Day: 535

Shirt: JFA - Out Of School Tour 1983 (Reissue)

Color: Turquoise

Brand: Jerzees

Source:  Taking a break to show off a shirt that was re-issued/replicated that was not made by me but another friend of the punk rock shirt.  Clearly i was not at this tour.  i would be A: old as fuck, and B: punk s fuck.  I would be 10 years old if i was there, and while i would like to think i am that punk i was still prolly jamming to Wham! at that time.  and i have no problem saying that.  

JFA is was and always will be the king of skate rock.  yeah there are others and they are equally badass but when your founding band member also works at Thrasher Magazine there isn’t really much you can do to be more Skaterock, so Brian Brannon Wins.  

Much respect for him, who i believe is kind of unsung in what he has done for punk rock music.  if you ever picked up a thrasher and saw Pushead art, a Misfits, Minor Thread, Black Flag, Faction article you can prolly bet that Brian Brannon had a hand in that.  I mean the dude kinda curated and help push skate rock / punk rock out in the world to kids who can only read about it.  then you got places like Sessions to advertise so kids could mail-order music and shirts (like me) .  It really opened up a lot of eyes to a scene that would have went mostly unnoticed to kids in FL, OR, KS etc..  

So Brian, to that i thank you for opening my eyes, and many others around me,  i recognize your contribution and to that i tip my beanie to you my good sir.  


the faction - california dreamin’

“I walked in the store just to get a Coke
And all they had as Pepsi, what a fuckin’ joke”

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Day: 819
Shirt: Rush - Roll The Bones European Tour 1992
Color:  Black
Brand: [Tag Missing]
Source: Lets be honest.  I love Rush as much as the next guy, Maybe not the next Canadian but for sure the next American.  they rule.  its nerd rock at its very origin.  Like I said tho I didn’t buy this shirt because i love Rush, i bought it because i love Rush and a fucking love Pushead.  Pushead was one of the most iconic and maybe the first ever artist i’d actually recognize by his work.  I mean at age 12 i doubt i could point out every DaVinci, or Van Gough i saw in the world, and advertising, but i certainly could pick out Pusheads.  Much Like my previous post about Frank Frazetta Pushead had this unique line drawing style that was absolutely undoubtedly his.  he applied it to skateboarding , Misfits, and Metallica.  pretty much either new his target audience or he just drew for things he loved.  I still find my self drooling over his designs to this day.  and prolly will be when i am old and 75 wearing some weird skull he drew.  

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look at that resume, and thats not even a scratch of it.  you cant front on that.

Day #1222 Agent Orange - Virtually Indestructible Long sleeve

Day: 1222

Shirt: Agent Orange - Virtually Indestructible Long Sleeve

Color: Black 

Brand: Fruit Of The Loom

Source: I had can’t really fuck with this band no matter what you do or say. The best skate rock band around fucking timeless sounds that every time I hear them I will forever think of skate videos, being young, and an attitude that will always say “why can’t it be done?”, instead of just saying NO.

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code of honor - waiting always

ez egészen durva ahogy első generációs 81/82es kaliforniai gördeszkás-politikus tukko trashpunk bandák elkezdenek gitározni és énekelni 84ben, ahogy tényleg nagyon fura zenét kezdenek csinálni. nem tudok hozzászokni csak csodálkozok, ez klassz


McRad - weakness

ez klassz. a McRad-et 5-6 éve hallgatom de csak most esik le hogy ez mekkora kibaszott nagy sláger. ezzel álmodtam, szóval megérett.

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Day: 1319
Shirt: the Faction - Bat (from 2014)
Color: Black
Brand: Gilden
Source: (Friday) Of all the things I never thought I’d see in my life high on top of that list is a car commercial featuring a Faction song. Wow. Now either this cat company is specifically targeting guys like me or Ray Stevens got a job at an ad agency. Either way that bands payday is long over due. So good for those dudes who finally get to collect a decent check (I hope it was decent at least) and enjoy the good life. Sans @steviecab who seems like he has been doin just fine since the 7th grade. But we all know some bands make a mark on life and never get their nut. So here’s to @the_faction_official and getting some of the corporate tit just because you’re doing what you love and got recognized for it