no matter what happens.. you’ll always love them.”

I hope you enjoyed the (very long) reading !

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Can you please do an analysis of Bell Hooks? I'd love to hear your take (unless of course you've already done an analysis)

Well, I don’t know how qualified I am. bell hooks (stylized lowercase) is a prolific writer and I’ve only read “Ain’t I a Woman?” and “Feminism is for Everybody”. I can talk about those books, though.

“Feminism is for Everybody” might be described as a recruitment book and even says in the intro that it’s targeted at men in the hopes that they will join the ranks. It tries to present feminism as reasonable, and sympathetic to the plight of men - all while very reasonably and sympathetically blaming men for all problems. 

When I was a feminist, I just loved this book. It took a liberal feminist tack and tried to be very inclusive in an attempt to be persuasive to the dubious. I really bought into everything it said. Now that I’m against feminism, I think it’s very useful as an insight into the liberal intersectional feminist mind. Liberal feminists truly believe this stuff and don’t see the gender supremacy inherit in it. They really believe they’re the good guys fighting for equality of all people and it’s just mystifying to them that anyone would oppose it. Since they’re the side of peace, love, and equality, the only possible explanation is that the opposition is filled with hate.

“Ain’t I a Woman?” is what made bell hooks’ name in feminism as the ideas behind intersectionalism were born from that book - although the name was coined later. Most of the book is written in a narrative style and attempts to present itself as historical fact - although the whole thing is extremely revisionist. In it, she makes the case that black women are the Most Oppressed™. This despite almost any objective measure you can think of, in any subject area you choose, showing that black males were (and are) doing worse in the US. Black males, and both male and female whites, are racist and sexist towards the black woman and responsible for keeping her down. 

“Ain’t I a Woman?” was written when she was younger and, while it uses a flowing narrative, it comes off as quite angry… Which is understandable if you believe what she believes. She uses phrases like “hatred of a woman’s body” and “the deep hatred of woman” as she pretends, like many feminists, to know exactly what all men are thinking. She also claims that black men have oppressed, and even treated black women as property, for all time in Africa and continued that culture when brought over in the US.

When I read it as a feminist, I was dubious even then. It really reads like a radical feminist work (eg demonization of men, society must be dismantled, etc) with few exceptions. For instance, it acknowledges briefly that men suffer too (caused by themselves via patriarchy) and criticizes some feminist positions (eg attacking heterosexuality, everything male is better). At the time, I thought it was useful as an insight to the racism that black women suffered, especially within the feminist movement, but now that I look back I’m not sure how much of it can really be believed considering how clearly she makes her own narrative out of whole cloth. There can be no doubt, I think, that feminism has always been a racist movement, but there are definitely more reliable sources than this one.

Skimming through it to jog my memory, I did hit upon a feminist-critical gem that I might have to use in the future.

To perpetuate the notion that all men are creatures of privilege with access to a personal fulfillment and a personal liberation denied women, as feminists do, is to lend further credibility to the sexist mystique of male power that proclaims all that is male is inherently superior to that which is female. A feminism so rooted in envy, fear, and idealization of male power cannot expose the dehumanizing effect of sexism on men and women in American society. Today, feminism offers women not liberation but the right to act as surrogate men. It has not provided a blueprint for change that would lead to the elimination of sexist oppression or a transformation of our society. The women’ s movement has become a kind of ghetto or concentration camp for women who are seeking to attain the kind of power they feel men have. It provides a forum for the expression of their feelings of anger, jealousy, rage, and disappointment with men. It provides an atmosphere where women who have little in common, who may resent or even feel indifferent to one another can bond on the basis of shared negative feelings toward men. (pg 192)

I think that description fits the current state of feminism quite well and it sure is interesting that it was written way back in 1981.