Guys, think about it though. We all loved how emotional and intimate Yuuri and Victor were at their reunion at the end of the episode. And after going through post after post, I don’t think anyone could miss Victor kissing Yuuri’s ring finger and his “sounds like a proposal” comment when Yuuri asks him to ‘take care of him until he retires’. But I was just thinking of it today and I realized how neither country our boys come from (Japan or Russia) are very accepting of the LGBT community. Like I looked it up and saw…

And so I got to thinking that even for both of them to be so open with a proposal and whatnot, they couldn’t get married in either or their homelands. And even if they got married in another country where same-sex marriage is legal, they still wouldn’t be legally recognized as married when they went home.

And like, that made me really sad cause now we have these previews:

And in all ways they look like more of a date scene rather than any other speculation. And people are all commenting that the ‘gold and round’ item Yuuri wants to give Victor for Christmas is an engagement ring. And don’t get me wrong, I want them to be together just as much as the next YOI fan. But it just makes me so friggin sad thinking about how in love these two are and the circumstances surrounding them. I mean, Victor is pretty much stating that he’s done with competitive skating to be Yuuri’s coach until he retires. And Yuuri has already pointed out that he’s ‘the oldest in the senior men’s division, by a lot’. And now looking at the domestic side of their lives, it’ll be a really big challenge socially just for them to be happily together or even recognized as a couple let alone accepted as one. So when we get something like this:

Just know, that that’s about as much as we can get right now. And like now I’m a mess and crying cause wHY CAN’T THEY JUST BE HAPPY LIKE ALL WE WANT IS TO KEEP THESE BEAUTIFUL CHILDREN SAFE AND WARM AND HAPPY AND TOGETHER

deathberry707  asked:

I love your art, OMG is so cute, so amazing, your comics keep me breathing, I even have the notifications on because I don't want to lost any of your posts, they are like a lifesaver for me! THANK YOU, THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! (っ╥﹏╥)っ

Thank you too! :3

(Not exactly ice skating AU, but definitely a Yuri on Ice reference llD)


Johnny Weir serving some Ass Realness. 
: I’m Sexy and I know it. 

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There is nothing wrong with exalting mature eros or being confident or just being yourself. Someone as J. Weir suffered for being himself, even though we are walking towards a cultural revolution, there are still those who don’t bother to understand or respect someone else’s individuality.  

So in the preview we see that Viktor and Yuri will be staying at a Resort, not a Hotel. The difference between those two is that Resorts usually offer more Entertainment and Service right? And viktor discribes it as finally being on vacation so basically they are going to spend a romantic Holiday in Barcelona before the GPF and they are 100% gonna share a bed.

I hope we get to see their room..

Mob!! (Performance outfit reference) [¼]

Alright y’all time to bring back an old AU (ノ´ヮ´)ノ*:・゚✧

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[Others from the esper squad (coming soon): Ritsu || Teru || Shou]

2016 Junior & Senior Grand Prix Final & CS Golden Spin of Zagreb: Info & Streaming

After six weeks of intense competition, the top six skaters in each discipline will now battle for the Grand Prix Final crown! The Junior and Senior Grand Prix Finals will both take place in Marseille, France, from December 8-11. Don’t forget to check out our preview of the junior ladies and men, and stay tuned for our previews of the senior competitors!

The last Challenger Series competition of the season, Golden Spin of Zagreb, will also take place this week and will feature an unusually deep field of several top skaters who did not qualify for the Grand Prix Final. Information on Golden Spin is available at the end of this post. This post will be updated with more information as it appears.

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In honor of Yuri!!! on Ice and the Figure Skating Grand Prix 2016, both airing on TV Asahi this December, the TV Asahi building lobby cafe, Chez Madu, had a special collaboration menu. 

It was obvious from their sweet little Twitter announcement that they didn’t know what anime gold they had on their hands. By the weekend, they were only allowing 200 guests per day into the cafe, and they announced tickets were to be handed out at starting 9:30AM. I woke up early on Saturday and was in line by 9AM, but I was in the back. Dozens of other women were lined up ahead of me. Yuri on Ice is new, but already beloved! I managed to get two tickets for myself, and my friends who showed up a little later got one each. 

My first afternoon go at the cafe I ordered the Victor pancake plate and the Yurio pierogis with a Yuri iced cocoa for me and a Victor cafe latte for my friend. The pierogis tasted a bit like nikuman. The pancake had a ton of whip cream. Underneath, too! We posed with the standees and the golden statue of Yuzuru Hanyu at the entrance. It was an early morning, but a great way to spend the afternoon. 


“What do you think of the judge comment on you being too flamboyant?”
“… I think that just comes from having a fragile bone structure and a nice red lips." 

Johnny Weir, AOI 2013
Song: Born This Way