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ID #27572

Name: Kamila
Age: 19
Country: USA

What’s up? I’m Kamila I’m 19 years old and I’m a sarcastic twat. Honesty is key. I’m not that mean but sometimes my humor can be a bit offensive and people don’t usually get it. I love to skateboard and photography is my favorite. I love yo travel and journal and be an artsy person but I fail because I’m not artsy. Im a compilation of fails from baking to trying to do a back flip into a pool but then finding out it’s a concrete block. Anyways I’m hoping to find someone to talk to who can kinda relate to my sarcasm, laugh at my dumb dad jokes, and shares the same interests as me.

Preferences: Ages- 19-23


Saturday 31st December 2016. 23:00 Osaka Japan.

I met UZ at Yodoyabashi around 21:30 and we got the tube to Shinsaibashi. At this point we still didn’t know what we were going to do, we just wanted to drink and find some good vibes. Shinsaibashi is one of the main areas to go out in Osaka, lots of cool bars and people. UZ clocked one of his friends and we ended up chilling at a skate spot in Shinsaibashi. We got beers from the convenient store and chilled here until after midnight.

Everyone here was SO nice. Couldn’t really ask for more.. good people, good music, alcohol, vibes. Exactly what a new year should be!

1 - 5 - 18

I was working as a pizza chef under the artisan craft of my previous Spanish-language professor. Why I chose to do this, I do not know.

However, this didn’t matter, because I knew that my first and foremost priority was to meet videogamedunkey in person. It may take a whole lot of effort and adventure through the big city, but if I just stuck with my trusty skateboard, there’s a chance I could make it in time …

But I got sidetracked. Suddenly, I was Minecraft, the world was Minecraft, and most importantly, my skateboard was Minecraft. I slid up and down grassy knolls with my Iron Shieldboard until I came across a society of fellow adventurers hiding out within the inner layers of one of the hills. I feasted and celebrated with them until I was one of them. This doesn’t last for long, though, as when the night-birds cawed at the rise of the moon, a horrible catastrophe arose. Great hordes of fluorescent blood-soaked zombies erupted over the sides of the hills, with an ostentatious necromancer leading their charge.

The necromancer taunted me, displaying her awesome powers by single-handedly murdering my compatriots and ransacking our hideout. Aimless and without a place to call home, I hid within the darkness of the blocky hills, claiming the opportunity after a few moments to surf the waves of undead with my Shieldboard to see where it takes me.

I awoke during daybreak on the shores of a mysterious peninsula. The voxels of the shore were knotted with exotic grass-textures, and the vines hanging from the tall square-topped trees barely covered the tidal wave of glistering zombies riding away into the ocean’s horizon. I took a break from riding my board, realizing I had time to myself for once, and ventured forward. Tall trees with fat bases of precious materials adorned the environment, Obsidian, Glowstone, Diamond, and others. Within the underbrush, I saw a girl. She seems to of been waiting for me …

The moment I woke up, I said to myself, “Damn, that was one random, weird-ass dream. I better turn on the asks on my dream journal blog to make amends for this.”

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