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can i have like a rlly rlly brief yet rlly rlly detailed overview of all the hockey kids??? (I GUESS THATS WHAT THEYRE CALLED IDK LIKE STROME AND MARNER AND EVERYONE) pls and thx babe if ya dont mind ly

hello anon!! you’ve come to the right place!!

this is mitch marner:

he toe drags to win.

the things you need to know about him are:

1. his face is very expressive, see below

my personal fave is the first one for reasons i will not disclose at the moment but you can all probably guess.

2. he has a cat named Burbank, obv v important info.

i think this is the cat, don’t take my word for it.

3. he wears 93 bc of his brother, who was born in ‘93. 

4. he “dances”:

[credit to @lucpierre​ for the gif]

which, one would say, comes pretty useful with dstrome’s “singing flashlights”

5. he has very nice arms:

[credit to @werenskiz for the gif]

6. this is an actual pic of him looking at auston matthews:

for real tho

7. his knowledge about things is… questionable

8. is also v pretty. 

no, for real, he used to get a lot of heat for being so small but is actually an incredible hockey player. this is a great read if you want more on him, though there is a certain part that is pretty heartbreaking.

now, this is dylan strome:

this is his mugshot:

1. he was arrested for having too perfect eyebrows:

2. he is also very expressive:

3. cleans up good tho:

4. is a confirmed cuddler :3

5. does not have a cat :(

6. is very valiantly trying to grow a beard. i think??

clearly, we should all be supportive of this attempt.

7. is rumored to be a bad skater

8. this is a pic of him  looking at connor mcdavid:

brought to you by my incredible photoshop skilz

9. further on connor mcdavid:

[this is actually them making fun of their moms]

10. is an adele guy

[credit to @dyllarkin for the gif]

[i know there’s also a vine of him singing hello but i can’t find it]

also for real, he and mitch used to hate each other, then they played together on team canada in the u17 hockey challenge. team canada was down three goals so their coach put them on the same line and mitch had three goals to send the game to OT. team canada lost the game but now they’re boys forever.

here are some of their social interactions, with credit to @konecny

these are some great articles also: x, x, x

and i shall leave you with this:

read: boys forever