skater animals

tokyoteddywolf  asked:

okay but what if Yuri was a young vet in training under Yakov and all the other skaters were various animals- (Yuuri and Victor as dogs, Phichit as a hamster, Chris as a cat, etc)

This is ??? so cute ??? CAN VIKTOR BE A HUSKY OH MY GOD

Someone please write a fic about this

mytrueselfspirit  asked:

Hi nonchan1023, do you know where to send cards or letters to Yuzu? Or an email? I would like to thank him, because he kind of changed my life.

You send it to the official JSF address, writing Yuzuru’s name as the receiver:

Japan Skating Federation
Mr./Ms. _____________(please write clearly the name of the skater whom you send to)
Kishi Memorial Gymnasium 1-1-1 Jinnan, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-8050 Japan

There are rules to what you can send:

  • Please write clearly the skater’s name (whom you send to) on the surface of the envelope or on the invoice.
  • Transfer fee is not required. Please do not enclose stamps etc.
  • Please note that the following items are not ac
    • foods (for safety of skaters)
    • animals & plants(including potted plants)
    • valuables (precious metals, jewelry, etc.), cash vouchers, gift certificates, etc.
    • letters/presents sent to those who don’t belong to JSF(professional skaters, foreign skaters etc.)
  • Please note that we don’t accept the request of forwarding before the specified date (Christmas, Valentine’s Day, etc.)

Keep your hopes up, and he will reply someday :) Look what happened to me and many others a couple of months ago! [x]