myhotcaffeine asked:

Hey Mike, thanks for the mention! Friend told me about it and got me so stoked. Shred on, shred safe! Makes me wish Loaded sponsored filmmakers. Hahahahahaha.

For sure! Farhiie had posted some of your stuff and I liked the photos, as well as the watermark (as you noticed!). Keep up the good work, and if you have any design friends make sure to let them know about my giveaway! I’m gonna give a big ole promo to whoever wins, and a promo to anyone who submits. As for sponsoring filmmakers, Loaded actually does! Three guys who have been working with Loaded for some time now are PerroProd, SkateDistrict (Sam Weaver) and BeanPoleProductions. I’m not sure the details of their partnerships but they do lots of collaborative work and they all are spectacular filmmakers and photographers. So keep it up and who knows what could happen!

Stoke on,