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#let seunggil kiss phichit

Because Seunggil is apparently a canon smooch happy drunk, hallelujah thank you yuri on stage.

There’s no other way to put it: every single skater in the room is currently a hot mess.

Phichit thinks that it’s all the stress of the skating season. It just all builds up and none of them get a chance to let loose, so when they finally get a break, they get wasted and act like fools. It was completely and utterly inevitable. They deserve a night of fun, of course, but it’s also endlessly fun to witness.

The one thing Phichit hadn’t expected though, was that quiet, stoic Seunggil would stumble over to where Phichit is sitting and observing Viktor and Yuuri arguing about someone named Chihoko, and sit next to him. Surprisingly, he sits close enough that their shoulders touch, and his knee knocks into Phichit’s as he settles into his seat.

“Seunggil!” Phichit greets him cheerfully, gives him a wide smile. “Are you drunk too?”

Seunggil looks at Phichit very intently, a small frown line appearing between his brows. “I think… I might be drunk.”

He sways a little bit and looks surprised by this. Clearly he is not a man who gets drunk often.

Phichit lets out a small giggle and reaches out one hand to pat Seunggil’s shoulder. “I think you are too!”

Seunggil nods carefully, as though he’s decided that Phichit has come to an adequate conclusion.

He’s still looking at Phichit very intently. “You are very cute.”

Phichit blinks. “I… well thank you,” he answers, still giving Seunggil a boozy, pleased smile. “You are too.” He is. Phichit has always liked his dark, serious eyes, his smooth hair that curls a bit over his ears.

Seunggil nods again, very seriously, and then—because this is a weird night, apparently—he places both hands on either side of Phichit’s face, his palms warm against Phichit’s cheeks. His eyes are dark and intent, his mouth set in a determined line.


Phichit’s question is cut off when Seunggil leans in quickly and places his lips on Phichit’s.  

Understandably, Phichit makes a surprised noise when their lips meet—Seunggil’s breath fans out against his lips, Seunggil’s mouth pressed to his own. The kiss feels inexperienced, but Phichit feels his pulse rushing all the same.

He has no idea what’s going on, but he is more than happy with this turn of events.

Once he gets over his shock, Phichit starts to reciprocate. He scoots a little closer, reaches up to slide his arms around Seunggil’s neck. His lips move languidly, softly with the kiss. Seunggil makes a pleased little noise that makes something spark brightly in Phichit’s stomach.

Finally, Phichit draws away far enough to look Seunggil in the face: Seunggil’s mouth looks thoroughly kissed, his cheeks flushed, his eyes dazed. It’s a good look on him.

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yoi fic rec list, part 4

What to do when your friends suggested a story to read and you learned the story was part of a series? You read all of them in order because it just make sense! (Also, I have a lot of time so this is possible.)

Even Ice Gods Can Melt by chellethewriter / @the-jedi

Question and Answer

Viktor is growing old, and his competitors seem to be growing younger and younger. Thus, with every passing year, Viktor finds fewer familiar faces at his Grand Prix banquets, and he wonders whether his attendance has become pointless. What he doesn’t realize, however, is that one unfamiliar, alcohol-reddened face can make the whole night more than worthwhile.

(A canon-compliant retelling of the banquet in which Viktor falls head-over-heels for a certain drunk, Japanese figure skater, and Yuri Plisetsky is both displeased and incredulous).



Tantalus, Reaching 

When Viktor Nikiforov arrives in Hasetsu, he expects the Katsuki Yuuri from the banquet – the shameless, sensual dancer who made Viktor feel alive for the first time in years. Instead, he finds a different Katsuki Yuuri – a boy who lacks confidence and flinches at Viktor’s touch.

In Viktor’s determination to reconcile these contrastive personalities, he realizes two things: one, that first impressions are not everything, and two, that he may or may not be in love with every side of Yuuri.

(In other words, a retelling of the series that chronicles how a five-time Grand Prix champion might attempt to woo a somewhat oblivious Japanese figure skater.)



Get A Room, Just Not This One

Viktor and Yuuri can be in love all they want. Honestly, Yuri doesn’t give a fuck, so long as their romantic bullshit doesn’t interfere with his life. But… for some reason, it’s like Yuri can’t enter a room without being utterly smacked in the face with their cheesy adoration for one another.

Sharing a rink and a city with them is a nightmare – plain and simple.

(In other words, five times that Yuri Plisetsky walks in on Yuuri and Viktor being grossly affectionate… and one time that he doesn’t. Takes place in St. Petersburg, post episode 12).



Naturally Yours

Yuuri has never considered himself a “natural” at any particular activity. Almost nothing comes easily to him. Learning to land a jump, dropping unwanted weight, stifling his own overwhelming, crushing anxiety– all of those things have cost him years and years of tedious practice and rehearsal… have battered him with rigid mountains of frustration and failure.

Viktor’s smiles are fluid, passionate, overpowering – worth more than money, worth more than anything that Yuuri could possibly offer. They’re worth all the stars in the sky and everything beyond.

But he gives them to Yuuri freely, easily, every day. Viktor’s love is the steadfast “almost” standing between Yuuri and a formidable “nothing.”

(In other words, Yuuri attempts to understand how and why his idol came to reciprocate his feelings.)


Hooooboy. HoooooOOOOBOY. This video. This video is transcendent. In this video we cross from the material plane into a “"higher”“ plane of existence. Literally and figuratively. Turtles go places they’ve never been before, we make some amazing Yoda impressions, and the physics are just as wonky as ever as we make our return to Mr. Hawk’s wild ride.


skateboards and snapbacks ➣ skater!percy and semi-girly!annabeth

inspired by @bananannabeth and her amazing fic

Yakov God of Skating and Everyone’s Angry Dad

Since Yakov is Always Angry Dad to his group of skaters I like to believe he was the one who took Yuuri back to his hotel room in Sochi.

This is how I imagine it went down: (Ao3 link)

“What the hell have you all done? Vitya why are you allowing this boy to do this to you?” Yakov could feel the start of a headache. He had been pulled out of the room to talk to some sponsors for Yura when someone from the hotel interrupted to ask if he could ‘control his skaters’ the answer of course was no. No he couldn’t. He’d been trying for years but it never bloody worked.

He would however try.

He hadn’t anticipated anything too bad. They must have just gotten tired of the boring banquet and started making havoc in their rooms again.

He was catastrophically mistaken.

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kixboxer  asked:


Whatever-his-face is certainly surprised though. He screws up his face in a dead on impression of a wrinkled set of sheets and peers at Victor. “No,” whatever-his-face says, before immediately turning back to Yuuri. Victor understands that impulse, but it doesn’t stop him from side-stepping so that he’s partially in front of Yuuri once more—angling his ring so that it catches the light with every flex of his wrist.

“Yuuuuuri, introduce me to your friend!” Victor turning to octopus himself around Yuuri’s side, hooking his chin over Yuuri’s shoulder, and draping his right arm diagonally across Yuuri’s chest. He canvassed the room when he entered, he’s found his light, and his ring’s glittering like Victor’s hired a professional cinematographer who’s paid by the lens flare.

more college reunion fic!

After the Stripper Pole Banquet Incident™, Victor guides drunk!Yuuri back to his hotel room.  Aka desperately pining!Victor is canon and also all I’ve ever wanted.

By Phyona (ao3) (and another victuuri ficlet by me)

Victor has no idea how he ends up being the one charged with guiding a plastered Yuuri Katsuki back to his hotel room, but he admits he didn’t put up much of a fight.  

As they stumble down the hall, his arm around Yuuri’s waist, Victor can’t explain the tingling flutter of warmth in his chest.  Before the banquet, he hadn’t even known who the Japanese skater was. Now, he doesn’t think he’s ever going to forget.

Yuuri is muttering, his hand resting sluggishly on the side of Victor’s neck, his feet dragging on the carpet.  If Victor wasn’t in impeccable shape he’d have difficulty keeping him upright.

“Are you sure you’re in 304?” Victor asks.

“Positive.  Mostly. Mostly positive.  If I’m wrong, you could just take me back to your room,” Yuuri slurs, shooting Victor a downright scandalous wink.  “I promise I don’t steal the covers.”  Victor’s eyes bulge, his cheeks flaring with heat.

“I think it’s best if you sleep in your own room.” He doesn’t add that he can’t fully trust himself.  Yuuri wasn’t the only one sampling the champagne, or dancing like a fool.

“Your loss.”

Victor doesn’t disagree.

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Break The Ice - Chapter 1

Co-written by @bloodredruby and @watchmist1412

Full cover

Words ~ 2000

Rated K+

Summary: Figure Skating AU. After an accident Gray, a professional figure skater, has to take some time off to heal and he’s not enjoying it AT ALL. What he didn’t expect was meeting Juvia, a swimmer tired of her career, even less ending up as her coach. Lucy, an aspiring figure skater, came to realize it was a whole new experience with a pink haired weirdo and his equally weird cat by her side.


Gray had been sitting alone in this empty room for a while now. He had left the skater’s waiting room with a lame excuse to find the most abandoned part of the building to sit alone with his misery. So there he was… sitting with his head clasped tightly between his hands.

It hurt so much! Why did he have to go and get sick on the Final of the skating competition? Curse his luck!

He had taken a painkiller half an hour ago but it didn’t seem to work. The pain had yet to leave him. He couldn’t even stand having the lights open because the light hurt his eyes. He was so pathetic.

“Popsicle? Where are you? It’s almost your turn.” a familiar voice was heard from the corridor. Of course Gildarts would send him to look for Gray. He figured he couldn’t stay in his little room for long but the skater was hoping for a bit more peace and quiet. Well as much peace as he could have with his head feeling like a thousand needles are poking it. He hadn’t been gone for that long though, had he?

Gray sighed and slowly got up, “I’m here flame brain! Why do you have to make such a fuss?”

A pink colored head poked out from the door, “Found you! Why are you here anyway? Gildarts made me look all over the place for you. And what’s up with the lights?” Natsu commented while looking around the room.

“I don’t know… they must be broken.” He lied

“Of course you found the darkest place to sit and brood. But hey, don’t worry, if you want to chicken out of the competition I understand. It’s natural to be intimidated by my awesome performance!”

“Yeah you wish!” Gray smirked. Even this little motion made his head pound. “That would be your only way of winning”

“Oh yeah? We’ll see about that.”

Loud clapping could be heard from the distance. The previous skater must have finished his free skate.

“That’s my cue.” said the pink-haired skater “I’ll definitely beat you ice princess!” he shouted as he left the room.

“Yeah in your dreams!” Gray shouted after him. He took a big breath. He could do this, he had practice the routine a hundred times. Even if his head was hurting he couldn’t let it destroy his efforts.

It was going to be alright. He had memorized the routine by heart. It was going to be alright.


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