Sherlock’s Study Dress | by Geekilicious

This is the first of what I hope will be many new dress designs. Seriously, these dresses fit like a dream and come in sizes that are friendly for all body types and I love making them for myself so hopefully some of you will like them as well. 

Available in or shop and on Etsy. 

EDIT: I just realized I forgot to put the size variations, but it’s fixed now!

I’ve been experimenting with using elements from existing designs in new patterns and MAN DO I LOVE THIS.

You can grab The Eyes Have It in skater dresses and skirts as well as leggings.  I’ll also be adding backpacks and a few brand new items soon!

These are all available in size S through 3XL and they run large!  If you have any sizing questions, just shoot me an email or message.

(Also keep in mind that my new mannequin is like 6 feet tall, haha XD).

Available at and in the Etsy shop here! <3