skater hedgehogs


THANKS FOR COMING! The Drawpile was a huge success! 

Me an’ @shadzter had a great time drawing for like 5 hours straight. A few other people came and went, but most of the time it was pretty chill. Just us doodling, nerding out about @spiritsonic‘s latest ep of Ghosts of the Future, and making bets on who dies next in the aforementioned (well, I placed a bet…)

In fact this went so well maybe I’ll host another one when my summatives are over…..

See ya next time gang!

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How do i make my Persona or Oc as?????

1. Dragon
2. Monster
3. Demon
4. Angel
5. Vampire
6. Assassin
7. Creepypasta
8. Gender bent
9. Chibi
10. Neko
11. Pokemon trainer
12. Knight
13. Wizard
14. Warrior
15. Joker
16. Roller Skater
17. Sonic the hedgehog
18. Mario
19. DJ
21. Anthro
22. Adventure time
23. Mlp
24. Soldier
25. Gravity falls