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What do you think about Yuzuru and his possible retirement after Pyeongchang? He hasn't given a concrete answer, and I think he's mostly avoided questions about his retirement, but he had mentioned it before? I feel like he gave a lot to figure skating as a sport, but I'm not sure if I'm ready to see him go quite yet. ((If he turns out to be retiring, that is.)) thank you in advance!! I love reading your opinions and thoughts on skaters!

i don’t really have any thoughts about it. i can see why he might continue and i can see why he might retire. if he wins in pyeongchang, i think there’s a higher chance of him retiring. he’s done a lot in his career, and though i think he can still do more, i’m fine with whatever decision he ends up making. i’m just glad he didn’t retire after sochi lol. lots of skaters who win the olympics at a very young age end up retiring early.


there’s a good reason these tables are numbered honey, you just haven’t thought of it yet // panic! at the disco


 “It’s only 106”

  「 106しか出てない 」

  “ It’s only 106 ”

  「 106しか出てない 」

   “ IT’S ONLY 106 ”

    「 106しか出てない 」

    “   IT’S   ~ONLY~   106   ”

―Yuzuru Hanyu’s off the record comment on his SP performance that marked the 3rd highest score in history.

Note: Short program scores above 100 points were achieved only 7 times, 6 of them by Hanyu himself:

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What are your HCs if someone were to find Victor and Yuuri's very raunchy homemade sex tape? Would they be able to look at Yuuri Katsuki the same way again

It takes Yuuri a moment to reconcile the number of alert bubbles on his lock screen with a reason to panic, but when he unlocks his phone and spies the little red bubble with "529″ above the messages icon, a cold hand has gripped him by the diaphragm and begun squeezing a frigid reality into his chest.

With shaking hands, he opens his missed calls—658, what the hell—and skips right to the voice mails that have stuffed his inbox completely full. Beside him, Victor mumbles something about grass into his pillow.

Everybody he’s seemingly ever met has tried to reach him at some point during the night, and their messages are all variations of the same theme.

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[#yoiweek2017] DAY 1 — Beginnings and Firsts.

“ Everyone has to start somewhere. Remember how far you’ve come not just how far you have to go. ” 


I was rewatching How I Met Your Mother on Netflix, and I had another tab opened doing something else, when I heard the phrase ‘Japanese figure skater’ and

now all I can think of is a Victuuri AU where Victor is a playboy who does Barney’s ‘booty call phone’ thing and ends up meeting Yuuri, who promptly makes him seriously reconsider the whole playboy thing bc it’s Yuuri freakin’ Katsuki and he’s really cute and sweet and Victor is shook

Home is Where the Heart Is

Summary: Guang Hong is scared of sleeping alone in the dark and he finds comfort with Leo.

Genre: tooth-rotting fluff

Word count: 771 

TW: none!

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What are your thoughts on Kim Yuna? I've only gotten into the figure skating community pretty recently, and yours is one of the best blogs I've come across! I remember the popularity Yuna had back when she was skating, but I'm really interested in seeing another person's view of her. Thank you in advance, and if these kind of questions are rude, I'm sorry, please feel free to ignore it.

this isn’t a rude question at all, feel free to ask me about any skaters! i just can’t guarantee that what i say is always what you want to hear lmao. as for yuna, it’s hard for me to talk about her because she gives me so many complicated emotions - in a good way, but like, hard to talk about, you know? it’s kinda the same way i feel about mao. how do you talk about yuna in such a way to encompass what a huge influence she was/is, what a larger-than-life-figure yet also just a person at the same time? it’s tough. i really like yuna, she’s one of my favorite skaters. i love the attack and power of her skating when she was younger, and her introspection as she got older. i liked her since i first saw her at the vancouver olympics, but oddly enough it actually took me until after sochi to really “get” into her skating emotionally, but once i did i appreciated her so much more. i really respect everything she’s done for skating and for skating in south korea especially; it wasn’t easy for her, being the trailblazer in her country. she was a very strong and well-rounded skater with maybe the best 3-3 combos i’ve ever seen, she pushed the sport forward, and she was certainly one of the best skaters in her generation. she wasn’t perfect, there are some things about her skating i don’t like, but i just have an immense amount of respect for her as an athlete, and many of her performances are very touching for me personally.


Just a little Instagram Study! Public posts with #thefollowingskaters on Instagram!

Most posts:
1. Yuzuru Hanyu
2. Shoma Uno
3. Patrick Chan
4. Javier Fernandez
5. Boyang Jin
6. Nathan Chen

Just have a look at those numbers!!!! (Yuzu’s number is insane)

I know this is not a real study and it changes day by day, but I think you can see the trend! :)

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Drabble Prompt: AU scenario where the skaters mistake the triplets for Yuuri's kids when they first meet him, possibly when he brings them to the skater-only area as a b-day treat, or something? (Kudos if you can work in jealous!Victor somehow, but the skaters having a fun reaction would be A+, tbh. Would be lovely if you could include Chris and/or Yurio :D )

Viktor had a crush.  Actually it was worse than that,  Viktor had a Crush<sup>TM</sup>.

It was the reason that he’d been so excited to be assigned to the NHK Trophy.  His crush was also assigned.

It was such a remarkably sized crush that whenever he caught sight of him, Viktor’s heart did a little flip and he had to catch his breath.  Especially if Viktor spotted him while he was stretching.  If Viktor managed to catch him stretching – and Viktor definitely tried to – it was like Nirvana.  He could have died and gone to heaven.  He would be every cliche in the great big book of cliches.

It was such a remarkably sized crush that Viktor had skated into the wall the day before.  His adorable crush had gone wide-eyed and then dropped gaze and hurried off.

Chris had laughed at him.

New day, new attempt to impress.  Viktor could do it!

Except that there were three little girls pulling his crush in every single direction.  One in pink, one in blue, and one in purple and all speaking in rapid-fire Japanese.

“He has children?!”

Chris was staring right beside him.  “I had no idea.  He must have been really young when he had them.  He’s only twenty-one now.  Not that Yuuri talks much about himself.  When you can get him to talk.”

Viktor dropped his head into his hands.  “My life is over.  How can we live happily ever after with 2.5 children in a cute cottage with a white picket fence if he already has three kids.  That’s a half too many.”  Viktor sighed.  “And a dog.  But I’ll bring the dog.”

“Then you’ll be a dog over.  Yuuri has one too.  A fluffy brown thing.  I’ve seen pictures.”  Chris paused.  “Also, neither of you are American and it’s not the 1950s.”

Viktor waved off Chris’s comments focusing on the important part of the conversation.  “He’d show you pictures of his dog, but not his kids?”

“Oh, no, he was showing his friend, that Thai skater, new in the series this year.  I happened to look over his shoulder.”  Chris smiled as the kids all surrounded an Italian skater who looked like he wanted to climb up the nearest flag pole to escape them.  Yuuri was bowing and apologizing and trying very hard to corral his unruly offspring.  “All three of us were at Skate Canada.”

“So they get a hot dad and a cute puppy?”  Viktor frowned.  His life was so not fair.  He wanted a hot Yuuri and a cute puppy.  Well, another puppy since he already had Makkachin.

Then the three girls were upon them, doing spins and jumps and Viktor had to admit to being impressed.  They already had pretty good form, but whatelse was to be expected when their dad was perfection when it came to dancing form.

“Viktor!  Chris!  Viktor!”  All three were shouting over each other and holding out autograph cards.  “Please! This is the best present ever!”

Chris laughed and took a card from each of the girls and started writing.  “What are your names, girls?”

“Axel!” “Loop!” “Lutz!”

“Wrong.  Their names are Aiko, Ruri, and  Miyū.  Even your mother wasn’t crazy enough to name you after figure skating jumps.”  Yuuri walked up behind them and sighed.  “I’m so sorry.  I said I would take them around and instead they are taking me around and bothering everyone and the organizers are never going to let me do anything like this again.”  Yuuri rubbed the back of his head.

Viktor handed over the last card with a tight smile just as a woman approached.  “Oh my god!  It’s Viktor Nikiforov!  Girls! It’s Viktor Nikiforov!”  She grabbed Yuuri’s upper arm.  “Yuuri, it’s Viktor Nikiforov!”

Viktor smiled at the woman even though he could feel his heart cracking into a million pieces.  “You have absolutely adorable children.”

“Yeah, Yuuri, why didn’t you tell us you had kids?”  Chris asked while taking a selfie with the three.


The young woman had started laughing next to a flabbergasted Yuuri.  “Oh, wait until I tell my husband that all the skaters thought the triplets were yours.  I’m sure he wouldn’t hesitate to hand them over to you, Yuuri.  Are you ready to be a dad to these three hellions.”

Yuuri shook his head.  “To those three?  I couldn’t even handle watching them for fifteen minutes.  The nearly chased Michele Crispino up a support post, kept talking to Otabek Altin even when it was obvious that they’d worn out even his patience.  Tried to climb up the stands when they saw the Junior skater they like, Yuri Plisetsky, and then attacked Viktor Nikiforov and Christophe Giacometti.  I can barely co-parent three hamsters.  Your three are too much.”  Yuuri turned to face Viktor and Christophe and bowed.  “Thank you for being such good sports.”

Viktor stared as they walked away, the three girls still clinging to Yuuri.

“That was cute.”

Viktor smiled at Chris.  “He’d make a great dad.  Think he’d be interested in adopting 2.5 children with me?”

Chris clapped him on the back.  “Don’t get ahead of yourself Nikiforov.  First you’ve got to figure out how to talk to him.  He was right here and you didn’t even say a word to him.”

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Concept: Years after they retired but stayed in touch the figure skaters thought about all those years when the podium only consisted of a drama queen, a stripper and a meme.

I’m laughing because all three of these things could be referring to Yuuri!

skateboards and snapbacks part four

Percabeth AU with Skater!Percy because they’ve taken over my life

previous chapters found here


Annabeth heard the sound of skateboard wheels clunking over cement before she saw Percy sailing towards her. He was shirtless again, basking in the early morning sun, and the sight ignited a flame deep in Annabeth’s core. She stopped in the doorway of her dorm to watch him, in awe of the way his muscles tensed and flexed as he expertly guided the board along. God, what she wouldn’t give to feel those muscles tensing beneath her hands… Or her lips…

When Percy saw her he grinned and waved, kicking the board up and catching it easily. She shook herself out of her daydream and had to restrain herself from running to him. She stepped out of the doorway and waved.

“Hey,” he greeted as he strode over, smiling easily.

She smiled back instinctively, joyous at the mere sight of him. What had started as a purely physical attraction had blossomed into one of her dearest and fastest friendships, and even though she couldn’t deny how much she wanted to take things to the next level, Annabeth was surprised by how reluctant she was to rush Percy. She valued their unconventional friendship so much that she wasn’t quite yet willing to push its fragile boundaries and risk shattering the entire thing.

“Hey,” she said.

His hair was all over the place, like he’d only just taken his cap off. Annabeth had to grip the strap of her bag to stop herself from reaching out and ruffling it.

“So, you made it! We made it! Semester’s done, we’re ready for fun!”

“Did you mean for that to rhyme?”

“Nope, that was just an added bonus. You ready to go?”

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Hi hi!! I've been watching more juniors skating these days, and I was wondering what you thought about Marin Honda? I'm really excited to see her skate in seniors next year!!

i love marin! she’s one of my favorite juniors. her skating is very mature and polished for her age. i wasn’t a big fan of her programs last season, but her skating kinda saves them. i hope she gets more interesting programs. the media tends to go bonkers over her, which can get annoying, but she’s legit really talented and i hope she goes far.

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Minor trio reacting to mc being a competitive ice skater??

✿ has someone been watching Yuri on Ice? because i sure have hot damn is that show hella gay

Unknown (Saeran)

  • w h a t
  • ok, when you first told him, Saeran thought it was stupid. ice skating? what a dumb sport!!! why don’t you do something cool like play professional rugby or quidditch
  • (saeran, harry potter isn’t real please shut up about it)
  • but you laugh, and invite him to one of your competitions and he’s like…
  • alright fine. it’s not like he wants to or anything, but he’ll come support you if it makes you happy.
  • b-baka.
  • He’s fidgeting up a storm in the audience when the lights dim a bit, and since you’re the first one showing today, it’s you that serves as his first introduction to competitive ice skating. 
  • and he just
  • stares at you like
  • w h a t.
  • AND
  • WH
  • wow that’s a nice outfit hahaha
  • ha hahahaha wowie he’s kind of weirdly jealous that other people even get to look at you right now.
  • Anyway, you break a record that day for your performance, and Saeran is waiting for you as you skate off the rink and you just throw yourself into his arms, beaming and grinning like the sun.
  • “I saw how happy you looked!” you say, not even having taken your skates off yet. “You liked it, didn’t you? I knew you’d like it! I skated my best so you’d understand why I love it so much!”
  • the implication outright statement that Saeran, good-for-nothing Saeran, served as an inspiration for that basically makes him want to melt. which, y’know, he tries to disguise by telling you to take off your skates first before you celebrate, but…
  • he hugs you properly before the both of you go to watch the next competitor. 


  • It’s… a bit difficult for V at first, because he can’t see too well anymore, and when you tell him that you’re a competitive ice skater, his first thought is of how much he wants to photograph you on the rink. But he can’t
  • and it’s his fault
  • for being stupid and - 
  • “No,” you say, shushing him lightly. “It’s okay. Don’t destroy yourself with guilt, V.”
  • There are other ways for the two of you to be happy.
  • He comes to all of your performances and competitions. You tell him the program beforehand, describing it to him in detail… so he can imagine it at least, and hear the cheering, and listen to the sound of your skates cutting across the ice.
  • (Eventually, he can tell just by listening whether or not you’ve made your jump.)
  • Sometimes, when you’ve got some free time to just… be on the ice, you take him out with you.
  • He’s clumsy, unbalanced, and you can’t really do anything fancy with him, but you lead him around by his hands, letting him feel what it’s like to skate.
  • At first, he’s nervous and terrified he’ll fall… and he does fall a few times, but you’re always there to help him back up, and eventually he’s good enough to skate comfortably around the rink with you, hand in hand.
  • (no way ur getting him to twirl though shit he doesn’t need to have a heart attack )


  • ok so what religion worships you, because they’re converting
  • holy hell
  • holy hell
  • they didn’t know something so beautiful existed, and if their face gets any more red while watching you, they’re going to melt the entire rink.
  • you do some spinny triple something-or-another and their heart is beating so loud it drowns out the people cheering around them. Quite honestly? They can’t take their eyes off you, not with how your outfit sparkles in the light… and god, how you move
  • how you move
  • You glide across the ice like you’re dancing, like the blades of your skates are singing, and Vanderwood - Vanderwood might be crying a little, okay. you’re so pretty.
  • you’re too pretty.
  • they can’t believe that someone as filthy as them is getting to watch something as gorgeous as this… and they can’t believe, after you’ve landed from the final spin in your program
  • that the first thing you look at
  • the first pair of eyes you seek out
  • are theirs. and you grin, and you blow them a kiss, them, and they have to grab onto the railing because their knees are so weak.

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Chihoko (shachihoko) is a statue of a fish. It came up in a drunken conversation between the skaters and Viktor thought Yuuri said Chihoko and Viktor got jealous because he thought it was Yuuri's ex.

Oh god that’s so cute

I need me someone like viktor who’ll get jealous over a fish statue

Yuri on Ice!!! Theory

I have this theory about Yuri on Ice!!! based on the opening. I first noticed it during episode 3′s opening.

Yurio has black skates

Yuuri has silver

Vicktor has gold

This really bothered me because i know all anime op’s always have meaning. so i thought about it and have developed this theory … 

I think that Yurio will have to pull out of the final because of injury (after ep 9′s free skate) this is probably the most logical thing that could happen. He’s pushing himself too much and this worries me

I’m worried about my smol angry Russian kitten boy.

or maybe some other reason (something to do with his grandad? I really hope not)

pls no! i just want Yurio to be alright 

I think that Yuri might get silver over all (silver skates). Maybe JJ will win … it’s hard because the competition is so good, so anyone could win … 

This leads me onto Vicktor, he has gold ice skates, but he’s not competing this year … so he can’t win a gold medal … 

But he can win something gold … so, a wedding ring? 

maybe? Please!

But, like i said it’s only a theory, i don’t know whats actually going to happen. With this fucking anime anything could happen…

i have ideas

guys i honestly have so many fic ideas but i never have the time to actually put anything together but im really happy with how my first fic has been going

-> bobatea server!taehyung and prodigal reader au [started] ft. the fact that i gave up coffee entirely for boba tea
-> skater!taehyung au [started] ft. my love for my longboard
-> soulmate!taehyung au ft. angels
-> florist!taehyung au ft. my enthusiasm for all things botanical and foliage
-> painter!taehyung au ft. my love for impressionism/post-imp
-> musician!taehyung au ft. his saxophone
-> space related au obviously w taehyung i have to delve into this a bit more because im the biggest space geek youll ever meet.