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⭐ ☸✨ 🌟  Hymne à l’amour  🌟 ✨☸ ⭐

 I wasn’t satisfied with the print I did a few months ago, so I decided to redraw it on a smaller scale! Now that’s more like it.

I still love these skaters with all my heart <3 can’t wait for next season!

Available on Etsy  (✿◕◡◕)

dylan (car puke), 2016

dylan stole two bottles of rosé from a christmas party we went to in staten island and chugged more than half of one on his own after a long night of drinking beer and some absinthe (!). on our way back to queens, he had me pull over in brooklyn, while it was raining, so he can throw up on the side of the road