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Dude I just saw the post about girls trying to be "edgy" it's so fucking true! Girls all over Instagram and shit are wearing Band shirts and skateboarding brands when they don't listen or do any of that it's so annoying! Because I've always dressed Similar but like 5 years ago ppl called me freak but now it's fine. It makes it look like I'm part of the stupid trend

I feel you. Like it’s okay, I’m all for self expression and trying new styles! Some aspects of it I do really like! Also because now I can sometimes buy nice stuff in mainstream stores for cheap. But it gets confusing sometimes and some stuff lose their meaning, like band shirts used to connect people. But now when I’m standing somewhere next to a girl at a buss stop with a tool/nirvana/joy division/misfits shirt or something, I can’t start a conversation about their favorite album most of the time hahahaha. So please don’t let this trend last too long tho 😅

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what does the word "Supreme" mean to BTS? i see it on every device they have like their iphone cases and laptops

Supreme is skateboard + clothing brand! They have clothing, phone cases, stickers, etc.. Here’s a link to their site: (x)

Who was the guy with Tae in the twitter pictures?

Park Bogum~ He’s an actor. ^^ Here’s a link to his Twitter: (x)
- Kristi