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Name:Kayruu Suzumura


Age:17 yrs. Old

Height: 174 cm.

Relatives:Haru(Little Brother)

              Koike Teppei (Cousin)

This is my invented character.She is a Punk Rocker. She loves skateboarding and playing the drums and guitar. She has a little Brother who looks just like her and her cousin lives with her since his he became an orphan in a very young age. She’s the one who usually does the housework since her dad is deceased and her mom’s working abroad. But,sometimes,her aunt would visit them and help them with their hoisework and stuff. She’s a very independent girl who had boxing & Martial arts lessons. Kayruu doesn’t really think on what normal girls would be doing and thinking. She doesn’t want to go on relationships, she hates dating, and doesn’t like girly stuff,too. She only goes bananas over music and cool stuff. She is the coolest student in her school.