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Skater!Percy Headcanons

This is one of my fav AUs, and I don’t think I’ve seen any headcanons for it, so I decided to write some of my own!

  • He has a blue snapback that he wears pretty much all the time. When he takes it off, his hair is a ruffled mess and it’s also very very hot.
  • His mother gave it to him for his 14th birthday and ever since then, he’s been inseparable from it.
  • There’s a skating park just around the corner from his apartment, so whenever he feels sad or lonely, he goes to it, and it instantly makes him feel better.
  • His skateboard is actually a used one. Him and his mom went to the local skate shop one day, but couldn’t find an affordable one, so they decided to get one pre-owned. It has a slightly bent side, but because of that, Percy believes that it gives him good luck.
  • He doesn’t like showing off or being around other people, so you’ll find him typically skating either early in the morning or late at night.
  • His favourite time to go is in the evening because he can see all the stars shining and the sky a luminescent ebony. It makes his experience so much cooler.
  • Percy likes to count the constellations - he named one Zoe, (ahaha see what I did there?) just because that was the name he admired most. It was also Sally’s middle name.
  • Skinny jeans and baggy sweaters are his thing. Seriously, he lives in them. He has a grey sweater that he tends to wear all the time because it’s plain and casual, but it also never fails to bring out the gorgeous green in his eyes and oh it’s beautiful.
  • He has a habit of taking off his snapback to carelessly run his hands through his hair, then put it back on. Little does he know that the girls standing nearby watch very carefully.
  • One of them, a girl named Annabeth, stares intently at him every time he goes to the park. Percy is usually pretty oblivious, but he notices her staring one day and decides to come up to her and talk.
  • They end up chatting for hours.
  • Once, when Percy had gone to buy a sandwich, Annabeth took some spray paint and graffitied her name onto the back of his skateboard.
  • He came back, sandwich in hand, stared at the skateboard, and smiled. His grin remained on his face for the rest of the day.
  • Percy had tried to teach Annabeth how to skateboard but she couldn’t even manage to move an inch. It was hilarious.
  • Ok enough about Annabeth
  • When Percy was five, he had a Tech Deck that he had gotten from a happy meal at McDonalds, which he used to do little tricks on and laugh excitedly as he rolled it across the table. It made Sally’ eyes sparkle; she was so happy for the boy.
  • He gets a job at a local retail store so he can save up to buy a high quality, brand-new skateboard. His manager, Mr. Gabe Ugliano, is the most rude and disrespectful human being ever. His mom had constantly told him to quit, but he kept going, reminding himself that he would someday get that dream board.
  • Finally, at the age of seventeen, he manages to save up enough for a board. He loved it so much, but he knew one thing was missing.
  • Percy flipped it to the backside and graffitied Annabeth’s name on it. He smiled, went for his first skate, and managed to bend the side of it, just like his old skateboard.

So that’s basically it!! Definitely feel free to send me any headcanon requests! I’d love to do some :)

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note: dedicated to kaka~( @sanhasmoonbuns ) and completely inspired by this super cute photo so i couldn’t resist writing this

  • at every school there’s that “skater” squad that’s considered really cool & considered popular
    • they would skate to school together, skate down the street to the mall, skate in the neighborhood, basically they just SKATE A LOT
    • and everybody at your school ADORESS THEM
    • “omg the skaters passed by my house this morning and one of the boys WINKED AT ME AIHFOAFIA”
    • “wow skaters r so hot”
    • “have you seen the skaters today ?1!1!! they ditched school omg”
    • “i’m taking skating lessons now”
  • but then you’re just awkwardly there because you really DON’T care
  • i mean yeah skateboards are cool but in your opinion the skaters are just edgy teenagers who are rebellious and you don’t really find any appeal in that

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